Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shields UP! The war inside - The battle for your mind

I've been getting quite a few of those "negative" or Destructionist private messages lately, so I'm going to answer back with a post...

"The Darkness", the anti-creation energy of our shadow selves, is fighting hard to prevent our change and evolution. Battling the conscious mind to keep everyone under control and held back these days - feeding on the negative emotional energy. The Shadow Selves are those things that some people mistake as demons.

We have to be on guard, with our love and light and knowledge, for those "mass mind manifestation mechanisms" at work.

What is that? you ask...

It is the long-known ability of groups of human beings to make manifest in the environment that upon which they focus with will and intent and emotional energy.

It is those same mechanisms which have been publicly displayed through the on-air experiments of Art Bell and George Noory on the "Coast to Coast" radio program (with a +20 million listenership nightly). Manifesting "miracles" if you will. They have produced rain in droughted areas and healings and more.

When large groups of minds begin to focus on a subject, desire, or event, (that is possible within the rules of reality - ie: you cannot manifest a 17 headed elephant), we have the ability to make it manifest in our collective reality.

for futher reference behind this ability see my article Off on a tangent - our quantum bodies and our evolution

For the Christians in the readership - you've also been taught the same in the philosophical aspect of the words - as it is written in Matthew 18 of the New Testament:

19: Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

20: For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

The manifestation is not in the sense of "POP! there it is" right in front of us immediately, but in the sense of putting out the energy and intent from our thoughts and emotions. Which, then, like a snowball rolling down hill, gather size and strength and power. Working on the very underlying fabric of reality and making manifest that upon which we have focused.

The Destructionist meme is being fed out to everyone from the mass media.

We have shootings in Alabama and Germany
On TV:
"Criminal Minds" was pushing the Demon/Evil meme on prime time
"Coast to Coast" even had the clothed doomsayer, Father Andrew Wingate
but followed it up, exhibiting the duality, with the wonderfully knowledgeable Halina Kaciki

I would encourage anyone who has never heard Halina speak before to look into her. You can hear her on C2C - Wed 03.11.2009 in the archives or with a streamlink account.

We even see the injured left feet appearing in the various media - that represents something holding us back, attempting to make our progress more difficult.

We can even see this echo in the blogosphere on "the Newspaceman blog".

Notice the predicament of Spiderman caught up and trapped in the super-string threads of his own web? Note also that his LEFT FOOT is in the foreground at the bottom.

the Left Foot synch even echoes in the Tarot with the Hanged Man...

BUT all of this is not so surprising, since today is:

27 Parmuthi - The day of the "End of the World by Sekhmet"

Sekhmet - That LION-Headed "goddess" of ancient Egypt offering us the option of either the spear or the ankh.

The tale of Sekhmet, in one aspect of the multi-layered meaning of her symbol, is that she is both the protector and the destroyer. The daughter of RA - the power of the Sun.

We can choose to battle, and lose the war - the exhibiting of the dark force of the shadow self, (get pierced by her spear), or we can find that inner peace and receive the Ankh, life.

She can perpetuate our blood-lusts or can "forget the blood feast" when we celebrate. When we have a festive inner state, she sleeps and forgets the need to feast.

How is this affecting everyone?
People are talking about how they are feeling something coming...
Do you feel that shadow creeping up?
Do you have that sinking feeling inside?

This is only shadow self playing on the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the forces at work during this time of our approach to the stargate of the gods at the galactic center (the added energy from which will only increase our ability to make things manifest!) and this time of the year in our solar system - The energy output of the Sun, the magnetic field wash of Venus, and such - that still echoes from the mass subconscious and the depths of our DNA memory.

Know it. Accept it.

And then LET IT GO without playing into it all with your will and your emotions.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nicely said my friend!
It's funny you brought this up as just yesterday I posted an experiment from the likes of Dr. Masaru Emoto that my son and I did a while ago, then another blogger out of the blue posts to my blog about an experiment she's in the middle of doing based on Emoto's work which is truly cool as well. Both experiments having to do with how our very words have direct influence on our realities syncing into your post quite well...! Check em out!

Liza Ursu said...

"mass mind manifestion mechanisms"
Love it!
Thanks for this.

StrangEye said...

ok Liza, so I admit I just may need an editor to review my spelling!

Thanks, I corrected it!



middleworld said...

StrangeEye nice post! I feel like I found a fellow traveler. So much to say. Came across you from Secret Sun- your recent comment mentioned The Dollhouse- on his sister site about the brain researchers. I was intrigued because I had JUST sent a friend this link:,24418/

about the new TV show called The Dollhouse. Is that to what you refer? Esp. this line "Dushku has reunited with Whedon for the new Fox series Dollhouse, about an underground operation where “actives” can be imprinted with personalities and abilities that suit a client’s needs. Dushku plays an “active” named Echo who’s ostensibly a blank slate, but who’s haunted by stray memories and impulses that didn’t get erased. (It’s sort of a cross between Alias and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.) "

Also- have you an opinion on Lynne McTaggart?

Liza Ursu said...

You know I never even noticed the spelling error (how funny it that). Still loving "mass mind manifestation mechanisms."

Anthony Peterson said...

Terrific! To me your post sums up the mantra of the new movement arising in each seeker.


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