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Heads Up - Heaven's Junk is Falling! (Updates!)

ISiS Sends Her Debris Our Way...

This post was originally going to be about the Calgary / NORAD space debris incident but I discovered an interesting coincidence in the Timeline.

November 26, 2008 the Russian Space Cargo craft the M-01M "The Progress" was launched from Baikonur, Khazakstan aboard a Soyuz rocket and docked with ISS just 4 days later on November 30,2008.

"The Progress" was also used on December 17, 2008 to make trial adjustments to the ISS's orbit.

Some fragments came down in the south Pacific Ocean off the coast of Africa at 11:19 am Moscow time on Febriary 9, 2009.

February 10, 2009 another Soyuz carriying the "Progress M-66M" was launched from Baikonur, Khazakstan. Docking with the ISS was scheduled for 10:19 a.m. on February 13.

February 11, 2009 it was reported that two satellites, one from Iridium Satellites LLC (Iridium 33) and the other the Cosmos 2251 Russian owned communication satellite, had collided in low Earth orbit resulting in a massive debris field. more at

February 12, 2009, at 9:20 p.m
Flight 3407 departed Newark Liberty Int'l Airport bound for Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport.
At approxiamately 10:11pm Flight 3407 suddenly and catastrophically rolled violently and crashed into a house at 6050 Long Street, Clarence Center, NY, 14032, killing all 44 passengers, 4 crew and 1 on the ground.

Beverly Eckert a 9/11 widow heading up a truth and intelligence reform movement, "Voices of September 11th", was killed in the Flight 3407 crash. Beverly Eckert had met with President Obama at the Whitehouse about a week prior to her death.

February 13, 2009 the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 51° 2′ 42″ N, 114° 3′ 26″ W was notified by NORAD that space debris was heading towards the city and they'd have about 16 minutes before impact. Another call notified them that the target for impact of the debris was going to be 110 km east in the city of Vulcan, Alberta at 50°24′24″N 113°15′18″W. The Debris skipped off the atmosphere and eventually ended up in the ocean off the coast of Africa.

The University of Calgary is home to Dr Alan Hildebrand who is the lead scientist on Canada's NEOssat Project for tracking space debris, asteroids, and other satellites. The NEOSSAT project is funded by Defence Research Development Canada(DRDC) and the Canadian Space Agency(CSA).

February 15, 2009 the FAA received numerous reports of flaming debris falling from the Sky in the State of Texas.

The Wild Theory:

Icing seems to be a good "cover story" for the downing of Flight 3407 with a potential backup story as space debris.

What is the insurance claim on a crashed airliner worth?

The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 airplane of flight 3407 was designed for flights into the cold northern sub-arctic regions of Canada. The plane was designed to handle icing and inclement weather.

If you're interested in numbers, there are some odd number twinnings to look into that occur in the story of Flight 3407.


Check out Christopher Knowles over at The Secret Sun covering some "strange coincidences" in space news!

Chris tells us (about the Iridium Satellite Collision):

33, 22, 51 (3x17). Fascinating numbers there. If you want to get really crazy
with the numbers, the timecode is 16:56 UTC. 1+6=7 and 5+6=11. 7x11=77, which is
atomic number.
Could someone be trying to tell us something? (btw, 7 divded by 11 is

Flight 3407

3+4 = 7
0+7 = 7

The same 77 reappears in the Flight 3407 crash.

Iridium and Rhodium are said to be pineal activating ingredients in the Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemists.


2/15/09 - Texas fireball on CNN

2/15/09 - Texas fireball on Youtube

2/15/09 - Texas fireball on News 8 Austin


Bombardier Q400 planes have had few prior problems

Three made-in-Toronto Dash 8 Q-400 planes, owned by airline SAS, were involved in crash landings in Scandinavia in a span of 45 days in the fall of 2007 due to problems with landing gear.

SAS later pulled its 27-strong fleet of Q400s out of service at a cost of hundreds of millions of Swedish crowns.

SAS said in March of last year it had agreed with Bombardier and landing gear maker Goodrich Corp on compensation for the problems. The details were confidential, but SAS had said it would receive total compensation of "slightly more than 1 billion Swedish crowns" ($120 million) in cash payment and credits for future aircraft orders.

You'll note the name Goodrich Corp. appearing in the above snippet.

On a side note, in occult math a 2 appearing next to a 7 (as in 27 for example) can be taken to also convey "77".

A map of the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, NY at 6050 Long Street shows us that next street over from the impact is Goodrich Rd. The cross street is Maple Street - The Maple leaf is the symbol widely recognized for Canada. Bombardier is a Canadian company.

Another CANADA link also appeared in the Hudson River Crash of Flight 1549
Canada Geese Fingered In Flight 1549 Crash

(CBS) A flock of Canada Geese was responsible for the bird strike that knocked out both engines of US Airways Flight 1549, causing the Airbus and its 155 passengers and crew to plunge into the icy Hudson River last month, the National Transportation Safety Board says.


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