Friday, March 27, 2009

Fargo Floods - The OX and Bow and 17th Pamenot (UPDATES)

The world tells a curious tale when you open your eye and listen...

While the Red River floods its banks, an unstoppable force of nature, it bleeds through levees and dikes and spills out onto its flood plain, the cities along its winding path are devasted...

... and the Obama administration faces its first test as a major declaration of State of Emergency and disaster zone strikes the center of the nation.

As the the Red River (the lifeblood and blood-line and red stone) flows north through the twin cities (GEMINI) of Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, MINnesota (on its journey north to Lake Winnipeg the waters eventually spilling out into the Arctic ocean via Hudson's Bay), it is expected to reach levels of 42 feet - That's about 22 feet over its flood level - before it flows into the keystone Canadian province of Manitoba, and my home city of Winnipeg.

(No I've not met Mr. Jake Kotze - now in Winnipeg.)(NOTE: I have since met both him and JiM - this comment added 3/27/2010)

The crest of the flood in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, MINnesota is expected to occur sometime this Weekend - later in the day on Saturday March 28, 2009.

Floods in Oxbow, ND

OXBOW, North Dakota on Wikipedia

Today is the Egyptian date of 17th/18th Pamenot

A date for honoring the goddess NUT (NWT).

Nut is almost always depicted by the Egyptians in an arched position with feet and hands on the ground holding back the starry sky from spilling down on to the earth. She is bowed over in an arch (and ark) of heaven. She is the "atmosphere". The guarding womb of mother earth. Through her force are we protected from the darkness of space. Like a mother she can be loving and rewarding, holding us and comforting us or quick to temper and mette out harsh discipline so we learn our lessons.

The Ancient Egyptians were brilliant and effective in conveying their ideas and concepts across language barriers. They left us no dictionary to their glyphs and pictograms. In their view, it was all up to the observer to determine what the image used conveyed. It was up to us to not take it at face value and use our minds to understand everything that was being said.

And Pamenot is a month ruled by the warring OX Headed MONT as I covered in my previous article on March 20, 2009 The Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar - Natasha Richardson - Mont - and Wonder Woman

The OX and the BOW
The OX and the ARCH
The OX and the ARK

A bow is also curved 180 degrees, like the letter U, and in our busy, distracted modern daily lives represents the "U-turn" on the road sign. It can also represent peace, as in the case of the RAINBOW or a weapon, as in BOW and ARROW.

Orion / Bowman (2001 / 2010 )

Orion the hunter, and Bow Man - the ARCHer, holds back TauRus, the OX.


"GO" signal
"Go Far" / "Far Go"
"GO FER" "Go Light"
Green Light
synchs with "Visa GO" commercial

Regular readers will recognize this reference from my article on March 16, 2009 - Wild Weekend Synchs

CBC NEWS Feature site on Manitoba Red River Flood

CBC: Pictures of the 2009 Manitoba Red River Flood

Youtube: Fargo Floods 2009

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 1

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 2

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 3

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 4

Some Trivia:

The Canadian province of Manitoba is located in Canada just below the territory of Nunavut (NNVT = NUT = Annuit) and Just above MINnesota and North Dakota. - the other two northern territories in Canada are the North West Territories (NWT = NUT) and Yukon Territory, which shares a border with Alaska (Al-Aqsa).

North Dakota was once home to one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear Intercontinental Ballastic Missiles (ICBMs) in the world. The underground missile silos still pock-mark the North Dakota landscape. In January 2009, the US Air Force took charge of the nuclear arsenal, under the intriguingly named, "Global Strike Command"

Map from Nukewatch

The City of winnipeg, further north up the blood-line of the Red River, is home to the interesting architecture of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Researcher Frank Albo has studied and written extensively on this odd structure that he believes it to be a replica of King Solomon's Temple, of biblical and masonic lore.

Frank has published the book, "The Hermetic Code" on the subject, has appeared on national NEWS programs, and can be heard as interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Creations Radio

A Manitoba Legislative Building article on Alex Jones's Info Wars: "Illuminati Secret Language Hidden in Plain View in Design, Numerology and Symbolism of Manitoba Legislature Building"

There's a lot of truly fascinating information to read about Frank Albo and the Manitoba Legislative Building so I'd recommend you Google Frank Albo

Youtube: CBC - Frank Albo and the Manitoba Legislative Building

Youtube: Frank Albo MB Leg Tour

the astute and attuned Terry over at Koncrete Junkyard has also quite extensively covered Winnipeg.

A satellite photo shows the odd design anomaly of Winnipeg...

The human shaped figure in the photo appears to have the rays of shining light (or serpents as Heru or Harpocrates)
in his hand. The lines of the rays (RAs) are formed by the runways of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

(Recall the mention of Natasha Richardson from the Rectified Egyptian Calendar article)

The Red River is visible as the dark wavy line bisecting the figure at the midsection, in the "hip region" of the figure, in the satellite picture above. The picture itself is reoriented for ease of viewing. "The human shape" actually lays on the "Horizon" through the middle of the city. The orientation is exactly Torch/RAYs in the West and feet in the East. (top of the picture is actually West, the Right of the picture is North. The Left is South and the Bottom is East)

So as the RED RIVER rises to 42 feet check out some 42 info at Live from the Logosphere

For localized flood information see the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services at NOAA

This story is still DEVELOPING so check back frequently for updates.


Keep your eye wide open for a future article and exploration of Winnipeg entitled:

"The Curious Case of Winnipeg City"

UPDATE I: In other news today:

A Mountain (Mont) of Redoubt in AL-AQSA...
(red out - reDOUBT)

New eruptions at Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano
By MARY PEMBERTON – 23 minutes ago

EAGLE RIVER, Alaska (AP) — Alaska's Mount Redoubt continued its volcanic explosions Friday, sending an ash cloud 50,000 feet above sea level and prompting drivers to head to the auto parts store for new air filters.

(AP Photo of Mount Redoubt Eruption)

Devastating Fingers Of GOD...

Tornado Destroys 100-Year-Old Church

Murder in Lourdes

Severe storms for the South; Snow from Plains to Great Lakes

Suburban 'tsunami' kills 52 in Jakarta

Tensions Rising...

Kim Jong-Il's Reds of North Korea and the Missile Launch

UN Security Council Resolution 1718

Reports: The US Navy is in the area and on the ready to shoot down the Missile.

What would Nostradmus say?...

President Obama today nominated former mISSISsippi Governor Ray MABUS to be secretary of the Navy

UPDATE II: tommy pointed out in the comments:

That the "man with snakes/torch/golden boy" anomaly appearing in the design of the City of Winnipeg resembled Ophiuchus.

and with the Red River crossing at the waistline of the anomaly...

Monday, March 23, 2009

They CRY Out in FEAR as the Dark Spell is Broken

As YOU begin to rediscover, to see, to learn, to understand and awaken.

As alternate media and independant information sources share with YOU the truth and alternative viewpoints and explore new ideas, instead of the rigid structured professional lies, talking points and scientifically crafted hypnotic control language.

They feel the old Black Spell and control slipping away.
They feel you no longer giving up the energy for their Dark use.
They know they are powerless unless YOU give them the energy
or YOU are tricked and deceived into giving them the energy through fear.

The Truth of Life and what we are is returning to the hearts and minds of many at this time.

In fear they cry out to wrest the tools from you.

Take a moment to Listen to them wail and cry out from the Darkness...

Youtube: They Cry Out In Fear

Notice he only mentions Business and Commerce and the War-machine?
The distractions of Death and the consumption of the life force...

The information can NOT be shutdown.

Pity them for being Lost in their FEAR.
Love them for their misguidedness.
Simply apologize to yourself for the thoughts and actions from the shadow side that have manifested such an aberration and called it forth into existence.

Then Thank Them for the Laugh they have given you Today.

Youtube: "Melting..."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ROLE MODELS movie code - Do you smell burgers?

The 'Role Models' Code ?

I was watching the Role Models DVD last evening and began to notice some very strange goings-on in that movie.

Keeping in mind that we know that *every* shot in a movie is meticulously designed, though about, discussed, planned out, and storyboarded, with little, if anything at all, ever left to chance and rarely does anything at all appear on camera that was not intended to be there.





2 and 8 (addresses)

Knighthood (Orders)

Wings / Sir Paul McCartney



Starchild, Alien, Cat, and Demon


the Birds (bird language)

The movie is definitely worth your synchromystic time to watch and pick out all the sychronicities and semiotics in it (and it is loaded!)

The first scene opens on the Minotaur (Min~o~taur) HQ building and its address, number 2800, is kept conspicuously in frame.

Another curiosity, among the many, I did pick up on is this...

In the movie, the "pretend medieval battles" take place at a park.

In one scene Sean William Scott (Wheeler) is talking with the kids on the porch. I noticed a tropical theme, (surf gear, flowered shirts) to it...

I noticed that Wheeler was wearing a shirt that had "Hollywood" on it and the Ronnie Shields character had on a shirt that had 1872. (Ronnie's was black, Wheeler's was White)

Something about that just seemed odd to me. It stood out. It "Felt" like an information or an address in picture form or something.

So I Google mapped it.

I got an address of 1872 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Broward, Florida 33020


and looking at that address, we see it is at a circular park called Anniversary Park.

Hollywood Blvd is Florida Hwy route 820, linked back to all the "2 and 8 addresses" that appear in the movie. 2800, 822. It also intersects US Route 1 in Florida...

Well check out the movie and have look at the park design for yourself.

Be sure to look at the "Street View" pictures and do a full 360 deg pan.

Let me know what you think about it and what else you find in that movie!

(I'm off to finish the Egyptian festival calendar article)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar - Natasha Richardson - Mont - and Wonder Woman (UPDATE - Video)

Some VERY intense Synchronicities as of late and much research (particularly in the areas of the star "SPDT", Sepdet, Sothis, Sirius) have led me to uncover certain errors in the Egyptian Festival Calendar that many have become familiar with (including myself).

I will be posting the "Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar" later today or tomorrow:

but for now...

Today (to Dei)
is actually:

Friday March 20, 2009 (Gregorian)
Friday March 7, 2009 (Julian)
Friday March 20, AL 6009 (Masonic)
24 Adar 5769 (Hebrew)
Norooz, 2568 (1388) (Persian - New Year)
day 24 month 2, 4707 (Chinese)

and in the Egyptian:
11th of Pamenot/Paremhotep/Paremhat

This is the Month of Pamenot / Paremhotep

A month named after the god/netjer Mont/Montu/MNT,
Montu is a falcon-headed (like Hor/Heru/Horus/Re-Horakhty) god of war, in similar fashion to the more familiar greek God of War, Ares.

Mont / Montu

A hymn from an Armant Stele says of him, "the raging one who prevails over the serpent-demon Nik," and the one "who causes Re to sail in his park and who overthrows his serpent enemy". Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that the ancient Egyptian warships were equipped with figures of a striding Montu shaking maces or spears.

Most of the cult centers of Montu appear to have been established during the Middle Kingdom, with the exception of Karnak. There, the earliest monument dates from the New Kingdom, and specifically to the reign of Amenhotep III.

Montu is commonly depicted as a man with the head of a falcon surmounted by a solar disk. He wears the double uraeus behind which two tall plumes extend vertically. Later, he became associated with the Bull Cults such as Buchis at Armant, and so he is depicted with the head of a bull/OX and a plumed, solar headdress. Another bull sacred to Montu was also worshipped at Medamud.

There is also a Temple of Montu at Tod, Egypt

MONTU at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay:

("You've got to be freakin' kidding..." ;)

On a side note:
The Busch family of Busch Gardens fame is linked through property usage to "Marvel" Jack Parsons, Wilfred T Smith and L. Ron Hubbard of the Agape Lodge of the oTo (Ordo Templi Orientis).

According to the Rectified Calendar we are also in the "season" of the "Fourth Growing" which is ruled by Renenutet

"Lady of the fertile land" and "lady of granaries", a deity of fertility and harvest but she was also a protector of linen and bandages, children and their nourishment. Mother of the grain god Nepri. She also gave each child a destiny and she attended the weighing of the hearts of men in the Hall of Judgment.
The Greeks called her Thermutis. Her name consisted of two parts:
`rnn´ - nourishment, and `wtt´ - snake, showing something of her character.
People made offerings to her during harvest time and she was depicted either as a snake or a human with a snake´s head.

In the Greco-Egyptian days she was often depicted as Isis with a snake´s head.

the ISiS (as Renenutet) in this case, falls perfectly with the "rectified egyptian festival calendar".

In the Egyptian kemetic calendar we recently entered the season of what would be called "the 4th growing".

This time during Pamenot/Pharmuthi is "ruled" by the COBRA headed goddess Renenutet.

In the later Greco-Egyptian days Renenutet was often depicted as ISIS with a snake´s head. In this form, this goddess took the names Isermithis and Thermonthis / Thermutis.

Ref also: Who Put the Hiss in Isissss

Chris Knowles pointed out on Solar Satellite

The AP reports at 7:33 pm ET that Michelle Obama " is scheduled to break ground Friday on a new garden near the fountain on the South Lawn that will supply the White House kitchen.

She will be joined by students from Bancroft Elementary School in the District of Columbia. The children will stay involved with the project, including planting the fruits, vegetables and herbs in the coming weeks and harvesting the crops later in the year..."

Michelle is really rocking the Great Mother meme with her garden boosting...

Youtube: Michelle Obama Kitchen Garden (Qi Chun Garden)

a few of the SYNCHS:

Unfortunately, the synch to this is MONT TREMBLANT (Trembling/Shaking Mountain/Mont)
and the recent Natasha Richardson skiing tragedy.
Natasha Richardson had the accident on March 16 at Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada and passed from life-support removal by her family's consent at 7:26 pm (ET) March 18, 2009 at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Lenox Hill / len(t)-OX HILL
len(t) OX MONT

We are presently in the middle of the 40 days of Lent

That reminds me of the recent failed TauRus XL rocket.
XL is 40 in Roman Numerals X=10 L=50 so X before L = 40
It crashed on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 carrying the OCO
(OCO / OTO / Oco = Eye / Oc = Hawk / Ahk )

Lent is a 40 day festival in the Christian liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Ash Wednesday was Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Palm Sunday (Sunday, April 5, 2009)
Holy Thursday (Thursday, April 9, 2009)
Good Friday (Friday, April 10, 2009)
Holy Saturday (Saturday, April 11, 2009)

Easter Sunday will be Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday March 2, 2009:
Belgian archaeologists in southern Egypt have unearthed a 3,500-year-old pharaonic official’s tomb that had disappeared under sand after it was first discovered about 130 years ago. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities said in a statement Sunday, March 1, 2009 that the Belgian team in Luxor uncovered the tomb of Amenhotep, the deputy seal-bearer for King Thutmose III who ruled Egypt in the 18th Dynasty.

March 16, 2009
Skeleton of Cleopatra's sister identified
VIENNA, March 16 (UPI) -- Anthropologists say they've identified a skeleton as Princess Arsinoe, who was ordered killed by her sister Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.

"When I stood in the lab and handled the bones of Cleopatra's blood sister -- knowing that in her lifetime she touched Cleopatra and perhaps Julius Caesar and Mark Antony as well -- I felt the hairs go up on the back of my neck," said Fabian Kanz, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna.

Kanz and his associates were asked to resolve whether a skeleton found in Turkey in 1926 was Arsinoe, killed in 41 B.C. to eliminate her as a rival to Cleopatra, last of the Egyptian pharaohs, the BBC reported Monday.

(1926 is also 7:26 pm)

At Ephesus, in Turkey, the goddess Nik / Nike / Artemis (goddess of Victory) was venerated.

We see that the BULL / OX (Min~o~taur) theme also resonates much better with this rectified calendar and festival dating.

And if we look closely at other synchs, We find that in the animation video world, the Wonder Woman (2009) animated DVD was released this month.

The "WW DVD" prominently features ARES the "God of War".

The rectified dating and festival system also synchronizes more closely to the modern astrological/Zodiac sign of ARIES, which begins today or tomorrow depending on your source.

We also have the ARES Project by NASA and ESA


In the meantime, check out this article and comments on Chris Knowles's Solar Satellite

And this doesn't negate past posts dealing with dates and festivals. I will explain more about all that after I post the complete calendar.


Youtube: Obama Bowling Special Olympics

Just in case you missed the President's "Special Olympics Bowling Gaffe" last night - turn to any 'talking-head' today and you'll hear about it.

You'll note in the soundbites that Obamason said he "bowled a 129"

hmmm... 129, gaffe, all-day NEWS coverage, press releases ... and nothing in politics ever happens that wasn't meant to happen....

if we add that to the date of the Leno appearance:
March 19, 2009 + "129" days

we get:
July 26, 2009

that's right...

And an all new meaning appears when we take
"Special OLYMPICs" to be a reference to the GODs (G+O+D = 26) of OLYMPUS.

Yea Zeus !

and still

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wild Weekend Synchs

Some NCAA "Big 10" NEWS for you -

InDIANApolis, IN (Sports Network) - Reserves Chris Allen and Marquise Gray stepped up with 17 and 11 points, respectively, to lead No. 7 Michigan State past the Minnesota Golden Gophers, 64-56, in quarterfinal play of the Big Ten Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse.
read the rest at TSN - Spartans through to Big Ten semis after defeating Gophers

Minnesota to play Texas in 1st round
MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota was given a 10th seed in the East Region of the NCAA Tournament on Sunday and will face seventh-seeded Texas in Greensboro, N.C. on Thursday.

10th seated MINnesota GOLDen Gophers (go fer - go light)
the gophers have the big "M" logo.
to play 7th seated TeXas (TX = Tau Cross)

10 + 7 = 1 7

The game will be on
Thursday 3.19.2009 at 6:10 pm CDT

The following is SYMBOLIC analysis of game time:
(18:10 = 18+1 = 19 = 19:00 = 7 (pm) and 6 +1 = 7, both resulting in just one 7)
in GREENsboro, NC

Gopher coach Tubby Smith said you "feel the energy like an explosion."

Tubby Smith,
as I've pointed out the meaning of SMITH before
is symbolically "Tubal Smith" or "Tubal CAIN".

In other Synch news...

The CDC wants to find and test 17 Northwest Airlines passengers on Flight #51 from Frankfurt, Germany to Detroit, Mich. The flight was last Tuesday (Flight 51)
1 Passenger on that flight has been positively identified for TB.

WCCO News story

Shuttle Discovery blasted off 3.15.2009 at 19:50 hrs from Cape Canaveral.

** Actually it was at 19:43 ET, 1+9+4+3 = 17 although 19:50 is listed on clip at WCCO.
thanks to Andre from The Alien Project for the tip.

Some 19.5 background from Richard C. Hoagland

Friday, March 13, 2009

6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere, and Jimi Hendrix

My Apollo G's in advance to the non-mathematical readers once again!

But this is an excellent one for a Friday the 13th!
Love and Unity to you all.
(and besides tomorrow is 3/14, my day for pie!)

For this article you will need the background of my article
Let me introduce you to...

(and Let me preface all this by telling you that I'm not Jewish)

and also a very basic knowledge of Zohar & GenIsis/OT/Torah.
(though this post is applicable to MORE than Zohar, OT and Genesis - any Physicists in the readership may find even more to it!)

Looking at the very first word of Genesis,

which can become

which means
"He made 6"

Now we consider our ABC's - the letters/characters
22 characters of the Hebrew Alephbet
7 days of Creation (6 +1 OF REST)

22 / 7 = 3.142857142857142857142857142857142857...

and that's how REAL men bake Pi π

We can see in that ancient pi π a repeating sequence of:


and now to the "BOOK"

In the Beginning was the Word...
and the void...

142857 x 0 = 0

142857 x 1 = 142857
142857 x 2 = 285714
142857 x 3 = 428571
142857 x 4 = 571428
142857 x 5 = 714285
142857 x 6 = 857142

on the Seventh day he rested as his work was complete...

142857 x 7 = 999999

(You'll note there's SIX nines there)

Let's explore some more curiosities of this wonderful number 142857:

1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 7 = 27 = 9

142 + 857 = 999

14 + 28 + 57 = 99

1 4 2
8 5 7
- - -
9 9 9

The Number 9, - the final of all the single digits.

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Now we turn our thought to 3 dimensions

and imagine these numbers around the surface of a sphere or better yet a ring

we know it is these figures derived from the 2 dimensional
circle because the original calculation gave us PI (22/7)

(We will also find the formation of Magen DaViD)
(I'll add some graphics to illustrate the 3D and rings later)

(Synchromystics will recognize the 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 appearing)

Now we can imagine we are holding our ring(s) with the 142857 sequence on it at eye level...

Or even something like this:

142857 x 1 = 142857

2 character places turned forward (clockwise)...
4 character places turned back (counter clockwise)...

(2+4 = 6)

142857 x 2 = 285714

5 character places turned forward...
1 character places turned back...

(5+1 = 6)

142857 x 3 = 428571

3 character places turned forward...
3 character places turned back...

(3+3 = 6)

142857 x 4 = 571428

1 character places turned forward...
5 character places turned back...

(1+5 = 6)

142857 x 5 = 714285

4 character places turned forward...
2 character places turned back...

(2+4 = 6)

142857 x 6 = 857142

We find the cycling of the


and at seven it all changes so we've come full circle and we rest.

The digit 6 rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise by 180 degrees (6 x 30) gives us the digit 9

6 9

Now why did I bring up 6 and 9
Aside from the Six Nines at the 7th turn/day!

6th turn and 8+1
8 in the "1"'s position (where the "1" was when we first began our turning)
8+1 = 9

(Our little number ring is 180 degrees from where we started!)

Here's the CYCLING of 142857 that we witnessed while turning ...

142857 x 1 = 142857
142857 x 2 = 285714
142857 x 3 = 428571
142857 x 4 = 571428
142857 x 5 = 714285
142857 x 6 = 857142

142857 x 7 = 999999 (the 7th turn = the 7th day meets completion in the all "9" result which is the final of the 0-9 digits)

6 x 30 = 180
(6 x 60 = 360)

and J H's "If 6 was 9" plays in the background...
(JH JaH, IeH)

9 = NINE
N+I+N+E = 42
9 = 4+2 = 6

If '6' was '9'

Much more to come on this topic in future posts.
But for now, we can enjoy Jimi's tunez...

And let me introduce you to the first MAN / AMN
otherwise known as ADAM / ATOM

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the Key to the UNIVERSE.”
- Nikola Telsa

The Enneagram:

Image courtesy of Crystal Links

Image courtesy of KA Gold Jewelery

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shields UP! The war inside - The battle for your mind

I've been getting quite a few of those "negative" or Destructionist private messages lately, so I'm going to answer back with a post...

"The Darkness", the anti-creation energy of our shadow selves, is fighting hard to prevent our change and evolution. Battling the conscious mind to keep everyone under control and held back these days - feeding on the negative emotional energy. The Shadow Selves are those things that some people mistake as demons.

We have to be on guard, with our love and light and knowledge, for those "mass mind manifestation mechanisms" at work.

What is that? you ask...

It is the long-known ability of groups of human beings to make manifest in the environment that upon which they focus with will and intent and emotional energy.

It is those same mechanisms which have been publicly displayed through the on-air experiments of Art Bell and George Noory on the "Coast to Coast" radio program (with a +20 million listenership nightly). Manifesting "miracles" if you will. They have produced rain in droughted areas and healings and more.

When large groups of minds begin to focus on a subject, desire, or event, (that is possible within the rules of reality - ie: you cannot manifest a 17 headed elephant), we have the ability to make it manifest in our collective reality.

for futher reference behind this ability see my article Off on a tangent - our quantum bodies and our evolution

For the Christians in the readership - you've also been taught the same in the philosophical aspect of the words - as it is written in Matthew 18 of the New Testament:

19: Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

20: For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

The manifestation is not in the sense of "POP! there it is" right in front of us immediately, but in the sense of putting out the energy and intent from our thoughts and emotions. Which, then, like a snowball rolling down hill, gather size and strength and power. Working on the very underlying fabric of reality and making manifest that upon which we have focused.

The Destructionist meme is being fed out to everyone from the mass media.

We have shootings in Alabama and Germany
On TV:
"Criminal Minds" was pushing the Demon/Evil meme on prime time
"Coast to Coast" even had the clothed doomsayer, Father Andrew Wingate
but followed it up, exhibiting the duality, with the wonderfully knowledgeable Halina Kaciki

I would encourage anyone who has never heard Halina speak before to look into her. You can hear her on C2C - Wed 03.11.2009 in the archives or with a streamlink account.

We even see the injured left feet appearing in the various media - that represents something holding us back, attempting to make our progress more difficult.

We can even see this echo in the blogosphere on "the Newspaceman blog".

Notice the predicament of Spiderman caught up and trapped in the super-string threads of his own web? Note also that his LEFT FOOT is in the foreground at the bottom.

the Left Foot synch even echoes in the Tarot with the Hanged Man...

BUT all of this is not so surprising, since today is:

27 Parmuthi - The day of the "End of the World by Sekhmet"

Sekhmet - That LION-Headed "goddess" of ancient Egypt offering us the option of either the spear or the ankh.

The tale of Sekhmet, in one aspect of the multi-layered meaning of her symbol, is that she is both the protector and the destroyer. The daughter of RA - the power of the Sun.

We can choose to battle, and lose the war - the exhibiting of the dark force of the shadow self, (get pierced by her spear), or we can find that inner peace and receive the Ankh, life.

She can perpetuate our blood-lusts or can "forget the blood feast" when we celebrate. When we have a festive inner state, she sleeps and forgets the need to feast.

How is this affecting everyone?
People are talking about how they are feeling something coming...
Do you feel that shadow creeping up?
Do you have that sinking feeling inside?

This is only shadow self playing on the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the forces at work during this time of our approach to the stargate of the gods at the galactic center (the added energy from which will only increase our ability to make things manifest!) and this time of the year in our solar system - The energy output of the Sun, the magnetic field wash of Venus, and such - that still echoes from the mass subconscious and the depths of our DNA memory.

Know it. Accept it.

And then LET IT GO without playing into it all with your will and your emotions.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweet the Blogs... Your Synchs coming in live from the Synchroverse! (updates)

Ain't technology grand?!

Like to TWEET?
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Synch spotting is a lot more fun when done with your friends!

Synchronizing the Synchromystics!
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You can now use twitter and tweet your synchs
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Spotted that "17" for the 17th time today? - tweet it to @synchs
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fluffy Needs Love Too...

Here's an absolutely amazing video I stumbled across.

Something for all of us to think about the next time we think we're just a little too busy at that very moment to take the dog out for a walk!

And we think we're the only ones experiencing the rise in consciousness?

Remember that old biblical question, "Am I my brother's keeper?"
I think our good friends the canines might have just answered that one for us...

911, 2011 and the Grocery Clerk - Conversations from the checkout queue

So... I'm at the local mega grocery store and the young clerk had just finished a conversation with the person ahead of me.

The cordial young fellow asks the common question that a grocer asks a customer on a Friday eve, "So how are you this evening?" and I reply without hesitation, in my friendly manner, "I am doing well today! How 'bout yourself?"

He replies, "I'm good. But isn't it strange how sometimes you think of someone you haven't seen in a long time and then a couple of days later... BAM... there they are!"

He really didn't know who he was talking to now ... or maybe he did on another level. Because Kid that kind of topic is the preferred fodder for a synchro-watcher like myself! It doesn't even matter that 20 other people are waiting their turn. Have at it boy!

"Yep! That will happen more and more in our run-up to 2012", I slyly remark.

"uh huh.. I've heard that 2012 is supposed to be the End of the World or something!", says the clerk.

"Nah. I really don't think so. Not the end of the world per se. The end of the world as we know it and have outgrown it maybe, but not 'the end' of the world. And I do think we're going to be experiencing changes in ways that we could scarcely have imagined", I replied.

So we banter back and forth for a bit, while he scans and carefully bags my groceries. I load the bulky items and the bags he's finished with, as we chat on, in to the cart for the trek outside to the Jeep. (sorry to the greenies that winced on Jeep) I Live in those colder northern regions so for the southern folk with your 80 degree winters who've never experienced pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot with 6 inches of snow on it, it can be a fun fight.

Anyway, back to the conversation...

The kid suddenly, practically out of nowhere, makes the jump to the 9/11 topic.

I'm sure my eyebrows raised a little as I gave a quick look around. I could see some of the people in the line grimace and others kind of cock their heads and listen discreetly. Perhaps for those it was more of the morbid fascination we humans seem to experience when facing the tragedy of these topics - like the need to look at an accident on the freeway - but none-the-less I thought to myself,
"Ah what the hell... Go for it kid. Let's hear what you've got to say about it..."

So I gave him my attention and listened.

He proceeded to explain to me about steel structures and fires, Building 7, his engineering courses and professors' opinions on steel structures and the like. He wasn't some paranoid ranting. He was just some ordinary kid working at a job the best he could, confronting his inner dragons to a stranger, all to pay his way on the journey that is higher education and learning.

And I couldn't help but smile.

Like the Cheshire Cat and thought to myself,
"Good for you kid! You give me hope in the next generation. Question everything! All of our futures depend on it!"

But that brief rehash of the event got the hindsight working overtime in the car on the way home.

Ok, maybe I was distracting myself from the dread that was creeping up on me at the thought of having to trudge through the snow (which I've yet to clear off my driveway - note to self: "Get that snow cleared!") and lug all those bags into the house - placing my 'food-stuff items' neatly in their spots in the fridge and in the pantry.

But here's what I was thinking on the way home...


WTC, The buildings were both the symbollic and literal trade and financial center of the world, pre-9/11.

What is it about that 9 and 11 ?
It is such a powerful symbol and was so overused for dark endeavors by the previous administration... but why, and what about it?

And then I thought, "Oh WOW!"
Might it really be so simple?
Could it be the synch symbol foreshadowing the years 2009 to 2011 ?

Let's explore that...
On 9/11, THE center of the financial world came crashing down in New York city.

Would that be, could that be, the semiotic symbol of the world-wide financial and economic crash we find ourselves heading deeper into in the year 2009?

Might the symbol of that terrible day have meant that the economic crash would begin in about 2009 and last until about 2011 ?

Will the economy, like the towers, come completely apart and tumble down. All the way down to the baseline, as though it were a financial ground-zero, by 2011?

Is that what that date was foretelling?

Perhaps it is only the falling away of some old ways. The purification by fire. Our mettle tempered and hardened by the cosmic blacksmith. The shedding of the things that were holding us back from where the great spirit wants us to go.

Is this what 2012, calling out from the future, wants from us?
To let go, unencumbered and enjoy the wild ride?

Well anyway, just a little light musing on the symbols - and an interesting Friday eve grocery experience - that I thought I would share with you all while I work out the flow of my upcoming articles...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let Me Introduce You to...

... the Number 142857

"Oh, Strange Eye not MATH!", you say!
"Not math - MA'ATh - the Mystical numbers for all truth seekers", I reply.

and besides...
synchromystics like to point out numbers
(the underlying fabric of the Multiverse!)

Have You Met the Number 142857 ?

If you've never met before,
let me take this moment to introduce you
to a very mystical number:


it is found through ANY number not evenly divisible by the number 7

the result is a repeating sequence or cycle of the digits 1,4,2,8,5,7


Such as how the ancient Egyptians calculated the value for "Pi":

22 / 7 = 3.142857142857142857142857142857...

3."142857" "142857" "142857" "142857" "142857"...

Note that the individual digits never stray from 1,4,2,8,5,7
...until we multiply it by by a single 7 (one Seven)!

142857 x 1 = 142857

142857 x 2 = 285714

142857 x 3 = 428571

142857 x 4 = 571428

142857 x 5 = 714285

142857 x 6 = 857142

142857 x 7 = 999999

142 + 857 = 999

14 + 28 + 57 = 99

The famous "Number 9" makes an appearance.
The Number 9, - the final of all single digits.
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 7 = 27
Dual 7's / Two Sevens (77) in mystical math.

The keen-eyed synchromystic number spotters in the readership may already have noticed a few curiosities about this mystic number...

..but for those that haven't, let me point out a big one for you.

The "stage of transition" (from digits 1,4,2,8,5,7 to 999999 - note that there's SIX Nines!) occurs from the 6th to 7th multipliers.

If you multiply the numbers 6 and 7
(6 x 7) and you "don't panic", you get the synchromystic number 42.

42, the "Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything"

Some of the mathematicians in the readership may note that in
Base 13, 6 x 9 = 42
(recall the six nines I pointed out above)
But Douglas Adams kept it mysterious and joked about this observation, saying: "I may be a sorry case, but I don't write jokes in base 13."

Douglas Adams was asked many times during his career why he chose the number 42. Many theories were proposed, but he rejected them all.
On November 3, 1993, he gave an answer on

" The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought '42 will do.' I typed it out. End of story. "

" There are no jokes in synchromysticism, even when there are! "
- Strange Eye (2009)


* for more on 42, visit Live from the Logosphere - here and here

Now with that info in mind we turn our eye towards the
the 6 Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara, Eqypt rising 60 meters above the desert floor.

The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology at U Memphis tells us:

The Step Pyramid is the first known monumental structure made of stone anywhere in the world. As its name suggests, it is a series of six levels of stone decreasing in size as they ascend to about 200 feet/60 meters in height. Until this time, mastabas had been the principal form of tomb architecture. A mastaba (Arabic for "bench" / "seat") is a low rectangular structure which was built over a shaft which descended to the burial location. The Step Pyramid originally began as a mastaba, and it may have been visualized as a series of mastaba shapes, decreasing in size, stacked one on top of another. Whatever the origin, it creates an impressive geometrical form rising from the floor of the desert.

A good egyptian tour guide will often ask this question of visitors,
"Why do you think they only built 6 levels?"


The step pyramid at Saqqara was designed by Imhotep for King Djoser (c.2667-2648 BC). It is the oldest complete hewn-stone building complex known in history. It is also the location of the newly opened (in 2006) Imhotep Museum. It is also where the tomb of King Menes, the first pharaoh of Egypt lies.

Imhotep (from a statue in the Louvre)

If you've seen my comments on articles at other blogs like "The Secret Sun" you'll see that I've mentioned The Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid texts were written on the walls of the complex at Saqqara, Egypt and are the some of the oldest writings in the world.

You can read one translation of The Pyramid Texts here

Another famous translation is by Raymond O. Faulkner


Personally, I've always taken the origin/etymology of the word MATH to have been from the word MA'AT in Egypt. I know we typically stop at the Greeks, but afterall some Greek knowledge came out of their interactions and relations with the Egyptians.

gr. mathematos = MA'AT-hematos
(Literal - the blood of TRUTH)
(Figurative - the science of TRUTH)

You can explore some more of this at my post 6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere and Jimi Hendrix.

Off on a Tangent - Our quantum bodies and our evolution

This post is in response to some thoughts I had while reading

"Slave to the Gods" over at The Secret Sun

The Commentary topic on that article had taken a turn towards the dumbing down of society. My thoughts on the matter were a little long and off on a tangent, so I've posted them here...

I tend to think that "dumbing down of society" is not quite as conspiratorial as some may think.

Sure we know that guys like Rockefeller (as was stated in his own words earlier in this last century) and the factions of eugenicists created their education committees and research groups with the express intent of making more manageable workers but I think the opposite may in fact be true.

I think we may getting more intelligent as a species overall. Simply observing the learning capacity and reactions to technological advancement within children of successive generations should give this away. At least it is what I've personally observed.

I think what we think we see as a dumbing-down is not actually that, but rather is a combination of inadequate education coupled with the realization that our morality and spiritual evolution as a species does not yet outweigh our capacity to do ourselves harm.

Yes, our priorities have taken a horrible turn over the whole course of our existence. From the considerate, nuturing, cultivating and spiritual to the material and self-centered, but I believe that is also some natural ebb and flow or sine-wave of progress and evolution, as well.

I believe some of our evolution happens through a level of connection between people and our reality. A level that we know about but do not yet fully understand.

It is a quantum information level. It is that same level that can show us time and again that even people who do poorly on standard extra-sensory perpception-type tests can do amazingly well on tests for knowing when someone is staring at them.

My thoughts are along the lines of our personal aetheric field, or "aura" if you will. A holographic biophotonic field that emanates from within our DNA. That same field that begins projecting at zygote creation and guides cellular development from that very first single cell of our existence, (I know, sometimes it is hard to comprehend that we all in fact did begin our lives as just ONE SINGLE CELL!) to stem cells to heart muscle cells, brain cells, bone cells, nerve tissue, etc, to the unfathomable number of individual cells that make up our bodies. All this occurs 'simply' by the stem cell's respective location within that projected field.

That auric field is both a receiver and transmitter. It carries every drop of data there is about us, from birth to the grave. Everything we've ever experienced, felt, and learned but also has the ability to touch other's fields and share information, subtly, back and forth with those.

As one increases their field, wisens-up or strengthens and brightens it as it were, it shares the knowledge, experience, and wisdom with others. Those other's fields then modulate and resonate harmoniously with the first. And, in a similar but yet stronger effect, is sort of aetheric genetic memory that is then passed on to our offspring and successive generations.

I've WAY over simplified the processes involved here, which includes many other things, complex quantum actions and reactions, frequency matching, observor, participant, etc, but I hope you get the idea of it.

And then to top it off we have the actions of the Sun itself, our planet, the other planetary bodies and cosmic forces. Those very powerful fields which come into contact with our own individual aetheric bodies and affect our resonance and thereby changing our position 'en masse' on the sine-wave of progress.

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