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Gerard Butler - Shakira - and the Stars of SNL 10.17 (MORE updates and the death of OZ)

The Astronomy and Syncs of SaTURday (k)Night Live 35 - 10.17.2009

(The concepts in this article have been covered in my previous postings from August-October '09)

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a weekly late-night sketch comedy and variety show filmed in New York City. ... The show is broadcast live in the Central and Eastern time zones (with a time delay in the Mountain Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone) from Studio 8H at the GE Building in New York's Rockefeller Center.

SNL is broadcast on NBC:

NBC uses the peacock as its logo. The "Peacock Angel" is also "Melek Taus", the equivalent of the Christian/Biblical Satan. In Christian religions Satan is also known as The Great Beast.

"Proud as a Peacock"

Gerard Butler - SHAKIRA - Golden Wheat (spiral)

SNL 35 - 10.17.2009
662 episode
Host: Gerard Butler
Musical Guest: SHAKIRA
Guest: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Guest: James "Harry Osborn" Franco

Well it looks like the writers of SNL decided to give props to this blog and create an ASTRONOMICAL (and occult) SNL Episode...

This 10.17.2009 episode of SNL had the common theme of "Asses" - yes I mean rumps, buttocks, derrieres, bootys...
To point to the STARS of course!
As in the constellation of the white winged equine (Horse / Horus) Pegasus (Peg-ASUS). (the pale equine-ox)

For more on the backstory of the Chimaera Dragon Goat (Capricorn), Lycia, Pegasus and how Jupiter/Iove/Zeus made it a constellation in the heavens see the story of Bellerophon.

In this Episode we also have the actor and host of this SNL, the scottish (RITE) actor Gerard Butler. Scotland is the birthplace of modern organized Freemasonry, home to the famous "sea monster", the Loch Ness Monster, and the former castle/home "Boleskine House" of Aleister Crowley at Loch Ness.

Gerard Butler was in the movie The 300 about the Spartans. "Spartacus" just so happens to be the pseudonym of one Adam Weishaupt - historical founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.

SHAKIRA, whom we've visited several times over the past two months on this blog, also makes an appearance. Fitting it should be on the 17th of October (Octo = 8 = 1+7) after my article "Shakira Epic Sync-Winks the 17". SHAKIRA performed two songs, "She Wolf" and "Did it Again" from her new CD "She Wolf"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reprises his role as "The RockObama" from last season as Barack Obama turning into "The Incredible Hulk" - the famous 'Green Man' (Osiris) in royal purple shorts of Marvel comics.

The Incredible Hulk

James "Harry Osborn" Franco, joins the cast of this SNL. He's also played a 'Green Man', that also wears a purple costume, in his role in the Spiderman movies as "The Green Goblin". We should make a special note of his character's name, Harry Osborn... HoR Eye OZ-Born.

The Green Goblin:

SHAKIRA - Gerard Butler - James Franco

Obama - Green Man - Hulk

Note: the HoRses statue behind the Senators - one large, one little - first seen @ 0:38 then again @ 0:56
The two-horse statue accentuates Pegasus (Peg Asses) (big horse in the two-horse statue) and Equuleus (foal / little horse in the two-horse statue)

Pegasus / Peg-Asses and Equuleus:

Wikipedia on Equuleus:

"In Greek mythology, one myth associates Equuleus with the foal Celeris (meaning "swiftness" or "speed"), who was the offspring or brother of the winged horse Pegasus. Celeris was given to Castor by Mercury. Other myths say that Equuleus is the horse struck from Neptune's trident, during the contest between him and Athena when deciding which would be the superior. Because this section of stars rises before Pegasus, it is often called Equus Primus, or the First Horse. Equuleus is also linked to the story of Philyra and Saturn."

The Great Beast - To Mega Therion

The Beast -

In this skit we see the Beast. This Beast is representative of Baphomet (the Eliphas Levi version) and Aleister Crowley.

Shakira mirrored Baphomet - As Above, So Below:

Belle and the Beast:

Beast Orgy in the Ass Castle -

We see Lumiere (Illuminati), the candlestick holder / light bearer, in the Grand Hailing sign of Distress of a Master Mason, The Beast represents, and the clock guy in the Hat mimics "A" in the signature of, Aleister Crowley and the hair of Adam Weishaupt, Tea Pot is posing in the in the Dueguard of a Fellowcraft.

Kristen Wiig played "Belle" (BAAL)
"You BOTH look like Beasts to me!" (3:03) Hader/Lumiere
Gerard Butler played the Beast.
"G"erard "B"utler, "G"reat "B"east.
Mega Therion

and the funniest line of the night goes to Bill Hader as Lumiere -
"Although once in college I dated a menorah"

Alternatively (and my personal preference):
"G"erard "B"utler
"G"iordano "B"runo
Giordano Bruno, the alkhemist, pantheist, heliocentrist, hermeticist, and philosopher - and the author of the Cabala del Cavallo Pegaseo con l'aggiunta dell' Asino Cillenico - (The Cabala of the Horse Pegasus with Appendix on the Cillenican Ass).

His Cabala of Pegasus is a philosophical text in which he equates the winged Mercury (ref: Golden Boy) with Peagsus and the Cillenican Ass and addresses the assininity of religion and academia.

Adam Weishaupt (1st Man - adam / Wise Head - Weishaupt) Jesuit founder of the Bavarian Illuminati

The ASS Castle:

The "A"ss "C"astle...
AC = Aleister Crowley

Ass Champagne - Grand Hoochie Skank Rose - Fuquay Satin -
MAiSON du SATIN (House of SATIN / Satan)

"A"ss "C"hampagne = AC (13)
Aleister Crowley


SHAKIRA - She Wolf - "SOS She's in Diguise"

At 00:31 CDT 10.18.2009 (01:31 EDT in New York, NY 10.18.2009) SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF.
You can see the streaks on the background display representing, and pointing us to, the stars.


Sky view to the EAST over New York, NY at 00:31 AM CDT as SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF -

The LION / Leo (LEONIDAS!) rising in the NE with the SEA MONSTER (Hydra / Loch Ness Monster) rising in unison to it.

Sky view to the SOUTH over New York, NY at 00:31 AM CDT as SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF -

The planet Jupiter was in Capricorn, ("Sea Goat" in the Redshift screen caps) crossing the Horizon, as SHAKIRA took to the stage to perform She Wolf.

Sea Goat - Goat Dragon - Chimaera - Capricorn

Sky view to the WEST over New York, NY at 00:31 AM CDT as SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF -

Pegasus is heading for the horizon. Jupiter crossed the Horizon line. Uranus (from the "What Up with That?" Sexecutioner Skit) to the left of Pegasus.

"The Sexecutioner / Gerard Butler" portraying the all-white winged Pegasus and the Cane (CAIN - see History of Lebanon in post comments for more info) resonating the Peg Leg.

What Up With That? - The Sexecutioner - Ship to URANUS

Sky view to the NORTH over New York, NY at 00:31 AM CDT as SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF -

Below Horizon view under New York, NY at 00:31 AM CDT as SHAKIRA performed SHE WOLF -

Phagos - NJ GAY Army Couple - Seth (SET) Meyers

John Bossy makes the case in "Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair (Yale UP, 2002)", that Giordano Bruno is the previously unidentified 'Henry Fagot', who reported to Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's spy master.

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial

I kinda thought the cheap hanging-on-a-wire effect used by SNL made the balloon resemble ET, as in the image above.

The Egyptian god Seth:
Set (STh - also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, Storms, Darkness, and Chaos.

Shakira - Did It Again

Spartans - Spartacus - The 300 - Committee of 300 - Gerard Butler

A play on the Illuminist / Secret Society - The Committee of 300

"The Committee of 300 is a theory which alleges that a secret society exists which was founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. It is allegedly an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts."

LEO / the LION rising! This is expressed with Leonidas's Birth Certificate - which, in the non-occult and obvious is simply a play on Barack Obama's birth certificate controversy.

Game Time with Randy and Greg (the ALIEN)


and then we have DaveHeart, the younger brother of BRAVEHEART...
This skit is more than just a play on Mel Gibson's Braveheart. It is a play on Gerard Butler's name.

Behind the Name for the name GERARD tells us:
Derived from the Germanic element ger "spear" combined with hard "brave, hardy". The Normans introduced this name to Britain.

Gerard means "BRAVE/HARDY Spear".

...and of course DAVEHEART points us to Jupiter in Capricorn setting by being afraid of the "Goat Dragon"...

Freemasonry and the GOAT @

Tarot #15 - The Devil :

In the Video above, we saw DAVEHEART chained to a wall and woman nearby. The dragon - GOAT held by the Bruno-esque character was off to left.

From The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite @ Sacred Texts
The design is an accommodation, mean or harmony, between several motives mentioned in the first part. The Horned Goat of Mendes, with wings like those of a bat, is standing on an altar. At the pit of the stomach there is the sign of Mercury. The right hand is upraised and extended, being the reverse of that benediction which is given by the Hierophant in the fifth card. In the left hand there is a great flaming torch, inverted towards the earth. A reversed pentagram is on the forehead. There is a ring in front of the altar, from which two chains are carried to the necks of two figures, male and female. These are analogous with those of the fifth card, as if Adam and Eve after the Fall. Hereof is the chain and fatality of the material life.

The figures are tailed, to signify the animal nature, but there is human intelligence in the faces, and he who is exalted above them is not to be their master for ever. Even now, he is also a bondsman, sustained by the evil that is in him and blind to the liberty of service. With more than his usual derision for the arts which he pretended to respect and interpret as a master therein, Éliphas Lévi affirms that the Baphometic figure is occult science and magic. Another commentator says that in the Divine world it signifies predestination, but there is no correspondence in that world with the things which below are of the brute. What it does signify is the Dweller on the Threshold without the Mystical Garden when those are driven forth therefrom who have eaten the forbidden fruit.

The Obelisk:

New Secretary - Cottage Cheese - Obelisk

Curds = The KURDS / The KURDISH people...
The tribe in Northern IRAQ (gassed by Saddam Hussein) and the home of the Yazidis...
The believers and followers of the Peacock Angel, Melek Taus

The poster has a hang-glider (guy attached to a kite) soaring through the air like an Angel. Soaring like the Angel of the Air... Lucifer.

Kristen Wiig's character Trina was last seen with Steve Martin in SNL episode 650, Season 34.14 on January 31, 2009.

The 666th episode of SNL (season 35.8 !! 3+5 = 8) is currently scheduled for 12.5.2009 (12 + 5 = 17 !)
Recall from above that SNL is broadcast from: Studio 8H (8,8)

And the episode was sponsored by Budweiser:

Bud Golden Wheat (the Golden Boy's Sheath):

NEW YORK ( -- Budweiser thinks its latest line extension, Bud Light Golden Wheat, is not ready for prime time. At least for this Saturday night.

"For the first time in the 35-season history of "Saturday Night Live," an advertiser is buying all the national ad time in the broadcast of the venerable late-night comedy show. As the Oct. 17 program moves into ad breaks, viewers will see segments entitled "Backstage with Bud Light Golden Wheat," which will feature a series of never-before-aired clips from "SNL" throughout the years. Ad breaks will also include highlights from live "SNL" viewing parties held in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia that will be "hosted" by Bud Light Golden Wheat."
... article continues at Bud Light Golden Wheat to Be Sole Advertiser on Next 'SNL'

Official Bud Light Golden Wheat Site

Bud Light:

One-Eyed Octopus! (eye of providence)
Octopussy (1983) is the thirteenth spy film in the James Bond series.
Doctor Octopus, and the Green Goblin, are both nemeses of SpiderMan.

On 10.24.2009 - U2 and Megan Fox -


Regular readers of this Blog (esp. noting my recent coverage of Guy Laliberte,, and Cirque du Soleil), and other blog-hopping synchronauts should find this tidbit to be quite interesting...

Cirque du Soleil performer dies of head injuries
Last Updated: Saturday, October 17, 2009 | 8:31 PM ET - CBC News
A Cirque du Soleil performer has died in a Montreal hospital after suffering head injuries when he fell off a trampoline while training Friday.

The Cirque issued a statement Saturday saying Oleksandr Zhurov, a Ukrainian in his 20s, had died. The accident happened during a regular training session at a Montreal facility where the international troupe rehearses for shows.

An emergency services official said Zhurov was unconscious when an ambulance arrived at the scene.

"He had head trauma, so we quickly transported the victim to the hospital," said Benoit Garneau, operations chief for an ambulance service.

"Today, it is all of Cirque that is in mourning," said Guy Laliberté, the troupe's founder. "I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Sacha. My thoughts are with his parents and his family, to whom I offer my deepest sympathy.

"Sacha was part of the extended Cirque family for the few months he was among us," he said. "An incident like this reminds us of the courage and determination displayed by our artists each and every day. They are exceptional human beings who share their talents with great generosity."

The Cirque said it would not make any further comments since a coroner's inquiry into the death is underway. It added that it would co-operate fully with the investigation.


Oleksandr Zhurov performer in Cirque du Soleil dies of head injury in trampoline accident...

Oleksandr Zhurov = O.Z.


Laliberte makes safe return
Last Updated: 11th October 2009, 4:30pm

MONTREAL – After a 12-day voyage into space, Guy Laliberte made a safe return to earth early Sunday morning.

The Soyuz space capsule containing Canada’s first space tourist, along with Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and American astronaut Michael Barratt, touched down without incident in Kazakhstan.

Laliberte’s friends and family were able to watch the landing from the Canadian Space Agency’s facilities back home in Canada.

The billionaire founder of the Cirque du Soleil was helped out of the capsule wearing his trademark red clown’s nose. He needed several minutes to acclimatize himself to the earth’s gravity before he was able to move around without assistance.

On Sept. 30, Laliberte blasted off from the Russian space centre at Baikonur, Kazakhstan, on his way to the International Space Station (ISS). His crewmates on that initial trip were the American Jeffrey Williams and the Russian Maksim Surayev, who will remain aboard the ISS until next March.

Barratt and Padalka were already on the ISS when Laliberte arrived.

The 50-year-old is the world’s seventh space tourist and paid $35 million for the experience. He used his time on the ISS to showcase his One Drop Foundation whose mission is to promote the availability of clean drinking water around the world.

While in orbit, Laliberte hosted a two-hour broadcast featuring Cirque performers as well as David Suzuki, former US vice-president Al Gore, and musicians U2 and Shakira.


Christopher Knowles said...

Wow, Great work, Strangey- I gotta go back and watch all of those videos. Shakira is so god-damned hot and sexy it makes my bones ache.

Andre Heath said...

Wow! StrangEye, you outdid yourself. I will post this in my ALIEN Feature Stories, as well as in the update to SNL Rock Obama post.

Most excellent work, as usual.

Three Cheers!

StrangEye said...

@Chris -
I 100% agree! As I wrote in my other Shakira posts (and she announces in the She Wolf Behind The Scenes)... She's INHUMANLY sexy! My girl's been giving me shit for going through all the Shakira material and vids lately... Yes, what a chore it has been watching her Latino/Lebanese form gyrate and wiggle... NOT!

Thank you my friend! Much appreciated!


StrangEye said...

If any reader wants more SHAKIRA she's you can find her by searching my blog for the label "SHAKIRA" or click HERE.

I almost forgot that Gerard Butler was involved with the 2009 MTV VMAs, as was SHAKIRA. Gerard introduced MUSE and their song "UPRISING" from their CD "Resistance".

See the UPRISING VIDEO on youtube here

Listen to those Uprising Lyrics!


Christopher Knowles said...

Lebanese? You mean Phoenician!

StrangEye said...

I can't find a clip of "Greg the Alien" sportscaster (skit with Keenan). If anyone spots a vid on youtube or one of the other video sites let me know!


StrangEye said...

Yes... Phoenician!

and for those that don't know what Chris means by that check out History of Lebanon.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Neat! A lot to take in, the update was very interesting. OZ, very interesting.

StrangEye said...

@Chris Horn

OZ - Yes, that one really struck me as ODD, to say the least!
... and it happened in the very same week as Guy Laliberte's 12 day trip and return from ISS (10.11) where he had the monumental broadcast event.


StrangEye said...

@Christopher Knowles

sync'ed in:

Israel may have planted spy gear in Lebanon - UN


Andre Heath said...

Shakira Changed Name And Wore Disguise For UCLA Class

StrangEye said...

Yes Andre... that was in 2007. She's apparently got a penchant for world history!
She enrolled as her middle name...

From the LA TIMES Nov. 17, 2007

CULTURE MIX - Shakira in pause mode - Forget the bustle. She embraces a gentle folk style for her songs for 'Love in the Time.'
By Agustin Gurza, Times Staff Writer|November 17, 2007

Shakira was sick of being a celebrity. Colombia's sensationally successful singer-songwriter had just come off her "Oral Fixation" tour earlier this year, taking her to 140 cities on five continents to perform for 2.5 million fans. But even stardom can be a drag.

So she put away her revealing sequined gowns and hip-hugging pants, donned jeans and sneakers, tucked her famous shock of dyed hair under a cap and went undercover as a summer student at UCLA. She enrolled in a history of Western civilization course under her middle and last names, Isabel Mebarak, telling clueless classmates she was just visiting from Colombia.

(Nov. 17 no kidding!)


StrangEye said...

It was her "World History" interest that got me thinking about the "She-Wolf, Romulus and Remus" (and the founding of ROME) and how that song could very well be a dig to the world suckling at the teet of Rome and the RCC.

Afterall she included the Saints Peter and Paul Church located at 666 Filbert St, (Washington Square) in San Francisco, CA, in her SHE WOLF video.

In the final scenes of the SHE WOLF video, she danced on a rooftop directly under the Moon (Goddess/feminine power) between the phallic COIT TOWER and the Sts Peter and Paul Church - As if to portray the left and right choices both being male dominant societies and her choice being the feminine goddess empowerment (the Moon) in the middle.


StrangEye said...

Ok, perhaps my thinking was even a bit "light" in the previous post comment...

Here's some thoughts straight from Giordano Bruno...

"The fools of the world have been those who have established religions, ceremonies, laws, faith, rule of life. The greatest asses of the world are those who, lacking all understanding and instruction, and void of all civil life and custom, rot in perpetual pedantry; those who by the grace of heaven would reform obscure and corrupted faith, salve the cruelties of perverted religion and remove abuse of superstitions, mending the rents in their vesture. It is not they who indulge impious curiosity or who are ever seeking the secrets of nature, and reckoning the courses of the stars. Observe whether they have been busy with the secret causes of things, or if they have condoned the destruction of kingdoms, the dispersion of peoples, fires, blood, ruin or extermination; whether they seek the destruction of the whole world that it may belong to them: in order that the poor soul may be saved, that an edifice may be raised in heaven, that treasure may be laid up in that blessed land, caring naught for fame, profit or glory in this frail and uncertain life, but only for that other most certain and eternal life.

Pray, O pray to God, dear friends, if you are not already asses -- that he will cause you to become asses.... There is none who praiseth not the golden age when men were asses: they knew not how to work the land. One knew not how to dominate another, one understood no more than another; caves and caverns were their refuge; they were not so well covered nor so jealous nor were they confections of lust and of greed. Everything was held in common."

"...The Universe is one, infinite, immobile. The absolute potential is one, the act is one, the form or soul is one, the material or body is one, the thing is one, the being in one, one is the maximum and the best..."


StrangEye said...

Andre Heath over at The Alien Project
is reporting on a new planet believed to have the "necessities" for life discovered in Pegasus !

Chemicals Needed for Life Detected on Second Distant Planet
By staff

posted: 21 October 2009
11:27 am ET

The basic molecules required for life as we know it have been detected in a second hot gas planet beyond our solar system.

The planet, which orbits a sun-like star about 150 light-years away in the constellation Pegasus, is not habitable but it has the same chemistry that, if found around a rocky planet in the future, could indicate a world that might support life or the presence of life.

read the rest of story here

Anonymous said...

not so much a comment rather a question; is gerard butler part of the f*****ing illuminati or not? any proof of him being or not being part of those mofos? if he marries shakira, we would know....or? haha, i am getting a headache from all that crap, kiss my ass illuminati...morituri te salutant, douchebags....quoting 300and the man; its a a new age-an age of freedom. rise up prometheus! which is by the way whats going to take the so called illuminati down. dont fear those goat worshippers.laugh at them, their doom is on its way...bring it on, prometheus!hail hail hail!

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