Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fluffy Needs Love Too...

Here's an absolutely amazing video I stumbled across.

Something for all of us to think about the next time we think we're just a little too busy at that very moment to take the dog out for a walk!

And we think we're the only ones experiencing the rise in consciousness?

Remember that old biblical question, "Am I my brother's keeper?"
I think our good friends the canines might have just answered that one for us...


Andre Heath said...

Lovely story, Strangie.

In times like these, we need to see stuff like that

Cheers my friend.

The ALIEN Project

tommy said...

I am never too busy to take the dog out... My dog likes to yank me out of my own skin, taking off out the door like a racehorse at the sight of any smaller creature. We don't have a fence so she never gets to roam around on her own, though. Makes me sad...

Before stumbled upon your post, I made my own post related to dogs.

Andre Heath said...

Hey Strangie!

I found two third-party client software that allows you to send your tweets to twitter.

1 TweetDeck

2 Twitterfeed

I use TweetDeck and find it to be very useful. I am able to group my followers and following, send my tweets with customized URLs with pic attachments as well. Check it out.

The ALIEN Project

StrangEye said...

Thanks Andre.

Now we just need to get a working gadget for blogger that reads the tweets from others/followers to @synchs (not the status updates on the account) and we're set.

I know that can be done with an AJAX query.

using a line like:

but we got to get that to work correctly in a blogger gadget.


wise woman said...

Awesome video.

Am very sure our reconnection to the animal & natural world is being called for big time.

Many thanks for that

Anadæ Effro said...

Thanks for having posted this. I'd seen it on an animal activist & veganism proponent's site, Hag of Hecate, on MySpace quite some time ago. I must admit that I cry every time I view it. Have you seen the painting elephant footage yet? It's pretty amazing, too.

mike thomas said...

Oh, StrangEye, i forgot:

You pointed to these words;

CROWN of the Magi.

"and from there we can see the sword in the stone - he who can extract it is crowned king"

I get the drift, there is a sword in some stone, somewhere, which, if extracted, makles the extractor a king! I am interested in this because it is the Arthurian legend stuff. Isn't it?

I have been tracking a guy through the 17th Century who, I thought, was somehow claiming he was the true king of England, rather than Eliz I.

Since reading about this stone thing I now realise I was wrong.

But the crown of the Magi: what is this?

Thank you.

StrangEye said...

No you don't "get the drift".

When you've thought about it for awhile come back and we'll philosophize further.


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