Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ROLE MODELS movie code - Do you smell burgers?

The 'Role Models' Code ?

I was watching the Role Models DVD last evening and began to notice some very strange goings-on in that movie.

Keeping in mind that we know that *every* shot in a movie is meticulously designed, though about, discussed, planned out, and storyboarded, with little, if anything at all, ever left to chance and rarely does anything at all appear on camera that was not intended to be there.





2 and 8 (addresses)

Knighthood (Orders)

Wings / Sir Paul McCartney



Starchild, Alien, Cat, and Demon


the Birds (bird language)

The movie is definitely worth your synchromystic time to watch and pick out all the sychronicities and semiotics in it (and it is loaded!)

The first scene opens on the Minotaur (Min~o~taur) HQ building and its address, number 2800, is kept conspicuously in frame.

Another curiosity, among the many, I did pick up on is this...

In the movie, the "pretend medieval battles" take place at a park.

In one scene Sean William Scott (Wheeler) is talking with the kids on the porch. I noticed a tropical theme, (surf gear, flowered shirts) to it...

I noticed that Wheeler was wearing a shirt that had "Hollywood" on it and the Ronnie Shields character had on a shirt that had 1872. (Ronnie's was black, Wheeler's was White)

Something about that just seemed odd to me. It stood out. It "Felt" like an information or an address in picture form or something.

So I Google mapped it.

I got an address of 1872 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Broward, Florida 33020


and looking at that address, we see it is at a circular park called Anniversary Park.

Hollywood Blvd is Florida Hwy route 820, linked back to all the "2 and 8 addresses" that appear in the movie. 2800, 822. It also intersects US Route 1 in Florida...

Well check out the movie and have look at the park design for yourself.

Be sure to look at the "Street View" pictures and do a full 360 deg pan.

Let me know what you think about it and what else you find in that movie!

(I'm off to finish the Egyptian festival calendar article)

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