Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Intro to the World of Synch...

Check out Christopher Knowles's article @ The Secret Sun called Timing is Everything and read the comments for what I will call "an intro to Synch".

I have posted a comment on his article that gives a very brief introduction to the Jungian concept of Synchronicity for those who are unfamiliar with the term and topic.

For the Jupiter in us all...


Dennis Igou said...

Correcto mundo my friend. Well said and please keep your eye on the prize, a saphire in your mind!Dennis

Dennis Igou said...

Btw one of my all time favorite tunes, Drops of Zeus. Dennis

Anonymous said...

I caught your comments there, and applaud both the insight and the way you put it forward.
I've become addicted to the both of your blogs, as i recognise, if not the knowledge - as much that you do is theoretical, but the intense desire to know.

would you mind if i reproduced your comment on my blog please?
It's the kind of thing i like to remind people about.

peace and love

StrangEye said...

Welcome aboard!
There's much, much more to come!

You can reproduce whatever happens to interest you...

That includes any of this blog's content or any of the ~SE~ content that you discover in the post comments on any blog.

Have at it.

Can't say I wouldn't appreciate a source link back here though!


StrangEye said...


You bet! Thank you and welcome!


Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly :)
The post is at:

peace and love, transmuted fractally to you via the pathways running around the outside of the multiverse ;-)

StrangEye said...

Here's a copy of my comment on Chris's TIMING IS EVERYTHING article...



you were on quite a roll, going with the floW, as it were....

Right up until you wrote:

"You can drive yourself insane with this stuff."

It is precisely that fear that causes the synchronaut's (a term generally and loosely used for the experiencer of synchronicty's - which really is everyone, you and me and everyone else) subconcious mind to stop the flow and to close the door on synchronicity through active denial. Part of synchronicty is the attunement of one's "self" (a term I use lightly) to the macrocosm of events occuring around us all.

We are all part of one thing! - so it is in fact quite natural that the individual parts should have access to all the information available to the whole - but we have to allow ourselves (our conscious / logical mind) to be an active and consciously particpating part (as opposed to unconscious and thereby unaware part) of the creative macrocosm in order to see the bits and pieces (the synchronicities) of the underlying creation schema.

It is that "leap of faith" into the conscious synchronicty experience that will most certainly change your life.

That acceptance of the phenomena allows us to gradually begin to understand through experience the "one thing that is everything", "GOD" if you will, on a very personal and direct level.

Synchronicity also exemplifies, through the experience of it, the larger concepts covered in our religious texts and books of "Faith". We understand through synchronicty the Biblical concepts of being fallen or enlightened or entered into Heaven.

What is truly "insane" is the learned and hypnotic belief that we are individual and isolated, non-connected beings!!!

There is not my matter and your matter in this Universe, there is only the matter that makes up the physical Universe - part of which is in me, part of which is in you.

To exemplify: Even though we like to use the terms "My hometown" or "my city" we know that the town or city is not actually ours in the sense of individual ownership. We understand through the use of the word and idea that we are only a part of the concept of "town" or "city". The town or city concept is a group effort.

The very same applies to our nations and countries on this planet. You know that I define myself as "Canadian" based on the fact that I was born and reside in a part of a landmass that has be section and appartioned into countries at some time in my past and the portion I am legally part of is called "Canada".

Is "canada" the bounded and defined country and land - without the people in it - somehow magically different than the same land boundaried and define to the south of us called The United States of America?? NO. It's not. If it were not for roadsigns that people have made and erected you could travel across this conceptual Border boundary and line and never even know you crossed it.

In the very same way we have applied the same conceptual boundaries and borders to the very matter that makes up the Universe and in applying these conceptual and non-existent borders and boundaries we forgot that all of it is actually just one thing - the "UNI"VERSE.

If we allow ourselves to be restricted to the tiny and ever decreasing conceptual boundaries that we create, we consciously find ourselves restricted and isolated. If we allow ourselves to transcend those conceptual boundaries and borders, we find ourselves connected to everything and experiencing that connection - which begins at first, through the Jungian concept known as synchronicty




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