Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweet the Blogs... Your Synchs coming in live from the Synchroverse! (updates)

Ain't technology grand?!

Like to TWEET?
Like to spot the Synchs?

Synch spotting is a lot more fun when done with your friends!

Synchronizing the Synchromystics!
Shout out from the SynchroVerse!

You can now use twitter and tweet your synchs
live from the The SynchroVerse
to @synchs

Spotted that "17" for the 17th time today? - tweet it to @synchs
Spotted the same words on signs 42 times in the last 7 blocks? - tweet it to @synchs
Anything at all you think might be important!

How to Tweet:
In the tweet box on twitter (or on your mobile device!) enter
as the first word of your tweet and then your message!

How to add the @synchs tweet feed to your blog:
If you have a Synch related blog you can share all the Synchs too and display them on your blog!

go to Layout,
Add gadget
Search for atom
Add the "Ultimate customizable RSS and ATOM reader" gadget (or an ATOM feed gadget of your choice)

use this url in the gadget:
(if the gadget you use has trouble with that URL use the following instead)

Save the gadget
Save your layout
(save the planet! j/k!)
That's it.

All the tweets sent to @synchs will replicate on EVERY BLOG with the feed gadget on it allowing for some true synch spotting!!

Check out the "Tweets" gadget over there --------------- >
(at the top)

(Gadget 1)
(using gadget: "ATOM/RSS Feed Data Ticker" )
(note that this above gadget requires the URL to be )

(Gadget 2)
(Using gadget: ""Ultimate customizable RSS and ATOM reader" )

to find more ATOM feed gadgets search for atom in the "Search for gadgets" field in layout / add gadget


Anonymous said...

here's another site for synchocholics

Anadæ Effro said...

A nextdoor neighbour on the mountain here (and that means a long way down the road, bro!) call'd me Tweety bekawz I imitated birds back to 'em as they call'd to one another as I garden'd only just yesterday.

Live from Apple Mountain,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

StrangEye said...

but could you understand what they were saying?! That's the question.


Anadæ Effro said...

Ah, StrangEye, I'm doing my best to understand the Language of the Birds, my(s)elf. Some of it isis mere mimicry, with the comprehension coming later with repeated effort ~ AE ( :-)}

StrangEye said...

the fastest way to comprehension, I've found, is to begin by writing things, anything really, that carriy an underlying meaning.
A meaning that may at first be known only to yourself. Practice that, and you begin to understand what it is. Then once you have that down, also try drawing pictures that tell a story with no accompanying words

Then you can throw aside things like gematria/(cabala) QBL/isopsephy etc and just SEE and immediately HEAR the narrative taking place beneath the words that you are reading.

Discard the "rules" that cage the mind and allow the words to mean whatever you want them, or imagine them, to. Eventually the correct meaning of the Work can be found.

That is what I've found to be the most difficult "bird language" beacuse it truly relies on the reader first having a broad background in multiple disciplines and then the ultimate open mind which can connect to the soul of the words.

Any mind can create a code or cryptography. But cryptography that, in ordinary language, speaks directly to the spirit first and then the spirit to the brain, is art.

With that "hidden language", that is not decryptable by any computer, you convey the quintessence of the subject. It then up to the mind of the specific reader to sort it all out and determine the context.



Anadæ Effro said...

Much obliged ~SE~ as I'm an artist with a ceaselesly active visual cortex my(s)elf. Good advice, and well met. Thank you ~ AE ( :-)}

StrangEye said...

I must admit that I fall into that old addage of seeing for the forest for the trees sometimes. The calls and duties of the day can raise quite a din and be somewhat distracting!
I could probably devote more time to a reply if you post with the 1st word being PRIVATE (or email me through the link on my blogger profile). I will receive your post directly and it will not appear in the article comments.


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