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Transits of VENUS for the last 21 centuries 60 CE to 2012 CE - Venus Ophiuchus Taurus (UPDATEs)

(Transit of Venus on 6/5/2012 depicted above - Click to enlarge)

Wikipedia on Transit of Venus
A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, obscuring a small portion of the solar disk. During a transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun. The duration of such transits is usually measured in hours (the transit of 2004 lasted six hours).

These Transits of Venus across the face of the Sun, from our vantage point on planet Earth occur in a regular repeating pattern...

The Pattern in reverse from the year 2012 is:
-8 - 121.5 - 8 - 105.5 - 8 - 121.5 - 8 - 105.5 ... (so on)

In the MAYA and AZTEC culture in meso-america, the planet Venus was identified with the god QUETZALCOATL and was very important in the development of the Maya Calendar - the cycles of which are thought to end on Friday 21 December 2012 (12/21/12).

Since the number 17 plays a role in the semiotics and synchromysticism of this blog, here's:

A List of all 17 pairs of the Transits of Venus since year 60 AD/CE to the year 2012 CE:

YEAR DATE Constellation in which Transit occurs

2012 June 5 - in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
2004 June 8 - in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

1882 December 6 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
1874 December 8 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)


1769 JUNE 3 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
1761 JUNE 6 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

1639 December 4 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
1631 December 6 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

JULIAN CALENDAR (ended October 4, 1582, 10/5 became 10/15/1582)

1526 MAY 23 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
1518 MAY 26 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

1396 November 23 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
1388 November 26 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

1283 MAY 23 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
1275 MAY 26 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

1153 November 23 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
1145 November 26 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

1040 MAY 22 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
1032 MAY 24 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

910 November 23 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
902 November 26 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

797 MAY 22 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
789 MAY 24 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

667 November 23 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
659 November 26 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

554 MAY 22 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
546 MAY 24 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

424 November 22 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)
416 November 25 in Ophiuchus (Near Antares - SCORPIO - Archangel URIEL)

311 MAY 22 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
303 MAY 24 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)

181 November 22 in Ophiuchus
173 November 25 in Sagittarius

68 MAY 20 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)
60 MAY 23 in Horns of TAURUS (Near ALDEBARAN - Archangel Michael)


(Transit of Venus in TAURUS, 6/5/2012 - from STELLARIUM)

(Transit of Venus in Ophiuchus/SCORPIO, 12/5/1882 - from STELLARIUM)

It is interesting to note that the Constellation of TAURUS is associated with the religious notion of "HEAVEN" and the Constellation of SCORPIO is associated with HADES and the notion of HELL or the Underworld.

The Planet VENUS is also known as VESPER (the Evening Star) and LUCIFER (The Morning Star).

From the list above we can see "Lucifer" moving back and forth between HEAVEN and HELL during the Transits of Venus - in a cycle of (8 + 105.5 + 8 + 121.5) = 243 years

The Cyclical Nature of the Transits of Venus
The sidereal period of Venus is 224.701 days and that of the Earth is 365.256 days. The synodic period for Venus, or the period between successive appearances of Venus at the same point relative to the Sun as seen from the Earth, is 583.924 days. It can be shown that 5 synodic periods of Venus (2919.62 days) corresponds very closely to 8 Earth orbital periods (2922.05 days) or indeed 13 orbital periods of Venus (2921.11 days). This underpins the 8 year periodicity in the transits of Venus.

Thus the myth of the Pentagram and LUCIFER is born...

Amazing what a little knowledge of ASTRONOMY can do to mythology!

So, the next time you hear someone talk about "LUCIFER" and "THE DEVIL", you can explain to them from whence that myth actually originates!

Some scholars and archaeo-astronomers, such as Immanuel Velikovsky believe, due to current orbital and rotational anomalies, that planet VENUS / LUCIFER once wreaked havoc on Earth - through an unstable orbit and a close approach to (and perhaps even impact with) our planet...

... Bumping our Earth and moving it approximately 5.256 days out of orbit - forever disconnecting the origin of the circle of 360 degrees from a now altered Earth orbit of 365.256 days.

... but I'll leave you to explore the validity of those ideas and how they might fit into mythology on your own!

(UPDATE: 10/26/10 @ 17:11 GMT)

A couple of Orbit diagrams to illustrate the Superior and Inferior conjunctions that we observe between the Sun and Venus from planet Earth. (see response to Steve_M in the Post Comments)

(Venus passing BEHIND the SUN from our EARTH vantage point)

(Venus passing IN FRONT OF the SUN from our EARTH vantage point)

(Example of Pentagram creation observed at 584 day intervals starting on 10/31/2010 with Venus as the MORNING STAR aka LUCIFER)

Each point of the pentagram is created 144ยบ around the orbital circle from the previous!! (See 10/31/2010 and then the next point at 6/1/2012 for example)

(UPDATE: 10/27/10 @ 10:44 GMT)

(from spaceweather.com)


Steve M said...

Wow, that is really interesting, I never before realised that the transits of Venus was one of the origin points of the pentagram

Makes sense when you look at it. Awesome post

StrangEye said...

Steve M,

it's actually not "the transits" that make the pentagonal figure...
(at least not the transits where Venus crosses the visible solar disk of the Sun)

First, some terms need to be cleared up:

A 'superior conjunction' occurs when Venus is behind the Sun - meaning Earth is on one side of the SUN, which is at the center of our solar system, and Venus orbiting around the Sun appears to pass BEHIND the SUN, when viewed from Earth.


because we're discussing Venus, the 'inferior conjunction' is when Venus is between Earth and the Sun.

Due to Venus being so much smaller than the SUN, even when Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun in inferior conjuction, the Sun's brightness makes it appear that Venus has temporarily disappeared from the our sky while in close proximity to, passing in front of, and especially when passing behind the Sun in superior conjunction (from our vantage point on Earth)

Plotting the recurrence of Venus' westward elongation from the Sun, over five consecutive synodic periods of Venus
(5 synodic periods or conjunctions of Venus and the SUN from our vantage point on Earth, which occurs in 2919.62 Earth days),
will create the points of a pentagram.

A period is approximately 584 Earth days long,

(584 x 5 = 2920 / 365 Earth days in an Earth year = approximately 8 Earth years)

each 584 day period determining a different point of the observed pentagram.

The full pentagonal-figure taking approximately 8 years, 5 days to complete.

You could determine the pentagram by picking any sunrise date on which Venus as the Morning Star is prominent and then repeating the observation at 584 day intervals following that date.

I hope that's not too confusing!


StrangEye said...


I've updated the article to include some diagrams to illustrate and simplify that explanation for you!


StrangEye said...

Something to consider...
changing letters to their positional numbers in the alphabet
(aka English Gematria)

12,21,3,9,6,5,18 sums to = 74

10,5,19,21,19 sums to = 74

10,1,19,15,14,9,3 sums to = 74

And seeing as I have often mentioned that the BIBLE is a composition of the HIGH PRIESTS (read as THE SCIENTISTS and THE ASTRONOMERS aka THE WISE MEN) of Judaism and Christianity...

Venus is our closest NEIGHBOR planet.

Bible, Book of REVELATION Chapter 22: King JAMES Version

16 I JESUS have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I AM the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and MORNING STAR.

Venus is also the ONLY planet in our solar system with a FEMALE name.

... and it wasn't until Milton's book, PARADISE LOST that Lucifer-VENUS and by equal value in english gematria, JESUS, were given ANY negative meanings.

Venus-Lucifer-Vesper is 38 million kms from Earth.

The planet VENUS, orbitting our SUN every 224.7 Earth days, named for the Roman goddess of LOVE and beauty changes from the Evening Star-VESPER to the Morning Star-Lucifer on 10/31/2010.

On 10/30/2010 (Gate / GOOSEY Night)
VENUS, though not visible to the naked eye due to its position between Earth and Sun, will rise at the same time as our SUN over the East horizon. (very last day as EVENING Star)

then on Halloween, All SAINTS Eve (10.31.2010)
VENUS will rise moments before our SUN over the East Horizon making it the MORNING STAR.


StrangEye said...

... and since I mentioned John Milton's Paradise Lost (1667), a reader would be wise to read that book once armed with the knowledge contained in the above article!


StrangEye said...

I'm a little bored so

let's take a moment to really look at that BIBLE verse that I mentioned in the previous comment above...

Verse # 16 of Chapter # 22 of the 'Book of REVELATION',
in the the 66th and FINAL book of the Christian BIBLE.

Bible, 'Book of REVELATION', Chapter 22: (King JAMES Version)

16 I JESUS have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I AM the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and MORNING STAR.

Verse # 16

1+6 = 7

Chapter # 22

2+2 = 4

And here we glimpse the wisdom embedded in the book:


Now we simply recall that:

12,21,3,9,6,5,18 sums to = 74

10,5,19,21,19 sums to = 74

10,1,19,15,14,9,3 sums to = 74

JESUS (value = 74) specifically informs us,

"I AM the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and MORNING STAR."

so breaking it down via the rules of the English language, we see that JESUS words are saying...

"I AM the root and the offspring of David"


"I AM the the bright and MORNING STAR"

Essentially, the verse summed to 7 of the chapter summed to 4

just told us that:

'JESUS' and the word 'LUCIFER' both = 74

Philosophically we can take it even further because 74, 7+4 sums to "11"

Now we recall that this is occuring in Chapter 22
and we find that...

11 is 1/2 of 22

or the sum of the reduced value of both names JESUS identifies himself with...

JESUS(74=11) + LUCIFER(74=11)

11+11 = 22


If we take it even further we find that the verse identifies the value of PI (3.14),
which is essential in calculating orbital patterns around the SUN.

if we keep the 22 (as the master number that it is)
but reduce the 16 to 7

and then divide 22 by 7

22/7 = 3.142857142857142857 (142857 repeating)

Now we visit another Strange Eye blog article called

6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere, and Jimi Hendrix

and there we find the symbol of DVD (DaViD, the MaGeN DaViD, the Hexagram)
and it is directly related to PI and 142857

The PEARLS may be hidden but not impossible to find if we only take a moment to REALLY LOOK!


StrangEye said...

For all those who remain curious as to WHY I have included:

10,1,19,15,14,9,3 sums to = 74

In that above exploration, the answer is quite simple...

The primary working tools of the Freemason (who also happen to be the architects and builders of ALL the ancient Cathedrals, Temples, and Synagogues of the World)

the SQAURE (L)
the COMPASSES (A and V)


3 (from L, 1+2)
1 (from A, 1)
4 (from V, 2+2)

3.14 or PI

and as if that by itself isn't interesting enough...

You can't manually illustrate an orbital diagram accurately without the use of...

and PI (3.14)

... and isn't it interesting that both the very FIRST chapter of the FIRST book of the BIBLE and the very LAST Chapter of the FINAL book of the BIBLE illustrate to us the importance of PI and circular/Orbital motion!


StrangEye said...

Matthew 10:26 (King James Version)

26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known

Mark 4 verse 22 (King James Version)

22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

Luke 12:2 (King James Version)

2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.


StrangEye said...

OK... so let's REALLY wax philosophical and go deep on this one ...

Recall the Square (L) and the COMPASSES (A, V) from previous post comment...

not only do they indicate the word 'VALue' but...


LAVA is old name of the HEAT and the FIRE of the EARTH

Now, We need our tools, The Square and Compasses, to make a proper letter "O"

and once when we've gone through the trial of HEAT and the FIRE of the EARTH

and we create our "O" (the SUN/SON)

we can then emerge with...


(the phonetic, and Ye Olde English, equivalent of the word "LOVE" !)

Matthew 22

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.


StrangEye said...

Ain't it grand that our nearest neighbor planet at 38 million km (3+8=11) is planet VENUS...

named for the goddess of LOVE


Anonymous said...

We also have occultations by the Moon.

Next up, occultation of Venus Nov 05 - http://transit.savage-garden.org/en/occultations/?id=11

And the next occultation of a planet is occultation of Mars Dec 06 - http://transit.savage-garden.org/en/occultations/?id=12

The funny thing is that when Mars is occulted @ Des 06, Venus is almost at its absolute brightest. It will be interesting to see what happens when the god of war is occulted when the god of love is at its brightest :)

StrangEye said...

SE Blog appreciates all comments and links, however it appears the links you've provided are for a site that does not exist.


Anonymous said...

@ StrangEye November 4, 2010 3:14 AM

The site existed last week. Maybe someone pulled it?

Another site here (not as good as the one that is down at the moment though)

Venus Nov 5 - http://www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/planets/1105venus.htm

Mars Dec 6 - http://www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/planets/1206mars.htm

StrangEye said...


I eventually found the original site using the google cache.

enter the url into the google search box.

Interesting data, though not complete. Many of the Venus Transits were missing.


JediTheOne said...


Very good sync here.

Yes 74 is a valued # of the elite.

12,21,3,9,6,5,18 sums to = 74

10,5,19,21,19 sums to = 74

10,1,19,15,14,9,3 sums to = 74

as you said break down

74 to 7 + 4 = 11

7 = perfect or completeness
4 = Cornerstone
11 = Death


For those new to the information, the word QUARTER relating to the word ROCK and to WATER, and having originated from ONE QUARTER of a BEAM of LIGHT will seem insignificant at this point. However, as the information is considered, the incredible importance and revealing of the luciferian agenda will link very powerfully to understanding the symbolism in the word QUARTER.

4 = 4 SQUARE = 4 RAUQS in reverse = 4 ROCKS the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION that the 3D illusion is built on.

The number 4 represents the foursquare concept of sun god worship – the very foundation that Judeo/Christian/Islamic thought, and religion as a whole, is built upon. All religions are sun god worship religions. All religion is sun god, zodiac based, but Judeo/Christian/Islamic thought, forms one religion, that of the children of Abraham. This one religion includes half the population of the world, or approximately 3.3 billion people.

JediTheOne said...

Now let's add a little about "V".

The Letter V – 5 – PENT – Sacrifice
The Roman Numeral V=5.

The letter V is sort of like the thumbs down signal from the Roman Emporer, as he decided to have the loser killed, or spared, in the Coliseum. V is VENOM – VEGAS – VENGEANCE – VENERATE – VEIL – VENUS – VEHEMENT – VIRGIN – VAGINA – VEX and so on. It comes to us with a little shroud of secrecy, in that it can be pronounced Vay, as in the letter W, (double U), which is a duble vey, or Double V. The letter V is just another form of the letter Y, with almost the same shape, only more attack and death oriented, than the letter Y.

The illusory notion of Love is described as follows:

LOVE = LOAVE = BREAD = BRED = SEX the bread of life.

or LOVE = E – VOL = El father god and VOL = the abbreviation of VOLUME – VOLCANO – and VOLT. The importance of these last 3 words will become self evident as you read more about the topic.

This is a very, very, very penetrating sound. It is meant to make us pay attention. You hear the word VIRGIN or VAGINA and your ears prick up. This is by design. It immediately implants within our crystal brains, sexual notions, and we enter into SEX mode.



Sex is the All Seeing EYE, and is the conjured up notion of Death, symbolized by the K, the 11th letter of death.

This is the reason for the name VENUS given to the goddess of love. Even the word LOVE has a V so as not to miss the intentional penetration into your life experience and ulitmate manipulation and disconnection from Reality and Wisdom.

VENUS = SUN-EV = SUN-EVE, or coming of the Dawn, the Light, or the New Age.

The letter V stands for a myriad of notions, suffice it to say, Venus is the all encompassing thought projected here. Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and symbolic of the luciferian thought form called love. (Love is but another form of EVOL – or EVIL in reverse, when associating the sound of the word). However, when reversed, this word VENUS spells SUN-EV. This is refering to the evening sun or setting sun. From this term setting sun we get the name Satan. In turn, Satan, is further derived from the Arabic word SHAITAN, meaning the one bringing enlightenment, or knowledge. Just more references to the sun god whom the christian religion calls Jesus.

The LIVE EARTH concert is totally concerned with sacrificing the infidel (or those who will not conform). (JESUS is SUSEJ when reversed – which is SOOthSAYer - one who divines or predicts future events). The name Jesus is just a pimped up contemporary name for Zeus, as in Ye-Zeus, pronounced like HEY ZEUS, and simply means Zeus. Again, the luciferian trinity THOUGHT FORM is attempting to place humanity, once and for all, in it’s complete control.

Nuff Said!

StrangEye said...

you already know, without me having to say it, that we have different viewpoints on some matters but what you might not be aware of is that I certainly appreciate hearing yours!

But here's a great SYNC to what you're saying...

in just 2 days "Here Comes the Sun" off the Beatles' Abbey Road album is the #15 selling single of the many 1000's of songs available on iTunes.


StrangEye said...

The FINAL VENUS TRANSIT of the 'Maya CAL-Ender' takes place near Aldebaran on 6/5/12.

On 12/21/12 Maya long count will roll up to ""

The Maya Calendar official "Long Count Calendar END" is really on Friday the 13th OCTOBER, 4772 at Long Count:


Anonymous said...

Great post!

From Twitter Re: Zodiac shift...

So any real astronomer worth his salt already knew of the position of the 13th sign Ophiuchus BECAUSE they would have been aware of the scientific fact of the Venus transits through it for centuries.

Then why this announcement to the media now on 1-13-11 of a Zodiac shift and new arrangement of signs?

StrangEye said...


Why 1.13.11?

Because VENUS was leaving Scorpio (1/13/2011) and entering OPHIUCHUS (1/14/2011)!

Astronomy and Astrology are completely different these days, though they both deal with celestial objects, the former deals with the scientific observation of the celestial objects and the later with the influence those celestial objects have on US and the the Events occurring on this planet.


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