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4-22 - The Prophets of Anheuser-Busch and Bill Murray - Superbowl XLIV (44) (updated)

(originally posted on 2.8.10)

Perhaps you saw this Budweiser ad which aired during Superbowl XLIV:

"...it's what 'WE' do..." (WE = double WE3M shin spinner)

The commercial used a song by composer Elmer Bernstein (4.4.22 –8.18.2004)

The song used in the Budweiser Human Bridge commercial was the Theme to the Movie STRIPES.

The Budweiser Human Bridge commercial depicts a collapsed bridge and the towns-folk used their bodies to create a new bridge and get the Bud Cargo truck to the town's side of the dry gulley.

Bernstein wrote the theme songs or other music for more than 200 films and TV shows.

Elmer Bernstein composed the song used in the ad as the title track to the 1981 Ivan Reitman movie STRIPES which starred Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.

STRIPES Theme - Elmer Bernstein:

I can't help but think - since it is not wet in the commercial, what might have caused that bridge to collapse??..
But since the "Bill Murray" connection echoes his recent appearance in ZOMBIELAND...
Zombieland = the country of HAITI, recently devasted by a massive Earthquake.
Haiti with its voodou practices, and the book and movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, is the perfect "Zombieland"

You'll also notice that he has his Jupiter finger extended in the above movie poster for "Stripes".

STRIPES (1981) Trailer:

From Wikipedia:
Stripes is a 1981 American comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Warren Oates, P. J. Soles, and John Candy. Stripes also featured several noted actors in their first significant movie roles, including John Larroquette, Sean Young, John Diehl and Judge Reinhold. It was one of Canadian comedian John Candy's early breakthrough film appearances. Dave Thomas, Bill Paxton and Timothy Busfield are also in one scene apiece.

John Winger is a slacker in his late 20s (played by Bill Murray, age 31) who drives a cab in Louisville. He experiences the worst day of his life as, in the span of just a few hours, he quits his job, his car is repossessed, he drops his pizza on the street, and his girlfriend dumps him. Realizing that his life is a failure, he decides he needs a new direction. At that moment, a recruiting ad for the U.S. Army plays on the television, and he decides that is just what he needs to get in shape (and meet girls).

LOUISville and more interesting coincidence(s).

Bill Murray was 31 yrs old at the time of filming Stripes.

SUPERBOWL 44 (24, two 4's)
New Orleans (LOUIS-iana) Saints win over Indianapolis Colts 31 to 17 on SUNday 2.7.2010 in their first SB in 44 years.

Final score for SAINTS at 21:44 EST (game end)

31 to 17
17, 31
8, 4

8 / 4 = 2
2 x 4 = 8
(4+4 = 8)

Anheuser-Busch HQ is in St. Louis, MO.

Not convinced?? look closely... the STRIPES song starts at this point in the Bud-Human Bridge commercial

(click to enlarge)

In the main 'WIN'dow we see CA = 31 (c=3 a=1) and above we see the 17 (1+7=8, 2+4=8, 4+4=8)...
But, did you really look closely?
817... 8 = SUN (as in SUNday) via the analemma
...and the "CA" letters visible through the 'WIN'dow are colored Gold

The 24/42 the Jupiter/ABe/Zeus number...

(214 / 24 / 42 - derived from the symbol for Jupiter)

STILL Not convinced of the wizardry of A-B or the power of sync??
(info-druidry, semiotics and synchromysticism... hard work lemme tell you!!)

Ok... let's add in this one to ease the doubt:

Another 'AB' [ABe] Superbowl XLIV [44] commercial that the readers of Strange Eye will enjoy:

In this one we see the symbol of the Equine-OX (Horse and Bull) - with longhorns to make sure we know it's a Taurus.

You may also notice that the horse and ox are both in the "springtime" of their lives when we first see them in the commercial.

To 'fence' a square plot of land you have 4 sides and therefore 4 sections of fence - to "fence" the calendrical year, we have the four main markers of the Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

- Calendrical markers symbolized by FENCES.

The OX, once out of the springtime of his life, visualizes in his mind's 'EYE' and then smashes through the fence to run with his Equine pal = symbolizing "beyond the Vernal Equinox"
The Vernal (Spring) Equin-Ox in 2010 falls on March 20 @ 17:31 UTC

17 and 31

And where might have we seen THAT BEFORE!!!
Ah, yes, the FINAL SCORE of Superbowl 44...

So remember the order of the numbers above in the time for the vernal equin-ox, 17 to 31 (as the ":" is used in ratio expression in mathematics and as such we say "to" in place of it)

17 to 31

but who's score is whose??
Easy, the COLT (a young male horse under the age of four) is seen first in the commercial... therefore the first set of digits "17" is the COLTS' score.

As IF that wasn't interesting enough all by itself...

Once the SUN smashes through the calendrical fence of the Vernal (Spring) Equine-OX, it will move in to the zodiac sign of TAURUS.
Our Sun will move through the constellation of Taurus, which houses the star Aldebaran aka the BULLSEYE and 'Archangel MICHAEL' - ref: see my articles from Sep/Oct '09

Seeing that connection you might also find it interesting that SB44 also had a commercial/trailer for the upcoming movie "Robin Hood" (see Side Notes below)

Remember seeing that symbol during the WHO's Half-time show???

The Taurus Symbol:

(The Longhorn Bull / OX)

truTV Commercial - Punxsutawney Polamalu - Super Bowl 44 Spot

... Which resonates our notorious Bill Murray once again through the movie "Groundhog Day".


Military plans to simulate response to catastrophic earthquake
by Ted Land - Thursday, February 04, 2010 [24, Thor's day - Mjolnir]

JUNEAU, Alaska -- The military is getting ready to simulate how it would respond to a catastrophic earthquake in Alaska.

Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins is the commander of Alaska's forces.

Atkins spent the day in the state capital briefing lawmakers and the governor on the military's presence here.

He says this is the first time the Arctic Edge training exercise will bring together several state, local and federal agencies to simulate such a natural disaster.

He also briefed the Joint Armed Services Committee on the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson project, which he says should be fully operational in October.

"What does that mean? Well hopefully it means nothing. It should be transparent to the people who come on the installation, to the work forces on the installation and certainly the soldiers and airmen and their families," Atkins said.

The Arctic Edge exercise starts at the end of April and runs through the
first week of May.

SIDE NOTE(s) / Updates:
(navigating deep into the marvelous magical mystical world around us...)

In LATIN, U and V are the same, as are I and J.
Example: IVPITER = Jupiter

So A,U,V would be another spinner character.
BUD with the AV spinner makes:
BAD = 2,1,4
remembering our 214 Jupiter symbol above...
214 (142,412,421,241,24,21,42) = IVPITER = Jupiter

What about that leftover FE from the 817 CA-FE WINdow ??

Date calculation results
From: Sunday, February 7, 2010
To: Thursday, April 22, 2010
It is 74 days from the start date to the end date
Or approx 2 mos, 14 days (full)
Or approx 1776 hours

17 76

I also noticed the blue wheelchair sign (Handicap) and the old man on the "wheeled chair" in the [rainbow of people] Bridge Bud ad.

As well, the dog with the stick in in mouth (at the gulley) that leads the pack on the way to the bridge, that's a major canine role!

Though, I'm not too sure if they really had to drive over a few people to get to the other side... seems like a bit of Cop Out shortcut to me.

But, with coordinated teamwork, they did get a bridge built.

Robin Hood Superbowl 44 Trailer:

'C'hi + 'R'ho + the Sun + double 'SHIN' (WE3M) spinner (POSeIdON's Trident, Holy Fire/Spirit)

ROBIN of Locksley
[L'OX-lay - Sleeping OX ]
[L'OX-L-Eye - The OX's left eye]
shooting [divine spark] arrows ('yods') ... and on a white horse no less.

The Library of Halexandria link on the right column tells us "the Persians referred to Sirius as Tir, meaning "the Arrow."" [Tir / Tyre?]

Check that link and you might spot yet another connection to the Punxsutawney Polamalu.

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