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Winnipeg Manitoba - Welcome All to ROBIN's HOOD

A brief digression from the CAL-Ender Mysteries to share some info on another of my favorite topics...

The Magical Mystical City of WINNIPEG

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...
"The HEART of the Continent"

Winnipeg is located at:
49°54′N 97°08′W
49.9, -97.133333

23+9+14+14+9+16+5+7 = 97

Winnipeg begins at "97 West" encoding within the value of its name a nod to the rest of Canada to its East and the UK at "0°00′00″E".

By international convention, the modern Prime Meridian passes through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (at 51°28′38″N 0°00′00″E (Greenwich Observatory)), in southeast London, United Kingdom, known as the International Meridian or Greenwich Meridian.

Below (east of) 97 West begins with 96
96° W also falls within the borders of the province of Manitoba.

96 or 69 (the astrological symbol for the sign of CANCER)
is the "KEYSTONE" of Freemasonry's Royal Arch...

Manitoba is known as the "KEYSTONE" province in Canada.

The MAGNA CARTA displayed in Winnipeg was authored by the successor to King Richard the LIONHEART, King John - who is featured towards the end of the Robin Hood (2010) movie.

After Robin is told his true history by Sir Walter Loxley, that his father was a stonemason and a philosopher (essentially the historical progenitors of modern "Freemasonry") and that Sir Walter and Sir William lost him as a child, Robin goes to speak on behalf of Sir Walter to King John...

When Robin speaks for Sir Walter Locksley (Loxley) he proposes a charter of freedoms and liberties...
to which King John gives his word shall be written...

This reference to a 'charter' depicted in the movie is what essentially became the MAGNA CARTA (Now on display in Rm 200 of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg until October 8, 2010)

The Winnipeg "Heart of the Continent" sign should contain another line:

Welcome All to "ROBIN'S HOOD"!

Also of interest:

Queen gives Canadian Museum for Human Rights a piece of history

See other Strange Eye articles about Winnipeg


It remains the contention of this author that something lies buried in the general region of +51° 28' 38.00", -96° 0' 0.00" - Lake Winnipeg...

View Larger Map

If you zoom out a bit you might notice the resemblace of the Fisher Bay preserve area of Lake Winnipeg to a boot or big foot.

Under the north-gazing Watchful Eye of MERCURY (aka the Greek Hermes)...

... and ROBIN is, of course, a Longstride (Longitude)

Stefan from the Sync Whole astutely notes that ROBIN's HOOD = "Robin’s 42" (HOOD = 8+15+15+4 = 42)

... and I'll add to Stefan's observation that the difference between ROBIN and HOOD is "16" or 4 squared (4^2).

... and ROBIN'S = 77, the height in meters of the Golden Boy's TORCH.

... and ROBIN HOOD (the ARCHer), Mr Russell Crowe himself, may also recall that he once attended our Event evening at a former investment of mine, that was at the time called:
'Green Gates' located at 6945 ROBLIN BLVD
in Headingley, Manitoba R4H 1A2

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the Mysteries continue...


StrangEye said...

NEWS 9.26.2010:

"Threat of levee failure prompts evacuations along Wisconsin River"
By the CNN Wire StaffSeptember 26, 2010 7:45 p.m. EDT

(CNN) -- Authorities in Portage, Wisconsin, worked Sunday to evacuate residents as a levee along the Wisconsin River approached imminent failure after heavy rainfall soaked the Midwest last week.

"It could collapse at any time," said Greg Matthews, a spokesman for Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources.

An alert sent out by Columbia County Emergency Management on Sunday urged residents near Blackhawk Park to evacuate immediately ahead of the flooding, which is expected to wash out a main road leading to about 150 residences.

"Emergency vehicles including police, fire and EMS will not be able to reach residents," the statement said.

By 4 p.m. (5 p.m. ET), it was unclear how many residents remained in their homes, said Kathy Johnson, the deputy director of the county's emergency management department.

"Anyone in there right now won't be able to come out," she told CNN.

A Red Cross shelter was opened at a nearby church to accommodate displaced residents.

The Wisconsin River crested Sunday at 20.4 feet -- nearly 3.5 feet above flood level, according to the National Weather Service, putting major pressure on the 120-year-old Caledonia-Lewiston levee system.
(... Continues at link above),_Wisconsin


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Cool stuff StrangEye. Just something interesting, I'll be 42 in 2012, May 11 to be exact, LOL! Still loving your blog.

レベッカ said...

I like your blog. I think we've talked before on the Secret Sun. I'm that girl who works in the music industry.

Would you mind if I emailed you?

I have a lot of...synchs[?] you might find intriguing.

StrangEye said...

Sure! You can find my email link in my profile.



StrangEye said...


2 yrs 12 days older than me.


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