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Frank Albo - The Mystery of the Manitoba Ledge from CBC National News (UPDATEs)

The Mystery of the Manitoba Ledge | CBC News: The National

A NEWS segment, known as Canadiana, from the CBC National News on the Manitoba Legislative Building featuring SynchroMason Frank Albo:

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The Mystery of the Manitoba Ledge
September 30, 2009 (Runs 5:30)
What do Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol and the Manitoba legislature have in common? Reg Sherren meets a Winnipeg man who may have the answer.

(In case you didn't notice I thought I'd point out here that the segment runs exactly 330 seconds)

I find it fitting that at this time of NASA's Messenger mission to MERCURY, the CBC National News should run a segment on one of two buildings in the world with a golden MERCURY on top of it:

See for more REF:
The second half of my March post or
Galactic Center Temple by Jake Kotze @ The Blob



Unexpected turn of events leaves loyal Saturn dealers, owners stunned at demise
By Stephen Manning (CP) – 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON — Charlie Eickmeyer says he was a fan of Saturn vehicles years before he was able to drive. Today he's in shock.

So were employees at Day Automotive Group in Pittsburgh when they read the news online that a deal to rescue Saturn had fallen through. And Mike Martin is left wondering how he can move the Saturns left on his lot or what to do with the employees at his Manassas, Va. dealership now that the brand is apparently doomed.

"It seemed like the deal was going through," said Eickmeyer, 34, who started following Saturn when he was 10 years old and now runs a website for enthusiasts of the brand. "I was really excited about the next chapter in Saturn's history."

The chapter was supposed to be a future under former race car driver Roger Penske with the novel approach of filling dealerships with cars made overseas and rebranded as Saturns.

Instead, the collapse of talks between GM and Penske Automotive Group Inc. this week likely means the end of the nearly 25-year-old brand, sending Saturn dealers like Martin and Day Automotive scrambling over what to do with their soon-to-be empty showrooms and leaving the company's loyal owners mourning the apparent demise of a company that built its reputation on customer care.

GM said it will cease making Saturns at plants in Kansas, Mexico and Michigan almost immediately, but will continue to honour warranties after Saturn dealers stop selling cars. Saturn owners can still get their vehicles serviced at GM's remaining dealerships once their Saturn dealer shuts down.

Saturn's future has been in doubt since GM said earlier this year it planned to phase out the brand by 2011. GM was shrinking to four brands as part of a deep restructuring. Just five days after GM filed for bankruptcy, Penske emerged as a possible buyer for Saturn. Wednesday, Penske backed out, unable to find another company to supply vehicles after GM stops making Saturns in two years.

...more at Unexpected turn of events leaves loyal Saturn dealers, owners stunned at demise

Saturn rides into history
By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

When the Saturn brand was launched, it quickly gained a following among motorists seeking a car that was both dependable and inexpensive. Customers who loathed the exercise of dickering over price also liked Saturn’s no-haggle merchandising.

But the small car once envisioned as a worthy competitor to Japanese imports appears destined for the General Motors scrap heap.

Fortunately, GM’s announcement of the Saturn phase-out won’t mean a loss of jobs at the company’s Fairfax plan in Kansas City, Kan.

Fairfax made the Saturn Aura, but most of the plant’s output is the Chevrolet Malibu and the Buick LaCrosse. The plant will still expand to three shifts in January, a move that will create 950 new jobs — very good news given the current state of the economy and the car business.

...more at Saturn rides into history

Hmmm... The end of Saturn....
At the same plant that made the Buick LaCrosse
and NASA's LCROSS is about to bombard the Cabeus Crater on the Moon...

The CABEUS Crater is named after Niccolo Cabeo

The decision means that when NASA's LCROSS probe and its spent Centaur rocket stage slam into the moon on Oct. 9, they will crash into the large crater Cabeus, and not the nearby (and smaller) Cabeus A crater that was previously targeted.

...more at Moon-crashing probe aimed at bigger target

The West sky view from Washington DC on 10.01.09 at 2155GMT (17:55 EDT / 5:55 PM EDT)

Check out the SON (Mercury) of a Saturn / Venus (and SUN/VIRGO) union...
The Son (Mercury/Hermes) "born" of the Virgin, replaces the father Saturn.

The "END" of Saturn.

Between Virgo (the Virgin) and Leo (the Lion of Judah)

Beyond that, SATURN was a GM (General Motors) Family brand and MERCURY is a FORD family brand.

Ford also kept its "Virginity" by not accepting any automotive bailout money from the U.S. Government at the end of last year.


For more SATURN See Chris's Latest on Secret Sun - Secret Sun Picture Parade: Clowns in Space

Chris spots U2 (Utu) on the Cover of Rolling Stone (issue 1089 - October 15, 2009) with SATURN on the top right over the "ONE" of Stone. (and more!)


Dennis Igou said...

Can't help but think the syncro mystic upheaval of the end of Saturn(as we know it) is nothing more than an atomic flash (provided by Cassinni) will light up the gas giant into a second sun. This solar system up grade provided by NASA. The trinity will be so grand and life changing here on terra forma. Spiritus mundi indeed! Dennis

Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Very cool stuff. Thanks for this post. Canadiana, LOL.

Yours Faithfully said...

Very unique & interesting site. I enjoyed the variety!

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