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SuperSpook Sir William Stephenson Gets a Street in Winnipeg (UPDATE)

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The Super Spy Sir William Stephenson, a native son of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (and mentioned in this blog a few times) was honored by the city of Winnipeg with a street renamed after him.

Full Story from

A Winnipeg street has been renamed for a local man who became a legendary Second World War spy known as Intrepid — an inspiration for the fictional spook James Bond.

Water Avenue, which links Main Street to the Provencher Bridge, was officially renamed William Stephenson Way on Sunday.

The Water Avenue section of Route 57 is now William Stephenson Way:

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Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

"Finally, there is some tangible recognition for him in a noteworthy place in Winnipeg," said Kristin Stefansson, a distant cousin of Stephenson.

"The fact it's going to be by the Human Rights Museum is another thing that I think is really important, because he did end up helping with causes of freedom around the world."

The renaming ceremony was held Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Water and Main. Deputy mayor Justin Swandel, who officiated the event, was joined by Stefansson as well as representatives from the Canadian Forces, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the U.S. army and Winnipeg's Intrepid Society.

"It's a great day to be alive and free in the peace-loving country of Canada, and in large part we owe that freedom to the man we're honouring here today — his efforts and accomplishments in the world of intelligence and what they have done for the security of this planet," Swandel said.

William Samuel Stephenson was born in Winnipeg's Point Douglas neighbourhood on Jan. 23, 1897.

As a Canadian soldier, airman and spymaster, Stephenson became the senior representative of British intelligence for the Western Hemisphere during the Second World War.

The telegraphic address of his office was INTREPID, which was later popularized as his code name.

His organization's activities ranged from censoring transatlantic mail, breaking letter codes (which exposed at least one German spy in the United States), forging diplomatic documents, obtaining military codes, protecting against sabotage of Allied factories and training Allied agents, according to the Intrepid Society, a group dedicated to honouring and sustaining Stephenson's memory.

Stephenson was also a radio pioneer who helped develop a way of transmitting photographs around the world. But it was his espionage work that garnered the most fame. Some suggest his covert operations in the Second World War were a decisive factor in the Allied victory.

Author Ian Fleming has credited Stephenson as being an inspiration for James Bond.

In an interview with the Times newspaper in 1962, Fleming said: "James Bond is a highly romanticized version of a true spy. The real thing is … William Stephenson."

Helped create CIA
Stephenson also played a key role in the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States.

As Winston Churchill's personal representative to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the war, Stephenson became a close advisor to FDR and suggested he put William J. Donovan in charge of all U.S. intelligence services.

Donovan, a good friend of Stephenson, founded the U.S. wartime Office of Strategic Services, which eventually became the CIA.

Donovan later said, "Bill Stephenson taught us all we ever knew about foreign intelligence," according to the Intrepid Society.

For his wartime work, Stephenson was knighted in 1945. In his homeland, Stephenson was made a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1979.

He died on Jan. 31, 1989, in Paget, Bermuda, at age 93.


In pure synchromystic fashion, the renamed William Stephenson Way, is the eastbound section that runs right in front of the Winnipeg Goldeyes' baseball stadium (Canwest Park).

Ian Fleming told us that William Stephenson was an inspiration for the MI6 character 007 - James Bond...

Wikipedia on the James Bond movie GoldenEye:
GoldenEye is the 17th spy film in the James Bond series, and the first to star Pierce Brosnan as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.

The Plot of the film contains ... well, frankly, too much to list here. If you haven't seen the film, watch it, or go to the Wikipedia link above and read the plot summary.

As you'll read in the Wikipedia link and hear in the trailer below the film was released November 17, 1995.

GoldenEye Theme by U2's BONO and the EDGE,
performed by Tina Turner:

GoldenEye Title Sequence:

Here's a link to a transcribed dialogue script of GoldenEye


Side Notes:
The Provencher Bridge and Boulevard are named after Norbert Provencher, the first Bishop of St.Boniface , Rupert's Land. (Rupert's Land was one of the original names of the territory which later became Manitoba - Rupert's Land was named for Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria)

Prince Rupert, The Duke of Bavaria - and to the curious, one possible historical origin of the Gold, blue and red, EYE logo of Winnipeg is a synch-wink to the Bavarian name origins of the territory which became Manitoba.

If we chase that rabbit down the hole just a little further we find that Winfrid (Later known as Saint Boniface) was an ordained Benedictine priest.

The Benedictines / Cistercians were the faction of the Roman Catholic Church that created the group known as the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were said to have discovered the secrets of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

Winnipeg historian, Frank Albo, PhD believes the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg is a replica of Solomon's Temple.


Mention the British-Canadian super spy Sir William Stephenson, JAMES Bond, Route 57 and the Bavarian (Illuminatus) Prince Rupert @11:33 Canada Central Time ( = 17:33 GMT) in the same post and 22 hours later at 7:33am BC local time (Canada Pacific = 15:33 GMT) a large 6.6 earthquake followed by a 5.7 aftershock strikes off Cape St James, 260 km from the NEAREST mainland center, Prince Rupert, British COLUMBIA (BC), Canada.

The epicenter was just off the Queen Charlotte Islands opposite the Hecate Strait and just off Cape St. James.

The QC Islands are just south of the Dixon Strait, Prince of Wales Islands and ALASKA (AL Aqsa - the Temple Mount, Jerusalem) USA.

The U.S. Geological Survey website reported a 5.7 magnitude aftershock at 7:37 a.m. (PST) and a 4.6 magnitude aftershock at 8:26 a.m. (PST)

From the Wikipedia entry for Queen Charlotte:
"Queen Charlotte was keenly interested in the fine arts and supported Johann Christian Bach, who was her music teacher. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, then aged eight, dedicated his Opus 3 to her at her request after they met in London in 1764. Charlotte sang an aria accompanied by Mozart. "

Mozart was the famous composer of the Masonic opera The Magic Flute

Other interesting USA places bearing the "Queen Charlotte" namessake:

Florida: Port Charlotte
Maryland: Charlotte Hall
North Carolina: Charlotte
North Carolina: Mecklenburg County
Virginia: Charlotte County
Virginia: Charlottesville
Virginia: Mecklenburg County

November 17 -
"The area where the 6.6 earthquake struck is located about 260 kilometres southwest of Prince Rupert."

51º North, 131º West:

Strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes off Queen Charlottes
PRINCE RUPERT - A strong earthquake occurred early Tuesday in the Queen Charlotte Islands region off of B.C.’s central west coast, according to Earthquakes Canada.

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck at 7:30 a.m. local time and was felt as far away as Terrace and Prince Rupert.

The quake was followed was followed seven minutes later by an aftershock at the same depth with a 5.7 magnitude, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

“It’s been felt extensively up and down the Queen Charlotte Islands in Sandspit and Queen Charlotte City,” said seismologist Stephane Mazzotti. “But we haven’t had any reports of damage.”

Several aftershocks were felt quickly after the initial earthquake, he said, but seismologists were still determining their magnitudes.

No injuries have been reported and there is no threat of a tsunami, Mazzotti said.

Rod Link, publisher of the Terrace Standard newspaper, told Agence France-Presse that window blinds and picture frames in his office, about 400 kilometres inland from the epicenter, shook for about 30 seconds.

“Shortly after 7:30 am local time, my window blinds started moving back and forth,” he said. “I have a bit of a fever and at first I thought I was just dizzy from the flu... but then I realized the blinds were really moving.

“You get a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach when things are moving around you.”

The area where the earthquake struck is located about 260 kilometres southwest of Prince Rupert.

According to the Geological Survey of Canada, the Pacific coast is the most earthquake-prone area in the country.

The area of the Queen Charlotte Islands is active because it is a junction between two major fault systems, Mazzotti said.

The last massive earthquake to hit the Queen Charlotte Islands was in August 1949, at a magnitude of 8.1. The shaking was so intense that cows tipped over in fields. In Terrace cars bounced around and windows shattered.

The 1949 earthquake was “1,000 times stronger” than Tuesday’s quake, Mazzotti said.

It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Canada.

"The last massive earthquake to hit the Queen Charlotte Islands was in August 1949"

(8/22) August 22 is the 234th day of the year (235th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 131 days remaining until the end of the year.

...And all of it reminds me of another B.C.

... sometimes the Synchs Wink back and sometimes they tremble and shake!


Anonymous said...

The Peg Leg - is something! I've seen references to how the AA Brotherhood and Fire Men (Dragon Elite) are aware of the Tree/Forest - Serpent Force and they seem to gain access, perhaps storage of this current by keeping one leg on a stool, ie.. off the ground, on a peg leg. Ishmael had a peg leg right? On the Mentalist this week, this ominous killer who is called Red John (all of the Johns--- from the Masonic Brotherhoods have different John call names) but Red John is obviously privy to magic - dark powers and supposedly - the mentalist determines that red john had screwed up because he accidently killed a man with one leg. And red john was coming back for the bones, the storehouse of DNA/cellular imprints.

I appreciate your insights greatly.

About the horses asses.. I have paid attention for a while and it appears that this ass juice, and Tantric sex act of sucking up the juice of sperm up your "horse hair" on the tail bone is an act of reversing the flow, inversion and men privy know that they can capture essential dominion by tapping another's ass to gain leverage, a form of mind control, minion access to control the demons possessed in another, the legion mindset. I think the Four Horse Men of the Apocolypse is a struggle for certain "house" control. Perhaps the houses are the Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts - powers that represent off world entities that Truck through our side of the galaxy. I am of the opinion that most people harbor spirits, tourists and some offer themselves up to complete, or near complete possession by these majical sex practices - giving them enhanced awareness and magnetism.

StrangEye said...


Thanks for bringing up Red John in the Mentalist (and found in the posts of syncmaestro Jake Kotze @ The Blob)

In the Masonic world there are primarily three main color divisions,


and where have we seen those colors before?? Think Red White and Blue! From the Masonic nation created by the Illuminati, Hellfire Club and Freemason George Washington.

Blue would be the Blue Lodge of Regular Freemasonry. 1-3 degrees.

As for white... The exclusive and elusive 'Great White Brotherhood'

and Red is Redism, The Red Lodge (Rosicrucianism, Golden Dawn, Egyptian Masonry, OTO, some French Masonry, Rites of Memphis & Misraim and the resurected Illuminati order of Gabriel Lopez de Rojas and Frank G Ripel.) (You can even find the Crimson Order in this grouping)

You could color the York Rite's Templarism and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 4-33 degrees as green but they really share aspects of the previous three.

and across them all you can find rituals and practices ranging from the casual and boring, to the mundance, to the truly perverse.

And while I've not truly explored the path myself, there's definitely something to be said of the "magical influx", 'kundalini affecting properties', of Tantric practices and Tantric Yoga of the Eastern traditions. Though it is most certainly one of the most abused paths!


DarkStar888 said...

TUESDAY - November 17, 2009

6.6 Mag. EQ – South Queen Charlotte Islands

87 Days before the 2010 Olympics = 8+7=15 DEITY = 1+5=6 = SICKS

At 7:30 am, a 6.6 mag. earthquake struck the Queen Charlotte Islands. The depth was 10 km., or 6.2 miles.

7:30 am = 73 = 7+3 = 10 = INTENSITY
73 coincides with 1 on the 7th clockface = 1+7 = 8 CONTROL

17 = 1+7 = 8 = CONTROL
17 coincides with 5 SACRIFICE on the 2nd clockface = 5+2 = 7 = COMPLETION and PERFECTION
7+8=15 the Deity
7+8+11=26 = 13+13 = 26 coincides with 2 on the 3rd clockface = 2+3=5 SACRIFICE

The Associated Press
Posted: 11/17/2009 09:20:46 AM MST

"VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Seismologists say a earthquake struck off Canada’s pacific coast province of British Columbia.
The U.S. Geological Survey said Tuesday the 6.6-magnitude quake’s epicenter is 414 miles (666 kilometers) northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia. There were no immediate reports of damage."


Earthquake Details from USGS site with additions in "" "".

Magnitude 6.6
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 15:30:46 UTC
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 07:30:46 AM at epicenter

Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones - Location

""52.080°N, 131.512°W = 52 coincides with 4 on the 5th clockface

- 131 coincides with 11 on the 11th clockface – 4+5=9
and 11+11=22 – symbolizing 9 and 11

- 22 coincides with 10 on the 2nd clockface""

10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program

260 km (162 miles) SSW (199°) from Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
319 km (198 miles) WNW (301°) from Port Hardy, BC, Canada
339 km (211 miles) S (179°) from Metlakatla, AK
667 km (414 miles – 666 kilometres) WNW (301°) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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