Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Denver Airport Murals Re-Visited

In honor of the President's visit to "The 303" and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to sign the $787 Billion economic stimulus bill, let's have another look at one of the better assembled documentary videos on the Denver Aiport Murals.

Denver Airport Murals Documentary (Part 1)

Denver Airport Murals Documentary (Part 2)

I'd recommend that you also check out Chris's post Celebrating the 17th at The Secret Sun

I was reminded that the Pilot for the CBS TV series JERICHO
was called "Pilot: The First Seventeen Hours"
The series featured the city of Denver, Colorado and had the lead character Jake Green

The Jericho Pilot was directed by Jon Turteltaub. Jon was also the director of the Masonic featuring film National Treasure

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Andre Heath said...

This looks like Denver is going to be a safe zone for the nexus event in 2012. Looks like the elites are looking to take refuge there.

Andre Heath said...

In addition, some of the bases might be used as prison camps.

StrangEye said...


Check out the original artist's site on the Denver International Airport murals at


If you scroll down right below
"In Peace and Harmony With Nature"
and click the link that says
"Click for more information"
you'll get Leo Tanguma's own description of what he painted.


VileVeil said...

worth checking out is the this strange piece from the Telegraph, a UK newspaper.

apparently the new government after a horrific nuclear war is gonna be located in...Denver!


StrangEye said...

Already got my gardenplot in Crestone, Co!

Sangre de Cristo and Little Tibet too. No place finer!

akarta said...

nice blog StrangEye nice too see another Sync Site up and running

and have alook at those Blackjack picture notices the The Logo on the White van that has the "Nuke in it" and also the van thats in NY city towards the end

lol andre u mite be correct in your thinking on that one! damn lucky im in south africa.
The REX camps are there for The Rewilding Project of american ;)

StrangEye said...

Thank you Akarta and Welcome to the blog!

Hopefully, with some deep spelunking of the sync cavern and LOTS of help from the readers, we'll find some interesting mysteries to explore, and maybe, just maybe, a few interesting answers along the way too!

All the best,


ViølatoR said...

Informative videos. I believe one of the two men to jump off the U.S.S. Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment saw 4 possible futures, one good, one about normal, and 2 really bad ones. One of the really bad futures was that the Nazis had won WWII and their Western headquarters was in Denver Colorado - which brings to mind the giant swastika of the runways. Also various future predictions predict a flood that will pretty much cover the UK, which might explain why they want to move to a higher elevation. There's lots of wierd stuff in Colorado, New Age cults, and just all-around crazys. Some kind of bad vibe in that place I think. There are also cave systems which could be utilized for saving the elites from a planned or predicted armageddon.

StrangEye said...

Welcome Violator.
yep! There certainly are!
Some interesting links in Co. to the high levels of the UN, the Canadian Mr. Maurice Strong, and the URI (United Religion Initiative)

StrangEye said...

The 'not so well-aired' TV show "Phenomenon the Lost Archives" with Dean Stockwell (of that other time travel show "Quantum Leap") has some really good in-depth stories on the Philadephia Experiment, Montauk, and more. I think some of the episodes are even playable through Google video.


Commendatori said...

Yeah this has to do with bible prophecies, check this page out, it explains it all in details: http://commendatori.wordpress.com/dia-murals/

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