Friday, October 1, 2010

My One Rant for the Year for 10.1.10 - The UN Alien Contact Experiment

This article began as a post comment to Christopher Knowles' latest at The Secret Sun blog.

An article there titled
Something's Happening Here
(from Friday, October 01, 2010)

I quickly found my comment exceeding the 4,096 allowed characters in a post comment...
So rather than populate the Secret Sun's post comments with my thoughts on the matter, I've dropped them here.


(a BIG Cheers to Mr Knowles for putting through the large comments over there as well!)
(If you ever get some free time, visit his extensive archives! Very informative and well written too!)


This time in world history is most fascinating...

But I can't help feeling that we may be the teenagers that had a wild party while mom and dad were on vacation!

A party that got a little more than out of hand and we've ended up trashing the place!

We're at a critical point in history where our (un)duly elected officials, governments and militaries have the ability to restrict any information under the guise of national security simply at the whim of corporate lobbyists and overly-powerful contractors.

A time when instead of any real advancement we are held in the 'status quo'.

Instead of remarkable energy technologies being introduced worldwide, we restrict, classify and disseminate to the most favored contractors and highest contributors to 'The State' and its various tentacles.

This is the time when (whether real or pretense) the promulgated knowledge of the existence of superior intelligent extraterrestrial life can truly be of benefit to us all!

Imagine, if you will, for just a moment, the difference that would be in a world where energy was freely available to all...

The current psychotic aspects of the Eugenics movement would be as dead as the people it seeks to eliminate!

There would be no more reason for mass kill-offs of the world's population.

The damnable Malthusians would have to find a new theory to espouse.

We would truly be a "free" world.

Imagine the untapped human resources and brain power that simply goes to waste daily because our current system of energy production demands our enslavement - and our unavoidable eventual devolution to nothing more than livestock - because educated slaves, as history has proved to us time and again, eventually revolt against their masters!

Science, real science, that works for the improvement and betterment of all mankind in every area of existence would be not only possible but the de-facto norm!

With energy available to all, We would experience near incalculable growth in our technology and innovation. Our food production, terra-forming and peaceful weather-mod technologies. Those along with a vast increase in the available brain-trust would guarantee that even double or triple our current population could easily be sustained on this planet - all could eat their fill off little more (or even less) resources than we now consume, with little to zero environmental damage!

All that saying nothing of the other worlds we would have the means to inhabit!

Instead, under our current energy production and trade system we are held to only destructive technologies. Technologies that benefit a mere handful, who, in order to maintain their seats of power and industry must dumb-down, enslave, restrict, control, and even eliminate large portions of the world's population.

Every single day we see these Malthusian "eliminations" occuring under the various guises of illness, famine, terrorism, warfare, and (un)natural disaster...


perhaps, at long last, some measure of mental sanity has returned to the bureaucrats that awaken daily and believe themselves to be wise enough to truly control the Destiny of the World.

Perhaps they are finally coming around to the side of management through "creation" rather than "destruction".

Heck, we've tried all possible world-management experiments save one variable - free energy.

Its time has come and its time is now before the true insanity of our current system destroys us all. (which it, whether we fully realize it or not at this point, absolutely and most assuredly will!)

... and with that one change in our world economy, WE (a collective MANKIND) is free to clean house and make this planet Earth into something truly wonderful for everyone on it, in accordance with the highest ideals of the Will of the Universe in which it exists.

... and should any superior celestial 'mom and dad' eventually walk through that door, they won't find a trashed home filled with irresponsible and selfish spoiled brats existing parasitically but instead would find beautifully maturing children working diligently together, improving and thriving on this little blue ball (or other orbs) in the vastness of space.

A little optimistic, you say?

Perhaps it is!

...but true none-the-less!


Carl Sagan said it best,
"The Cosmos is also within us, we're made of Star-stuff. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself."


and just to take the edge off an edgy subject...
Here's a moment of peace brought to you by what should be mortal enemies:


Anonymous said...

Awesome post my friend, I couldn't agree more.
The only thing I would add is the need for everyone to get gardening in any way they can as we all need a personal constant connection and it's the only real way to do it. (ie Grow our own food)
I think much of our collective blindness has been caused by the lack of such...

Strange Eye For President 2012!


StrangEye said...


Strange Eye For President 2012


Do you really think the energy lobbyists / corporations would ever invest in such a campaign??

For me, it's a simple as this, while my fate is to watch it, it doesn't mean I have to like it!


Anonymous said...

If they had a clue they would,
but in the meantime, we'll just toast some juice, and watch what happens...

and no, I don't like it either...

jenny said...

Nice rant and beautiful videos!

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