Saturday, March 7, 2009

911, 2011 and the Grocery Clerk - Conversations from the checkout queue

So... I'm at the local mega grocery store and the young clerk had just finished a conversation with the person ahead of me.

The cordial young fellow asks the common question that a grocer asks a customer on a Friday eve, "So how are you this evening?" and I reply without hesitation, in my friendly manner, "I am doing well today! How 'bout yourself?"

He replies, "I'm good. But isn't it strange how sometimes you think of someone you haven't seen in a long time and then a couple of days later... BAM... there they are!"

He really didn't know who he was talking to now ... or maybe he did on another level. Because Kid that kind of topic is the preferred fodder for a synchro-watcher like myself! It doesn't even matter that 20 other people are waiting their turn. Have at it boy!

"Yep! That will happen more and more in our run-up to 2012", I slyly remark.

"uh huh.. I've heard that 2012 is supposed to be the End of the World or something!", says the clerk.

"Nah. I really don't think so. Not the end of the world per se. The end of the world as we know it and have outgrown it maybe, but not 'the end' of the world. And I do think we're going to be experiencing changes in ways that we could scarcely have imagined", I replied.

So we banter back and forth for a bit, while he scans and carefully bags my groceries. I load the bulky items and the bags he's finished with, as we chat on, in to the cart for the trek outside to the Jeep. (sorry to the greenies that winced on Jeep) I Live in those colder northern regions so for the southern folk with your 80 degree winters who've never experienced pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot with 6 inches of snow on it, it can be a fun fight.

Anyway, back to the conversation...

The kid suddenly, practically out of nowhere, makes the jump to the 9/11 topic.

I'm sure my eyebrows raised a little as I gave a quick look around. I could see some of the people in the line grimace and others kind of cock their heads and listen discreetly. Perhaps for those it was more of the morbid fascination we humans seem to experience when facing the tragedy of these topics - like the need to look at an accident on the freeway - but none-the-less I thought to myself,
"Ah what the hell... Go for it kid. Let's hear what you've got to say about it..."

So I gave him my attention and listened.

He proceeded to explain to me about steel structures and fires, Building 7, his engineering courses and professors' opinions on steel structures and the like. He wasn't some paranoid ranting. He was just some ordinary kid working at a job the best he could, confronting his inner dragons to a stranger, all to pay his way on the journey that is higher education and learning.

And I couldn't help but smile.

Like the Cheshire Cat and thought to myself,
"Good for you kid! You give me hope in the next generation. Question everything! All of our futures depend on it!"

But that brief rehash of the event got the hindsight working overtime in the car on the way home.

Ok, maybe I was distracting myself from the dread that was creeping up on me at the thought of having to trudge through the snow (which I've yet to clear off my driveway - note to self: "Get that snow cleared!") and lug all those bags into the house - placing my 'food-stuff items' neatly in their spots in the fridge and in the pantry.

But here's what I was thinking on the way home...


WTC, The buildings were both the symbollic and literal trade and financial center of the world, pre-9/11.

What is it about that 9 and 11 ?
It is such a powerful symbol and was so overused for dark endeavors by the previous administration... but why, and what about it?

And then I thought, "Oh WOW!"
Might it really be so simple?
Could it be the synch symbol foreshadowing the years 2009 to 2011 ?

Let's explore that...
On 9/11, THE center of the financial world came crashing down in New York city.

Would that be, could that be, the semiotic symbol of the world-wide financial and economic crash we find ourselves heading deeper into in the year 2009?

Might the symbol of that terrible day have meant that the economic crash would begin in about 2009 and last until about 2011 ?

Will the economy, like the towers, come completely apart and tumble down. All the way down to the baseline, as though it were a financial ground-zero, by 2011?

Is that what that date was foretelling?

Perhaps it is only the falling away of some old ways. The purification by fire. Our mettle tempered and hardened by the cosmic blacksmith. The shedding of the things that were holding us back from where the great spirit wants us to go.

Is this what 2012, calling out from the future, wants from us?
To let go, unencumbered and enjoy the wild ride?

Well anyway, just a little light musing on the symbols - and an interesting Friday eve grocery experience - that I thought I would share with you all while I work out the flow of my upcoming articles...


tommy said...

I've found that 9/11 is a great subject to "initiate" people into other subjects which we find ourselves talking about on a daily basis. If they're smart people, at least.. Otherwise they'll just get scared off and ignore the situation even further. The fear associated with that event runs deep... I think it depends on how one felt during the 9/11 attacks. I was just in awe, not scared in the least, knowing internally (and externally due to all the coverage) that something really significant was happening. Questioning the events of 9/11 was my entrance into the wide world of conspiracies and cover-ups.

Also, I think the kid read your mind, in a way... Us young'uns can sense the inner processes of others quite well.

Andre Heath said...

Lovely story, Strangie.

There are so many interpretations to 9/11. I found your new take on this to be quite interesting and synchronizes well with my current thought pattern - that there might be something else to all of this symbolism (something that Chris has mentioned previously in his interview with Kephas and in his post from November 7, 2008 A Very Sirius Election: Bringing it All Back Home. I believe we need to use the synchronicities revolving around these mythologies and archetypes as a catalyst to do a thorough reexamination of all these theories. I believe, given what we have discovered so far this year, that we are very close to a full realisation of the truth.

The ALIEN Project

runmotman said...

i hope Wall Street doesn't read this and buy into it, or sell, i mean...

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