Sunday, October 25, 2009

U2 - on YouTube - 10.25 @ 8:30PT (03:30 GMT) (UPDATEs)

U2 (Utu) - on YouTube from the ROSE BOWL - 10.25 @ 8:30PT (03:30 GMT)

10 = 1
25 = 7


...and a Happy 24th Birthday to CIARA
not to be confused with the Irish saint, Saint Ciara

For those following along on Redshift 7 or Stellarium:
8:30 PT is 03:30 GMT / Universal Time.
(set your Location to Los Angeles)

The Show took place at the Rose Bowl stadium East of Los Angeles in Pasadena,CA.

1001 Rose Bowl Dr
Pasadena, CA 91103, United States
Telephone area code (626)
34°9′41″N 118°10′3″W 
34.16139°N 118.1675°W
34.16139; -118.1675

34 (7)
118 (10)
7+10 = 17

The Black Eyed Peas opened the show - their part of the show was not broadcast on YouTube.

Rocko Reedy (Stage Manager U2-360 and Roadie with U2 for 17 years) opens the show, talks about 330 road-crew and informs the crowd about the YouTube world wide broadcast of the show. Rocko Reedy also plays in a band called "Rocko and the Devils"

Before the Show:

21:03 PDT / 12:03 EDT Scorpio to the Right (West) (in the sky):

21 = 3 : 3

2100hrs is 9
9 and 3
93 (for the Thelemites)

21:03 PDT / 12:03 EDT / 04:03 GMT Scorpio Setting:

21:09 PDT / 12:09 EDT Spaceship Stage:

21:26 PDT / 12:26 EDT Spaceship Stage:

21:30 PDT / 12:30 EDT U2 Band Intros - Larry Mullen Jr.

12 = 3
30 = 3

21:30 PDT / 12:30 EDT U2 Band Intros - Adam Clayton

21:31 PDT / 12:31 EDT U2 Band Intros - The Edge (Dave Evans)

21:31 PDT / 12:32 EDT U2 Band Intros - BONO (Paul Hewson)

22:00 PDT / 01:00 EDT: LA Snow Globe

22:25 PDT / 01:25 EDT Bono and fallen crumpled Flag:

22:25 PDT / 01:25 EDT Eye in the Sky:

22:56 PDT / 01:56 EDT Star Travel

22:56 PDT / 01:56 EDT Spaceman

Bono even announced that everyone's favorite spaceman as of late, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, was at the show.

22:58 PDT / 01:58 EDT Bono Saturn Mic

22:58 PDT / 01:58 EDT Bono Saturn Mic

23:17 PT / 02:17 EDT / 06:17 GMT Show is over

and the Stars showed up in droves for the show...

Show review article @ The LA Times


Andre Heath said...

Hey Strange Eye!

How are you?

I just caught the tail-end of the show (not really a U2 fan), but I couldn't help but seeing tons of symbolism that reminded me of the Denver Airport Murals.

Did you catch it?


StrangEye said...

actually one of my most trafficked pages is my article

Denver Airport Murals Re-visited

Yes I watched the show! VERY interesting symbolism!
I've got screen caps so once I've cropped them down I'll post more on the show and its obvious ASTRONOMY symbollism.


StrangEye said...

For more background, check out Christopher Knowles's excellent article U2 No Line on the Horizon post on Secret Sun


StrangEye said...

Chris Knowles is tracking the 17 syncs of the week in his article Week in 17 Mini-Marathon @ The Secret Sun.


Christopher Knowles said...

Cheers, Strangey. Didn't watch the concert- haven't been into u2 for ages and what I saw was pretty cringe-worthy. They seem such a tabula rasa for the oligarchs these days, almost like marionettes. Long way from when I saw them in 81 and they just blew everyone away. No I feel like they're carrying all of this baggage that has nothing to do with music.

StrangEye said...

Totally agree with ya there Chris!
To put it bluntly their music in general (barring the odd single) is shitty, barely a shadow of their former glory, which for me would be albums: War, Under a Blood Red Sky, Joshua tree and Rattle & Hum.

Though through their baggage they're quite jacked-in to the world elite and political scene and we can hope that maybe just maybe gives us "common folk" a glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak!


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