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KESHA on American IDOL,Indian Head - PEG LEG, Assiniboine, Dakota, Templar, Priory, Rosicrucian, Symbolism, K$ - King Solomons Temple of the Prairies

On Wednesday, St. PATRIck's Day 2010 (3.17.2010), the recording artist KESHA appeared on the TV show American Idol.

From Wikipedia:
Kesha ROSE Sebert (born March 1, 1987), better known by her first name "Kesha" (pronounced /ˈkɛʃə/ KESH-ə, stylized Ke$ha), is an American pop singer and an active musician since 2005.

Ke$ha was born on 3/1 (or 1/3 in Canadian and EU (dd/mm) date notation)

She sang her new song "BLAH BLAH BLAH" with "The 303"...
(nudge nudge wink wink... NEE!)

(Here's the most popular article on Strange Eye - Denver Airport Murals RE-Visited - from Feb'09)

If you're a regular reader of Strange Eye or The Synch Whole you'll also note that "KESHA" is an anagram for "SHAKE"
As in "William SHAKE-SPEARE"
and the SPEARE-SHAKER god of water and EarthQuakes (heart-quakes), the dude with the TRIDENT, POSeIdON.

(and for Chris Knowles @ The Secret Sun - There's even a STAIRWAY, SIRIUSly!)

(Click images to ENLARGE)

Ke$ha = K$ = KS

'K'ing 'S'olomon

K = 11
$ = Shift 4
1+1+4 = 6
11 x 4 = 44
4+4 = 8, or the Analemma, the number of "SOL", the SUN.

K = 11
S = 19

1119 AD/CE is the year the Knights Templar were founded

Looking at the previous calculations, we see:
1+1+4 = 6

6 = HEXAGRAM or Seal of Solomon, (also known known as Magen DaViD)

Seal of Solomon in the 'Crown of the MAGI'.

One EYE, (right eye)
Mer-maid silvery fish scales

Jupiter finger

9 (Nine) Tic-Tac-Toe sqaures ( # )
9 original founding members of the Knights Templar
9 unknown men / The NINE.

Tic-Tac-TAU is formed by essentially linking 4 "T"s
T = 20 = 2+0 = 2

4 2

H = 8
A = 1

The NINE is accentuated again with a convenient camera angle showing "H" and "A"

13 stripes RED and WHITE
1 + 3 = 4

The RED and WHITE templar 4 armed cross worn on shield and tunic of the Knights Templar.

(watch the "Get in the Spirit Flow" slideshow -----> )

more Jupiter finger

the number "4" being accentuated...

4 dancers with SQUARE (TV) heads!
on 1 leg... the PEG LEG.

Hawk / Falcon / Eagle face


One head on the "Crown of the MAGI"

"Shin" fingers and the White Lion (CAT) on the TV

another head on the "Crown of the MAGI"

4 white HoR-SE faces.
Pale Horses
Riders on a White Horse

Also, intentionally left obscure enough to be
BULLS (OX / MoNT / APIS / White Bulls / White TAU-R-us)

(total) RECALL the BULL, MAN, EAGLE, LION of the "Crown of the MAGI" above.

4 "equine-OXes"

As a white HoR-SE (equine-OX) we also have the famous white-winged horse, PEG-ASUS (Peg-a-Zeus)
(PEG-ASSes, ref: Gerard Butler - Shakira - and the Stars of SNL 10.17 and Alchemy of the Grammys - Gods and the Under-World Shaking

KE$HA ROSE SEBERT sings the line
"So cut to the chase kid cuz I know you dont care what my middle name is"

Right as she leans on the screen with the ROSE on it.

Kesha's middle name is ROSE.

This action also tells us that the images appearing on the screen are intentional, timed to the music and guaranteed HAVE MEANING !

With 4 Roses you can make a Rose Cross +

The Rose Cross of the MAGI

4 White LIONS.
(Lion Kings / LINCOLN)

(see the first White Lion (CAT) - Go UP 5 pictures)


(4 Crystal Skulls)

SaTURn V rocket

(4 Saturn V Rockets)

And sure enough....
there's our MAN (as astronaut) to complete our "Crown of the MAGI"

The DAKOTA / LAKOTA Prairie First Nation / Indian Head dress.

Sync wink "HI" from the 9.

The INDIAN HEAD TEST CARD and PATTERN which first appeared in 1939

in the wikipedia link above we also find
Note the: "SK" / "KS" / "K$"
Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada.

View Larger Map

Note the ASS-iniboine 76

7+6 = 13

13 is another TEMPLAR number (10/13/1307)

13 is also a POSeIdON number through the PSI / Trident


7 x 6 = 42

42 is the Jupiter/Zeus/Wotan/Odin/Abe number

(SIDE NOTE: 2,4 / 4,2
puts the year "1776, 17-76" in a Whole new light don't it??>)
(and if you doubt it... 7 and 2 are intimately linked... look at the bottom of the 2 and you'll find your 7 - give 2 a spin just like W-M!)
(the 7th month is JULY - now add the 4 to mix and you'll get 7.4.1776 )
(The ABE Lincoln Statue in Temple ZEUS in DC sure makes more zense now !)

If we (total) recall the Strange Eye articles from MARCH and APRIL 2009 (1 year ago)

"Fargo Floods - The OX and Bow and 17th Pamenot"

(FARGO is in North DAKOTA)


Red River Flood - Bloodline North of the Border - Priory of SION

The RED RIVER is the bloodline, the Blood in the Vein.

(of synch note:Blood pouring in Thailand)

Also of note lately is Jake Kotze's
Overboard Manitoba
(But you might REALLY enjoy the post comments on that one!)

We see that the Manitoba Legislative Building (King Solomon's Temple - ref: Frank Albo) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Has an Native American (Dakota/Assiniboine) in a Head Dress leaning (on elbow) on the ARK of the Covenant on top the building's EAST entrance

The ASSINIBOINE river runs right behind the MB Legislative Building !!

If you read that article by Jake Kotze ("Overboard Manitoba") and my post comment, you'll note the position of the Winnipeg Art Galley to the MB Legislative Building.
It forms an ARROW pointing NORTH.

View Larger Map

Note "ROSLYN RD" runs parallel the ASSINIBOINE RIVER across from the MB Legislative Building to the South.

You'll also note the City Route #42 (4x2=8) and the City Route #62 (Os/OZ-borne) which surround the MB Legislative Building. (88, a solar heavenly number found also in 88 constellations)

View Larger Map

Here's the Golden Boy / Thoth / Hermes / Mercury that sits atop the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The Golden Boy (eng) / EL NIÑO del ORO (esp) / Le Garçon D'Or (fr) (GOLD - the "Golden Child"/"Boy")
See the Strange Eye article this month Shrek Forever After

The 8 rayed "Pool of the Black Star" sits directly below the Golden Boy on the Lowest (ground) level of the MB Legislative Building:

Between the Golden Boy and the 8-rayed pool of the Black Star sits the Templar Rose Cross DOME. (each of the blue rectangles contains a single ROSE) Note the ROSE in the center of the Cross.

Sacred Geometry of the Manitoba Legislative Building:

Here's the "White Horses", White and Red Cross and CROWN on the Manitoba Coat of Arms
(There's even a beaver holding a six-petaled prairie thistle flower)

And just to make sure we've got it right...
we can verify the 1,1,1,9 through the 1911 $5 (shift-4 5 = 9)
Indian Head Gold Coin.

Also of Note:
In 1911, the government of the province of Manitoba announced an architectural competition to all practicing architects in the British Empire and a grand prize of $10,000 was also offered for the selected design of the new Manitoba Legislative Building.

F.W. SIMON a graduate of École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, and student of the master architect, Jean-Louis Pascal, and architect H. Boddington III, were selected for the project with their winning design entry.

Some of the world's finest artists in paint and stonework were employed on the project. They included: Georges Gardet; muralist Frank Brangwyn; painter, Augustus Vincent Tack; and the famous stone and marble carvers, the Piccirilli Brothers, Albert Hodge, and William Rhind.

BLAH BLAH BLAH (Lyrics) by Ke$ha

Coming out your mouth with your blah blah blah.
Just zip your lips like a padlock and meet me at the back with the jack and the jukebox.
I dont really care where you live at just turn around boy and let me hit that.
Dont be a little bitch with your chit chat just show me where your dicks at.
Music starts
Listen hot stuff
Im in love
With this song
So just hush baby shut up
Heard enough
Stop stop stop talking that
Blah blah blah think youl be getting this nah nah nah
Not in the back of my car car car
If you keep talking that blah blah blah blah blah.
Boy come on now ' ' '
Come put a little love in my glove box
I wanna dance with no pants on

Come meet me in the back with the jack and the jukebox
So cut to the chase kid cuz I know you dont care what my middle name is
Kesha Blah Blah Blah lyrics
I wanna be naked but your wasted
Musics up listen hot stuff
Im in love
With this song
So just hush
Babay shut up
Heard enough
*stop talk talk talking that
Blah blah blah
Think youll be gettin this
Nah nah nah
Not in the back of my car car car
If yu keep talking that blah blah blah blah blah
Your always talking that shit
But never laying the
I dont care who you are
In this bar it only matters who I is

Official BLAH BLAH BLAH Music Video at MTV

Making of Blah Blah Blah...

The Rising Waters (SPIRIT) of POSeIdON:

Red River Floods 2010 on CNN - (click for video)

NOTE: "EL NIÑO", (the baby/the 9), and the weather

FLASH FORWARD tonight on ABC (8/7 central).


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM - Happy St PATRICKs - WSR Day

Happy Birthday MOM!

Or Paddy's... whatever you prefer!

For the curious...
It really is my MOM's birthday today.

(and Happy Birthday to Jake Kotze @ The Blob too!)

and since there's little point in messing with perfection, here's a couple of great reads on the subject of St. Patrick's Day from Chris Knowles @ the Secret Sun...

It's St. Osiris Day Again!

The (Not-So) Secret History of St.Patrick's Day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy PI Day - Hey, Thanks for Coming Around (UPDATE)

Official PI (partial):

Ancient PI ( π ):

Today, 3/14 is officially designated as "PI DAY"

Pi Day and Pi Approximation Day are two holidays held to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi) (in the mm/dd date notation: 3/14); since 3, 1 and 4 are the first three digits of π. March 14 is also the birthday of Albert Einstein and the two events are sometimes celebrated together.

Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22, because of Archimedes' popular approximation of π being 22/7. However, this may be considered misleading, as all cited dates are "approximation days" (as π is an irrational number) and 22/7 is actually a closer approximation of π than 3.14 is. Typically, March 14 is more popular for countries using the month/day format and the 22nd of July is more popular for countries using the day/month format.

Sometimes Pi Minute is also celebrated; this occurs twice on March 14 at 1:59 a.m. and 1:59 p.m. If π is truncated to seven decimal places, it becomes 3.1415926; making March 14 at 1:59:26 p.m., Pi Second (or sometimes March 14, 1592 at 6:53:58 a.m.). If 24-hour time is used, Pi Minute occurs once, on March 14 (3/14) at 1:59.

There are a large variety of ways of celebrating Pi Day and most of them include eating pie and discussing the relevance of π. The first Pi Day celebration was held at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988, with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies. The museum has since added pizza to its Pi Day menu.

The founder of Pi Day was Larry Shaw, a now-retired physicist at the Exploratorium who still helps out with the celebrations.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology often mails its acceptance letters to be delivered to prospective students on Pi Day.

Some also celebrate alternative Pi Days and/or Pi Approximation Days in addition to the two listed above; these can fall on any of several dates:

March 4: When 14% of the 3rd month has elapsed.

April 26: The Earth has traveled two radians of its orbit on this day (April 25 in leap years), reckoning from the start of the calendar year on January 1. Thus the entire orbit divided by the distance traveled equals π; two radians equals 1⁄π of our orbit. This is celebrated exactly on the 41st second of the 23rd minute of the 4th hour on April 26 or the 116th day. (In leap years, it is celebrated exactly on the 3rd second of the 2nd minute of the 12th hour on April 25 or the 116th day.) This celebration is not a Pi Approximation Day.

[the second occurs 116 days later on August 20, (8/20 day 232) - astute observers will note that the 2 days fall in the only 2 months of the calendrical year to begin with the letter "A" in the english language...
Letter "A" is symbolic representation of the COMPASSES, a tool used to draw a perfect circle.]

November 10: The 314th day of the year
(or 11/9 (mm/dd - USA) or 9/11 (dd/mm - EU/CANADA) in leap years).

December 21, 1:13 p.m.: The 355th day of the year (December 20 in leap years), celebrated at 1:13 for the Chinese approximation 355/113.

On Pi Day 2004, Daniel Tammet recited 22,514 decimal digits of π.

On 12 March 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution (HRES 224), recognizing March 14, 2009 as National Pi Day.

So a big Thank You to the House and Resolution number 224 (HRES 224) for the USA National PI DAY!

On Pi Day 2010, Google celebrated by changing the logo on the search engine's home page into a Pi related sketch up featuring Pi and other mathematical symbols.

Happy PI DAY to all the Strange Eye readers over the past year!
(and Happy PI DAY to you Mr. Shaw!)

Here's a couple of links to past PI related work on Strange Eye:

Let Me Introduce You to...

6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere, and Jimi Hendrix


(The Synch Wholers will immediately recognize the 142 half of 142,857)

See also:
Wikipedia page on PI

Here's some Beyonce singing TINa Turner [T=2 x 2 = 4]...

(If you only watched it once you should watch it again... if fact, 3.14 times would be perfect!)


In honor of PI DAY, PI ( π ) and its role in orbital calculations...

Here's a list of interesting dates for ASTRONOMERS to have a look at:
(Note: the Venus crossing and Orion loop at 2012-05-09 to 2012-06-05 ***
and the "Archangel Michael" conjunctions)

Dates @ noon from Washington, DC








2012-06-05 ***

2012-07-04 ***

2012-09-11 ***

2012-12-21 *****

2013-01-01 *****


I'd really love to hear some feedback from the more practiced astronomers on their observations of the dates listed above - Drop some comments in the POST COMMENTS!
(I'd especially like some feedback from you NASA and JPL Strange Eye readers! For ALL: If you don't want to comment here as always you can send me an email through my profile link found in the right column -----> )

Here's a Canadian project by some Young Artists for Haiti:

Song is K'NAAN's "Wavin Flag"

And if you still haven't read it, I suggest you find the time to read (or even re-read) Sidney, Crosby, Patrick, KANE and ABE L - from March 8 on Strange Eye...

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