Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waka Waka - SHAKIRA and the 2010 FIFA World Cup (UPDATEs)

One of this blog's famous floWers of inspiration, SHAKIRA is making NEWS again...

and sadly I don't have too much free time these days (until the Fall!) to develop articles as much as I'd like, but this topic deserves a special mention!
(and on the CANCER / Keystone resonating date of 6/9, no less! The symbol for the Zodiac sign of Cancer is a 69.)

(SIDE NOTE: BAD form to have a side note before we even begin... but hey...
Jake/Jim: the Star ball into the "pontiac chevron" for a "Star Cup" if you look close)

SHAKIRA, the She Wolf (floW), has written and released the official theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, live from sync-maestro and Winnipeg transplant, Jake Kotze's native land of South Africa and more specifically the District 9 city of Johannesburg (JOHN/OANNES/ION City).

(SIDE NOTE: my apologies to those Gulf States readers if that reminds you of the "Prawns biz" lost to the recent Deepwater HoRizon tragedy bleeding oil into the Gulf)

SHAKIRA's 2010 World Cup theme song is called
"WAKA WAKA (This time for Africa)"

Which my english reading eyes and brain processes as (although it has a different meaning on the Dark Continent)

"Wakey Wakey", or "Awake Awake" !

Without much further ado,
Here's the Official music video:

(Lyrics for SHAKIRA's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" available at Direct Lyrics)

(Youtube: direct link to SHAKIRA's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)")

(Youtube: the making of the 3D "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" video)

I found it interesting that the "Urban Dictionary" lists a modern western term "WAKKA-WAKKA" as
1. peace to you, war to you 2. good to you, bad to you
This phrase is most ordinarily used in times of complete confusion, when there is nothing else one could say, especially for those who regularly have panic attacks. Thus, it is really a nonsensical phrase that actually has a meaning and its meaning does not have to actually be the above, but a similar arrangement of positive wishes to others, followed by its antonymical negative wish. e.g. gumbo to you, nutra rat stew to you.

The closest translation to English of the African phrase "Waka-Waka" is "Do it".
Like the meaning of the phrase in the NIKE "Just Do It" campaign...

Zaminamina (Tsamina mina and tsangalewa / "Zamina Mina Zangalewa Eh Eh"), another phrase she uses throughout the song, "TsaMINa MINa" also apparently means "Come", and the full phrase could translate from the african (Cameroonian language called "Fang" - so very appropriate for the "She wolF"!) to "Where do you Come From?" / "Where are you from?"

(Perhaps JAKE himself will comment and fill us in on any deeper meanings behind the phrases.)

(SIDE NOTE: Disney's movie "The Lion King" featured samples of the 1986 "Golden Sounds / Zangalewa" original "Tsamina Mina Zangalewa" song eventually reworked by SHAKIRA and Freshlyground into the 2010 World Cup theme song. The Original song was apparently a tribute to African fighters in World War 2. "W"aka - "W"aka A.A.)

You might also note that the video opens on the word "ASTER" (A Star/ASTARTE/ISHTAR) of "MasterCard" and the first player is wearing the #3 PUMA jersey.
Puma of course is also known as the "mountain Lion!"
Mountain = Mount TIN, Olympus and mountain of Zeus/Jupiter - (from the metal TIN associated with the planet and alchemical symbol for Jupiter) if you've been keeping up at the Synch Whole blog

ISHTAR and ZEUS (in a song and video by SHAKIRA / Shekhinah)
gives us both the "Queen and King of Heaven".

Ishtar from the Louvre, Paris, France:

"2010 - The Year WE make Contact"
the human child, A Star (Ishtar) and Jupiter (Zeus)...

Now that you've enjoyed the heavenly pop-culture goddess SHAKIRA, awakening the dark continent of the hEart (Heart/Earth)

Continue reading and check out the truly excellent article over at The Synch Whole blog - "War of the World Cup"

My African L-ION (King) picture from twitter and my twitpic page.

(A Parting NOTE: the video for SHAKIRA's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" opens on the jersey #16 (in goal) which is 4 squared or 4^2!
Combine it with the next appearing jersey #3 and the 2010 World Cup games in Johannesburg/"John's Town" and you get "JOHN 3:16")

UPDATE: 6/10/10

Shakira rocks the World Cup's Waka Waka with schoolkids in South Africa"
Shakira, the Colombian singer well known for her dancing as well as her efforts to promote early childhood education, visited a South African school Wednesday ahead of the Thursday concert kicking off soccer's World Cup, aiming to bring attention to 1Goal: Education for All -- and to rock the Waka Waka, the official World Cup dance.

Students at the Isu-lihle primary school in Soweto, Johannesburg, got to meet the "Hips Don't Lie" singer and give the Waka Waka a whirl.
(read the rest of the story at LA Times and another on the subject at YAHOO!)

I LUV that T-shirt Shaki!


Remember, the World Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert, featuring SHAKIRA, will be shown live online at at June 10 at 2:00 p.m. ET/NYC time (click here to find out what time that is where you are).

Performing at the World Cup kick off concert
Thursday June 10, 2010 (2 pm ET)

John Legend
Angelique Kidjo
Amadou & Mariam
Black Eyed Peas
Alicia Keys
Lucas Radebe
Hugh Masekela
The Parlotones
Mzansi Youth Choir
Soweto Gospel Choir
Vieux Farka Touré
Vusi Mahlasela

UPDATE 2: 6/10/10

Congrats to the NHL's Stanley Cup winners the
Chicago Blackhawks, #88 Patrick KANE (scored winning goal)
and Winnipeg's son (and Team Captain), Jonathan Toews - CONN SMYTHE MVP trophy winner.

The last time the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley CUP
(in 1961) ...
Ab McDonald of Winnipeg scored the winning goal!

Click here to Read more on Patrick KANE and Jonathan Toews on Strange Eye from March 2010

If you didn't catch the 1961 reference, 44th USA President Barack Obama, (Former senator from Chicago, Ill.) with relatives in Kenya, Africa, was born August 4, 1961.
(The President's father, Barack Obama, Sr., was from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya Colony.)

Also in 1961:
Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard became the first Soviet and American in SPACE!

UPDATE: 06/11/10
Some random images...


StrangEye said...

I was compelled to add to this post my memoriam to "VICKI-LEE CHARMAINE JOHNSON" my one-time GF and lifelong friend who passed suddenly on 3/12/09.

The dancer stage left of SHAKIRA (01:03/02:14) with the red floWer in her hair reminds me of you "Miss Victory"!


StrangEye said...

for anyone curious about the fascination with the pop-culture goddess we need only look at the composition of her name...


SHAKIRA resonating Shekhinah the Queen of Heaven (with whom I conversed during an NDE - and on a side note, kinda funny how an "NDE" is not quite the END yet!)

SHAKI-RA (Neptune-Zeus)

and my particular favorite, (when we add the WM-ShIN-PSI spinner aka "spirit fire")

HAwKS I(eye) of RA !


Just 17 Blew said...

I was looking for a good translation of this song, and you really nailed it, much appreciated.

Only other really useful resource I found was this:

Waka Waka is now my favorite Shakira song, though I am still fond of Hips Don't Lie especially the line "so be wise and keep on reading the signs of my body".

- Love Just

StrangEye said...


Thanks man!

I must admit I quite fond of her "Hips" as well! :)

Keep Shakin SHAKI.


StrangEye said...


Great SYNC that you use "17" in your blogger name...

thought I'd point out 2 U that June 9 was DAY # 51 of the
Gulf Oil Disaster...

3 * 17 = 51 = 6



Just 17 Blew said...

Great catch with the John 3:16, and the G.O.D. still bleeding.

Did you notice in Waka Waka, the one with the 17 just by himself?

The 17 is a nickname of mine ;)

The YouTube video is 3:31 which is also interesting!

331 = 313 = WAM, "wam" is mentioned in the original song that Waka Waka is based on according to

- Love Just

StrangEye said...


You of course are referring to the player in #17 "NIKE" jersey !
You bet I did!

I'm very pleased to see that you are venturing to look deeper into these subjects! So many take everything at first glance and never give it a second thought. You never know what mysteries you might find beneath the surface!

RE: 331 - another way to look at it:
3 MINS 31 Seconds = 211 seconds.

BTW: When I read your name as J17B I can't help but think Jacobus Burgundus



Just 17 Blew said...

Yes, the one in the NIKE jersey with that old messengers mark on it and as you pointed out "JUST DO IT".

I think he is the one who winks at you?

It is true there is always more there just beyond the surface.

So 11:11 = 211 = 331 = 313 = WAM, and "wam" is mentioned in the original song that Waka Waka is based on according to

"Jacobus Burgundus" the one who stands against error and tyranny? Sounds pretty JUST to me.

- Love Just

StrangEye said...

While watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup Kickoff Concert when Bishop TUTU was honoring Nelson Mandela...
When Bishop TUTU said "Madiba" my brain momentarily heard him say Muad'Dib!


StrangEye said...

Fun Facts:
The grass in the World Cup Stadiums (the Pitch) came from farms in Manitoba, Canada.


StrangEye said...

For the curious out there:
(I've received a few emails on the subject!)

The #17 player in the SHAKIRA video is

Cristiano Ronaldo
of Portugal


Unknown said...

Freemason SOCCER Symbolism At FIFA CUP

As the world watches the soccer games throughout South Africa, the symbolism, and Trance inducement will be strong. The Freemason religion sponsors and nurtures, the development of the sport of Soccer, and sponsers an annual Soccer Tournament.

The soccer ball is a powerful symbol of this event, and boasts black and white HEXAGONS and PENTAGONS which cover the entire surface. Hexagons = 6 and Pentagons = 5 which in turn = 11, the number of DEATH.

The Freemason religion is also renowned for its establishment of BURN UNIT HOSPITALS for CHILDREN. Volcanoes, with their LAVA and ASH, inflict a lot of BURNING. This is the subliminal with the establishment of the BURN UNIT HOSPITALS. CARING is just another characteristic of the ROCK.


Those within the Freemason organization are deeply entranced and have no idea that this is the illusory reality they’re perpetuating.

Unknown said...

I have play Unreal Tournament2k4 on line for 6 years now (the old guy in the gaming community). There is a player with the name of SHAKIRA, which I have great pleasure killing, many times. He's an excellent player to, so he gets fair peice of me at times.

Interesting that he sticks in my mind as a notable player...nah, must just be just the subliminal to the name SHAKIRA.

Just having some fun. Must be the herb! :) D*

Scott Robarge said...

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