Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off on a Tangent - Our quantum bodies and our evolution

This post is in response to some thoughts I had while reading

"Slave to the Gods" over at The Secret Sun

The Commentary topic on that article had taken a turn towards the dumbing down of society. My thoughts on the matter were a little long and off on a tangent, so I've posted them here...

I tend to think that "dumbing down of society" is not quite as conspiratorial as some may think.

Sure we know that guys like Rockefeller (as was stated in his own words earlier in this last century) and the factions of eugenicists created their education committees and research groups with the express intent of making more manageable workers but I think the opposite may in fact be true.

I think we may getting more intelligent as a species overall. Simply observing the learning capacity and reactions to technological advancement within children of successive generations should give this away. At least it is what I've personally observed.

I think what we think we see as a dumbing-down is not actually that, but rather is a combination of inadequate education coupled with the realization that our morality and spiritual evolution as a species does not yet outweigh our capacity to do ourselves harm.

Yes, our priorities have taken a horrible turn over the whole course of our existence. From the considerate, nuturing, cultivating and spiritual to the material and self-centered, but I believe that is also some natural ebb and flow or sine-wave of progress and evolution, as well.

I believe some of our evolution happens through a level of connection between people and our reality. A level that we know about but do not yet fully understand.

It is a quantum information level. It is that same level that can show us time and again that even people who do poorly on standard extra-sensory perpception-type tests can do amazingly well on tests for knowing when someone is staring at them.

My thoughts are along the lines of our personal aetheric field, or "aura" if you will. A holographic biophotonic field that emanates from within our DNA. That same field that begins projecting at zygote creation and guides cellular development from that very first single cell of our existence, (I know, sometimes it is hard to comprehend that we all in fact did begin our lives as just ONE SINGLE CELL!) to stem cells to heart muscle cells, brain cells, bone cells, nerve tissue, etc, to the unfathomable number of individual cells that make up our bodies. All this occurs 'simply' by the stem cell's respective location within that projected field.

That auric field is both a receiver and transmitter. It carries every drop of data there is about us, from birth to the grave. Everything we've ever experienced, felt, and learned but also has the ability to touch other's fields and share information, subtly, back and forth with those.

As one increases their field, wisens-up or strengthens and brightens it as it were, it shares the knowledge, experience, and wisdom with others. Those other's fields then modulate and resonate harmoniously with the first. And, in a similar but yet stronger effect, is sort of aetheric genetic memory that is then passed on to our offspring and successive generations.

I've WAY over simplified the processes involved here, which includes many other things, complex quantum actions and reactions, frequency matching, observor, participant, etc, but I hope you get the idea of it.

And then to top it off we have the actions of the Sun itself, our planet, the other planetary bodies and cosmic forces. Those very powerful fields which come into contact with our own individual aetheric bodies and affect our resonance and thereby changing our position 'en masse' on the sine-wave of progress.

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