Friday, March 27, 2009

Fargo Floods - The OX and Bow and 17th Pamenot (UPDATES)

The world tells a curious tale when you open your eye and listen...

While the Red River floods its banks, an unstoppable force of nature, it bleeds through levees and dikes and spills out onto its flood plain, the cities along its winding path are devasted...

... and the Obama administration faces its first test as a major declaration of State of Emergency and disaster zone strikes the center of the nation.

As the the Red River (the lifeblood and blood-line and red stone) flows north through the twin cities (GEMINI) of Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, MINnesota (on its journey north to Lake Winnipeg the waters eventually spilling out into the Arctic ocean via Hudson's Bay), it is expected to reach levels of 42 feet - That's about 22 feet over its flood level - before it flows into the keystone Canadian province of Manitoba, and my home city of Winnipeg.

(No I've not met Mr. Jake Kotze - now in Winnipeg.)(NOTE: I have since met both him and JiM - this comment added 3/27/2010)

The crest of the flood in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, MINnesota is expected to occur sometime this Weekend - later in the day on Saturday March 28, 2009.

Floods in Oxbow, ND

OXBOW, North Dakota on Wikipedia

Today is the Egyptian date of 17th/18th Pamenot

A date for honoring the goddess NUT (NWT).

Nut is almost always depicted by the Egyptians in an arched position with feet and hands on the ground holding back the starry sky from spilling down on to the earth. She is bowed over in an arch (and ark) of heaven. She is the "atmosphere". The guarding womb of mother earth. Through her force are we protected from the darkness of space. Like a mother she can be loving and rewarding, holding us and comforting us or quick to temper and mette out harsh discipline so we learn our lessons.

The Ancient Egyptians were brilliant and effective in conveying their ideas and concepts across language barriers. They left us no dictionary to their glyphs and pictograms. In their view, it was all up to the observer to determine what the image used conveyed. It was up to us to not take it at face value and use our minds to understand everything that was being said.

And Pamenot is a month ruled by the warring OX Headed MONT as I covered in my previous article on March 20, 2009 The Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar - Natasha Richardson - Mont - and Wonder Woman

The OX and the BOW
The OX and the ARCH
The OX and the ARK

A bow is also curved 180 degrees, like the letter U, and in our busy, distracted modern daily lives represents the "U-turn" on the road sign. It can also represent peace, as in the case of the RAINBOW or a weapon, as in BOW and ARROW.

Orion / Bowman (2001 / 2010 )

Orion the hunter, and Bow Man - the ARCHer, holds back TauRus, the OX.


"GO" signal
"Go Far" / "Far Go"
"GO FER" "Go Light"
Green Light
synchs with "Visa GO" commercial

Regular readers will recognize this reference from my article on March 16, 2009 - Wild Weekend Synchs

CBC NEWS Feature site on Manitoba Red River Flood

CBC: Pictures of the 2009 Manitoba Red River Flood

Youtube: Fargo Floods 2009

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 1

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 2

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 3

Youtube: Red River Flood 2009 part 4

Some Trivia:

The Canadian province of Manitoba is located in Canada just below the territory of Nunavut (NNVT = NUT = Annuit) and Just above MINnesota and North Dakota. - the other two northern territories in Canada are the North West Territories (NWT = NUT) and Yukon Territory, which shares a border with Alaska (Al-Aqsa).

North Dakota was once home to one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear Intercontinental Ballastic Missiles (ICBMs) in the world. The underground missile silos still pock-mark the North Dakota landscape. In January 2009, the US Air Force took charge of the nuclear arsenal, under the intriguingly named, "Global Strike Command"

Map from Nukewatch

The City of winnipeg, further north up the blood-line of the Red River, is home to the interesting architecture of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Researcher Frank Albo has studied and written extensively on this odd structure that he believes it to be a replica of King Solomon's Temple, of biblical and masonic lore.

Frank has published the book, "The Hermetic Code" on the subject, has appeared on national NEWS programs, and can be heard as interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Creations Radio

A Manitoba Legislative Building article on Alex Jones's Info Wars: "Illuminati Secret Language Hidden in Plain View in Design, Numerology and Symbolism of Manitoba Legislature Building"

There's a lot of truly fascinating information to read about Frank Albo and the Manitoba Legislative Building so I'd recommend you Google Frank Albo

Youtube: CBC - Frank Albo and the Manitoba Legislative Building

Youtube: Frank Albo MB Leg Tour

the astute and attuned Terry over at Koncrete Junkyard has also quite extensively covered Winnipeg.

A satellite photo shows the odd design anomaly of Winnipeg...

The human shaped figure in the photo appears to have the rays of shining light (or serpents as Heru or Harpocrates)
in his hand. The lines of the rays (RAs) are formed by the runways of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

(Recall the mention of Natasha Richardson from the Rectified Egyptian Calendar article)

The Red River is visible as the dark wavy line bisecting the figure at the midsection, in the "hip region" of the figure, in the satellite picture above. The picture itself is reoriented for ease of viewing. "The human shape" actually lays on the "Horizon" through the middle of the city. The orientation is exactly Torch/RAYs in the West and feet in the East. (top of the picture is actually West, the Right of the picture is North. The Left is South and the Bottom is East)

So as the RED RIVER rises to 42 feet check out some 42 info at Live from the Logosphere

For localized flood information see the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services at NOAA

This story is still DEVELOPING so check back frequently for updates.


Keep your eye wide open for a future article and exploration of Winnipeg entitled:

"The Curious Case of Winnipeg City"

UPDATE I: In other news today:

A Mountain (Mont) of Redoubt in AL-AQSA...
(red out - reDOUBT)

New eruptions at Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano
By MARY PEMBERTON – 23 minutes ago

EAGLE RIVER, Alaska (AP) — Alaska's Mount Redoubt continued its volcanic explosions Friday, sending an ash cloud 50,000 feet above sea level and prompting drivers to head to the auto parts store for new air filters.

(AP Photo of Mount Redoubt Eruption)

Devastating Fingers Of GOD...

Tornado Destroys 100-Year-Old Church

Murder in Lourdes

Severe storms for the South; Snow from Plains to Great Lakes

Suburban 'tsunami' kills 52 in Jakarta

Tensions Rising...

Kim Jong-Il's Reds of North Korea and the Missile Launch

UN Security Council Resolution 1718

Reports: The US Navy is in the area and on the ready to shoot down the Missile.

What would Nostradmus say?...

President Obama today nominated former mISSISsippi Governor Ray MABUS to be secretary of the Navy

UPDATE II: tommy pointed out in the comments:

That the "man with snakes/torch/golden boy" anomaly appearing in the design of the City of Winnipeg resembled Ophiuchus.

and with the Red River crossing at the waistline of the anomaly...


tommy said...

The layout of Winnipeg looks a whole lot like the constellation Ophiuchus!

Excellent post...

StrangEye said...

The missing 13th...

A very interesting take on that tommy!

Ophiuchus on Wikipedia


StrangEye said...

and what's really interesting about the torch bearer/prometheus/thoth/mercury/hermes/heru/horus design layout is that it wasn't planed at all.

It happened by random chance.

It also just happens to match the city's most beloved and recognizable icon, the "Golden Boy"

The anomaly was something I looked into it thoroughly with the city planning department years ago.

The age of the buildings involved are so random and varying (over 130 years in the making) that it is just convergence and not conscious design.

It is an anomaly of light colored buildings and dark colored buildings within the overall design of the city and is only visible from MANY miles UP.

The city itself is much larger than the "trick of light".

Though all synchromystics know there are no "coincidences".

GOD works in mysterious ways...



Christopher Knowles said...

Damn, I hate to be an X-Files bore- no, that's not true, I love being an X-Files bore. Anyhow, we've seen a lot of North Dakota in the X-Files- it's where the Black Oil ship was kept in Apocrypha (and there's been a big oil boom in ND), and it's where Agent Comer crossed into the US with the rubbings from the Godship in Provenance. Then we also saw the sacrificial "Dakota Whitney" in I Want to Believe.

Funny, Richard Hoagland used to always ask, "What does Chris Carter know and when did he know it?"

Christopher Knowles said...


About 1,700 National Guard members were checking more than 40 miles of dikes in the city of about 90,000 residents, North Dakota's most populous.

Anonymous said...

We both know that Jake at the Blob was first in discovering all the info you present in this essay of yours, about Winnipeg. He deserves much credit. I have a problem with your use of double spaces, too much scrolling. I very much appreciate your zeal at finding synchs. The eyes who see, can set you free. Dennis from Oregon.

StrangEye said...


Damnit! Now I've got to go rent those for another good going over!!

Missing heads?! Head of what?!

Wasn't the black oil like alien blood or something?


A DNA modifier that comes from the ground?

Out of the BLACK
AL-Khem ??

have you ever looked into anagrams of:

"I Want to Believe"
"Monica Bannan"

Something tells me we should keep in mind the spinner letters as well like: W = M = E, n = u, v = A...
and maybe even the sounds too, like: ica = I See A, Iesu..

I spotted this one right away in:


Mike Thomas we could sure use your Sir Francis Bacon coding assistance!!

and there's not only the all-seeing Chris Carter but his sidekick Frank Spotnitz too!

But now we've got to ask what area/place were they marking with their 'X'?

Were they literal or symbolic or what?

10 13
13 10

Where have we seen those letters before?!?


StrangEye said...

1,700 - Well that will sure get the public used to seeing National Guard won't it?

What would Alex Jones have to say about that?

Da Koda
Da Koad ?

Winnipeg's pop. is something like 600K to 3/4 million.


StrangEye said...

Dennis from Oregon,

despite what you assume, not every blog author reads every other blog.

Sorry, we simply don't have the time.

And one thing you can rest assured of with me and this blog...

if it comes from elsewhere I WILL CREDIT.

If Jake's done this exact work before, then sorry Jake and Kudos to you.

You also got to keep in mind Dennis from Oregon, that everything and everyone IS connected so, as I have personally witnessed, two people can have the exact same idea without communication with each other.

Kudos Angels, Kudos God, Kudos Mass Mind, etc...

But just so you know, Dennis from Oregon, for me, personally,

I could care less about personal credit, lauds, or approval, or other such vanities.

If anyone at all wants to use anything I've written or will write in the future on this blog, consider it public domain and feel free to take with you what resonates well with you. Credit me or don't, glad to be of service to you.

Double spacing is the LEAST of your problems...


StrangEye said...

If I felt petty and told you how many people have run with (learned from, etc) my ideas once posted under many pseudonyms on GLP (godlikeproductions) YEARS AGO you'd probably crap yourself Dennis from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Eye of a strange nature. No need to get unnerved. I think The Blob has done alot of investigations about Winnipeg, I was curious that you didn't synch with his blog. No offense to you. The Winnipeg story is amazing with archtypes and synchs. I have no ego in this synch sphere, I apoligize to you. May all of the mystic researchers of a synchronistic nature learn from each other. Dennis from Oregon. (Alex Jones is a bombastic fool)

StrangEye said...

It was simply your assumptive choice of words, Dennis from Oregon...

"We both know that Jake at the Blob was first in discovering all the info you present in this essay of yours, about Winnipeg. He deserves much credit."

...and the fact that you commented with a bold accusation quite obviously WITHOUT actually having read the article in entirety. (...let alone understanding it, or attempting to, at the very least...)

Unfortunately, Dennis from Oregon, everyone has "Ego" in this "Egg". That includes the biggest, best-est, most synchtastic, of us all. It is one of the reasons we're here and still here, I'm sure.

I would have no reason to reply to you, had I in fact, had NO ego at all, and you would have felt no need to make an accusatory false claim in the first place, had you in fact had no ego.

But hey, that's perfectly OK with me because we're all students here in this sphere...

Until we're NAUGHT.



wise woman said...

Hi StrangEye
That was a most interesting read - the 'big man of Winnipeg' is intriguing to say the least!

Lots of new ideas to add to the pot :)


Andre Heath said...

Excellent work, Strangie!

Keep it up.

The ALIEN Project

Jim said...

hi strange eye

yes much of what you blog about on winnipeg has been touched on by jake at the blob and myself over at centreportal, and this is clearly another sign that this is indeed synCCity, as now i know you live in winnipeg as well.

funny thing don't you think?

we are clearly drinking from the same source.

peace and thanks for all your great work

tommy said...

I am pretty sure that Jake or Jim covered the thing about Winnipeg looking like Ophiuchus (center of the continent and center of the galaxy) but it really popped out at me at the time so I apologize if someone else noticed it first...

StrangEye said...

tommy, I wouldn't really know if they had or had not! I haven't spent any time really reading many other blogs (an article here or there maybe - other than Chris Knowles's Secret Sun blog which I do try to keep with and have read back to about mid-08.

There's just too much out there to ever read it all and while I do have "spare time", in-so-much as one can ever really have spare time, I don't have that much spare time.

I'm definitely going to go read Jim and Jake's stuff, as much as I can before I push the publish button on "The Curious Case of Winnipeg City" - I'm guessing though they may have covered the general information their view on it or their conclusions may not be the same as mine... but I'll have to read their work first just to be sure.

... but I would still lay odds that even if our conclusions or opinions on the material totally differ and it becomes an entirely new analysis of the subject that someone will show up saying "so-and-so wrote this first".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. The aerial shot of the city blew my mind!!! Good Eye! This prompted me to want to read a little more about the Peg, and the history of the Forks. We are talking some 6,000 years of history from this area (amazing!). I wanted to know if you find the Canadian Museum of Human Rights as a place of interest. It is placed at the Forks, and is scheduled to open in 2010. The architecture of this structure is incredible to say the least!

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