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9 x 9 - It's OSCAR Time! (Updates 2.24)

(* update 2.24.2009 jump link)

8/9 Parmutit, February 21/22
Day of counting the parts of the Eye of Heru (Horus)
(I'm partial to 2/22 for obvious reasons!)

Celebrating the Eye of Heru

Both the modern Pharaoh, President Barack Obama, and Hollywood (Holy Wood, Holy Rood) are keeping true to the Egyptian festival calendar once again this year.

February 22, 2009 is 8/9 Parmutit and the Day of counting the parts of the Eye of Heru.

What we should take notice of is that 2/22 is a day for "Eyes" and "assembling the eye(s)".

An enormous number of "eyes" will be "assembled" and watching the Oscars.
Oscar, with a silent 'C', or sounding the "SUH" sound, is Osar / Ausar / Wasir / Wsr, the ancient Egyptian name for the god OSIRIS !

The 81st Academy Awards (A.'.A.'.) on 2/22/2009 starting at 5pm (17:00 hours/Horus!)
in Los Angeles (los Angels - Angels - the WATCHERS and messengers of GOD!)

A.'.A.'. = Atlantean Adept and Astrum Argentum

Youtube: 81st Academy Awards promo

"We live in AMAZING times (author's note: "We certainly do!!"),
When ANYTHING is possible,
With all the world watching from country to country,
coast to coast,
in an event so big you can even see it from SPACE!"

The 81st Academy Awards will be hosted by the Australian/OZ, Star Gater, Time Traveller, Hugh MICHAEL JACKMAN

Hugh (Hu) Michael Jackman also played another time travelling spaceman in the movie The Fountain
Which also had the TREE (see below link) and Spanish "Columbian" scenes and theme of New World/Land Discovery!

From touregypt:
With each breath Hu expelled, creation took place. The first breath created the Soul of Osiris. His last creation was the Sun. So it is said that Hu is the Word of God, the first and the last breaths, Hu Hu.

Hu provided the soul to, and breathed life into, OSIRIS
just as
Hugh will provide the soul to, and breathe life into, the 81st OSCARS in his role as host and Master of Ceremonies!

In that role, HUgh will both OPEN the OSCARS (be first) and CLOSE the OSCARS (be last)

We can thank Mr. Laurence Mark, with his more than impressive resume, for choosing Hugh!

Happy (Hapy) Feet was released on November 17, 2006

'Happy Feet': After a failed singing lesson, Memphis (voiced by Hugh Jackman) pressures young Mumble (voiced by E.G. Daily to try harder, while Norma Jean (voiced by Nicole Kidman) watches with concern.
(Warner Bros.)

Our Oscar MASTER of Ceremonies, Mr. Hugh Michael Jackman, also appeared in another Egyptian linked role,
as the voice of the Penguin MEMPHIS in Happy Feet!

Penguin Suits is a slang for TUXEDOs, and as such, Freemasons are sometimes referred to as "Penguins".

Memphis is a city in Egypt.

And then we have the movie itself!

Happy Feet - how appropriate that the name of an Egyptian deity HAPY should appear beside the word FEET.
According to Wikipedia Hapy's name means "Running one" !
and One of course RUNS on their FEET!

Wikipedia also tells us:
Happy Feet is an Australian-produced 2006 computer-animated comedy-drama musical film, directed and co-written by George Miller. It was produced at Sydney-based visual effects and animation studio Animal Logic for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures and was released in North America on November 17, 2006.

Mr. George Miller made fellow OZzie Mel Gibson famous in the post-apocalyptic movie MAD MAX!

Happy Feet @ imdb

The Freemasons have an appendant body known as Rite of Memphis-Mizraim

See Michelle Obama Celebrates the Festival of Min (Updates)
for more on Jackman/Jackson and Australia...

Song to HU, spiritual excercise

Hugh Michael Jackman also resonates the first
Grand Master of the Knights Templar,
Hugues de Payens.
and the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
Jacques de Molay
(Jacobus Burgundus Molensis)

Hugues Jacques Man !

You should also note that the first Knights Templar Grand Master shares the sound of his name with the first god that breathed life into Osiris!

We are going to further explore the Knights Templar connection more later in this article!

And now we turn our eyes on that ABC Promo Spot Video embedded above!

Empire State Bldg

The First scene opens with shot on the the Empire State Building
The Empire State Building, after 9/11 became the tallest building in the New York city skyline.
Building and towers have become the modern day equivalent of the ancient OBELISKs

Next the East Asian / East Indian man exits the Yellow cab and shields his "eyes" in a salute
to the Oscar shadow cast down from some yet unseen object in the sky.

Paris France - Philip IV (cup goes to LIPs!)

Paris France Eiffel

Then we have the PhiLIP coffee/cap drinker in Paris with the distinctive "eyes" looking up
(Listen closely for the BELL at 0:07.)
Philip IV was "Philip the Fair" (man is dressed in light (fair) colored jacket)
Philip IV was also known as "Philippe le BEL" in France.

And then a long shot to the Eiffel Tower.
Note the Pyramid umbrella over his head!
The Eiffel Tower has been covered extensively in the work by Goro Adachi at both and Etemenanki

It can, like the Empire State Building be thought of as the modern equivalent of the Egyptian Obelisk - as a phallic symbol.

ROBSART, Saskatchewan, Canada

And now the ODD scene in the bunch...

The Grain elevator (and SILOs! also resonating "missile silos", The Shuttle Launch pad, and Obelisks!) in the semi-ghost town / hamlet of Robsart, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Robsart is a hamlet in Reno Rural Municipality No. 51, Saskatchewan, Canada.

NOTE: Hamlet is a Shakespearean play, the works of the same are said to actually be by Sir Francis Bacon - who is also the author of "The New Atlantis".

Reno Municipality #51! linked to the mysterious Area 51 in Groom Dry Lake, Nevada - the capital of the state of Nevada is the city of RENO!!

Area 51 has been accused of being a secret U.S. base for "UFO" testing and alien contact.

Robsart, Saskatchewan, Canada is at the Junction of SK Highway #13 & #18 South of the Trans-Canada Highway (CDN Highway #1) via SK Highway #21

Keep the Saskatchewan Wheat POOL Elevator logo in mind!
It is the word POOL appearing in the hexagon.
If we take hexagon to be a ring of sorts with a POOL of water...
We will understand more as we read further.

Wheat grows in fields.
Cape Canaveral, NASA's primary launch facility for the Space Shuttle, means "Field of REEDs"

Cape Canaveral - Field of Reeds

There is a connection between Cape Canaveral and Egypt that goes beyond Cape Canaveral's translated "Spanish" name, which means "cape of reeds",
corresponding, perhaps, to the Egyptian "field of reeds" or the afterlife).

The Constellation of ORION is thought to represent OSIRIS in Egyptian astrotheology / astronomy.
When Mintaka is 33 degrees below the horizon at Cape Canaveral, Sirius is 33 degrees above the horizon in Giza, Egypt.

Wikipedia gives us an interesting fact:
Robsart is known for a UFO sighting about 25 km from Robsart in 1929. The sighting was described as a huge ball of light that gave off fiery colors, and then landing lighting the countryside for about 30 minutes and then slowly disappearing into the night air.

A UFO sighting!

and 80 years ago too!

"One man has delivered magical moments
for over 80 years, it's OSCAR!"

See my article Canada Releases UFO Files - Obama Visits Canada

West Coast - Pacific Coast HWY #1

Next we see a Coastal scene which just may be the Pacific coast highway, Highway #1, in California.

Note the "Countryside" lit up in golden light as OSCAR flies overhead. (see Robsart UFO info above)

And his golden shadow is also lighting the water.

Atlantis Space Shuttle Space

Then comes a Light flash (explosion) and zoom in to Earth from Space!

NOTE the Tail of the Space shuttle, hinting Space Shuttle Atlantis


Atlantis is currently, as in right bloody now, in its Orbiter Processing Facility being prepared for launch on STS-125, the final shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope as early as May 12, 2009.

Space Shuttle Atlantis is almost ready to launch on a mission to repair the Hubble Telescope!!

(see both my articles - Heaven's Junk is Falling (#1) (#2) for more on the Hubble Telescope)

And the light flash is not Los Angeles!

Note the West Cost of AFRICA to the right of the flash!

The flash they zoom in on is in the Atlantic Ocean!

Somwhere off the Coast of Africa (between Sierra Leone / Cote de Ivoire) and Brazil in South America!
Note that Chris at Secret Sun pointed out CARNIVAL in Brazil
The Flash and Zoom also sych to the STARGATE and Quantum Travel theme.

WONDER What that could be!?

The New York Times tells us
it might just be the fabled LOST City of Atlantis
possibly discovered using Google EARTH!

Atlantis was fabled to be the First ( #1 ) technologically advanced civilization on Earth.

Some of Atlantis' advanced craft technology was believed to be depicted on the plaque at Abydos
The Temple and City of Osiris!

The discovery was made at about 620 miles off the West Coast of Africa, north of the Azores and west of Canary Islands
Sky News Report on Atlantis Discovery

Adam & Eve (evening gown/evening wear!)

Some more Flashes and a vortex-like spin around Adam & Eve.
Adam & Eve comes from their dress - they are both in evening wear.
An Evening Gown & Tuxedo!

And we're at the OSCARS!

Or just about on the SET of the OSCARS!
(SET pun intended)

Set was a son of Adam & Eve in the Bible

and the Egyptians had a deity named SET !

Oscar Stargate

Note the position of the word "THE" in the "O" of OSCARS - resonating the Stargate Chapa'ai / "EYE" theme again.
The Azores = the Ausars = the Oscars, home of Osiris!

(Image Edit: Templar Cross overlaid on the statue for emphasis)

(Image Edit: Cross of Lorraine (used by Scottish Rite Freemasonry, overlaid on the statue for emphasis)

Then the ABC logo drives it all home with the Water Stargate Logo image
a la the Movie Stargate and TV Series STARGATE SG-1 & Stargate ATLANTIS!

See Stygian Port for some more Stargate background.


You can also take a look at the LIVE blog along with The Oscars notes at
The Solar Satellite
Play your TiVoed Oscars and read along with the blog!

Well The 81st Academy Awards - The OSCARS have come and gone.

Let's take an in-depth look at the the show itself. Shall we.
Let's grab hold with both hands and rip back the veil for just a moment to take peek at that man behind that curtain, as it were.

Keep in mind that what we are looking at are SYMBOLS.
That means that a single image can convey several meanings at the same time.

I'll cover what I can for you but there will still be more to it.

If you notice more, or have a different viewpoint,
leave a comment!
There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to SYMBOL!
"A picture IS worth a thousand words", as they say.
But even words themselves can be Symbols.

The 81st Oscars opened on a HAPY note,
with Mr. Happy Feet, HUgh JACKman giving us his very own song and dance about the Oscars.

Watch the opening act video!
The content is important to my commentary!

Interesting stage design and set design for this years Oscars.
We'll cover more of that later but for now just note the
round 3-step raised platform.

Hugh points out:
Kate Winslet -
nominated as "Hanna Schmitz" in the movie The READer

Drawing attention to the German origins of the Britsh Royal family.
German-English... the House of WINdsor.

Her character name is special in several ways as well.

From Hannah on
From the Hebrew name (Channah) which meant "favour" or "grace". Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. As an English name, Hannah was not regularly used until after the Protestant Reformation. The Greek and Latin version Anna is used in the New Testament and was traditionally more widely used as a Christian name.

and Schmitz as SMITH, which is another slang name used for the Masons, the builders, the artificers.

And from the Channah, Canna, Cana,
we can also interpret the english equivalent, branch/reed, Cain!
Cain was the first SMITH !

Hannah Schmitz (of the READer) has both the favour and good graces of the Builders to tell us her character's story!

Robert Downey Jr. -
nominated as "Kirk Lazarus" in the movie Tropic Thunder

Kirk Lazarus / "Sgt. Lincoln Osiris"
Circe L AZAR US!

The "Church of Osiris" / Religion of Osiris!
Recall that it is all of this is on "The day of counting the parts of the eye of Heru! (Horus)"

from the Greek Kirke and even the Old English circe we get "church".

"The American, playing an Australian, Playing an African American"
His character played the Character of "Sgt. Lincoln Osiris"
Sgt Osiris on Youtube

"I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude."

A Trinity of dudes!

The Live Osiris in GREEN (his camo uniform!)
and Osiris the god of fertility.

The Dead Osiris the BLACK, his pigmentation surgery and unwrapping of the bandages UN-mummification,
and Osiris the god of the underworld/afterlife

and the RiSEN Osiris as Lazarus!
and Osiris the resurected god


His character is a Master Of Disguise, as it were,
and resonating
the new American Pharaoh, President Barack Obama
With his Lincoln-Osiris character.

(Side note:)
The NSA / NRO have an "Area 51-like" JDSRF base at Pine Gap, Australia

Back to it.
HUgh also makes it crystal clear to us that he's an Aussie.
He "was an Australian, playing an Australian in a movie called Australia."

HUgh's an Ozy Man-Host on a raised platform in a hall

He's an Ozy Man-god on a dais

Wikipedia tells us this about DAIS:

Dais (pronunciation) is any raised platform located either within or without a room or enclosure, often for dignified occupancy, as at the front of a lecture hall or sanctuary.

Historically, the dais was a part of the floor at the end of a medieval hall, raised a step above the rest of the room. On this the lord of the manor dined with his friends at the high table, apart from the retainers and servants. In medieval halls there was generally a deep recessed bay window at one or at each end of the dais, supposed to be for retirement or greater privacy than the open hall could afford.

(NOTE: try a google search for "Lord of Hosts" to get some more background)

He's an Ozy Man-god on a dais - He's Ozymandias

He's our man-god host of the night, our temporary Pharaoh:

RAMesses II (also known as Ramesses The Great and alternatively transcribed as Ramses and Rameses; also known as Ozymandias in the Greek sources, from a transliteration into Greek of a part of Ramesses' throne name, User-maat-re Setep-en-re)

RAM-eses, RAM-EES-Ses as the Egyptians would pronounce,

Our dual-principled man-god.
He's also resonating the tri-partate OSIRIS (Man-Actor-Host)
He drives this home with the last line, "I'm the Slumdog-the wrestler-I'm Wolverine")

He represents the man beamed full of light, with the spirit, the Christening,
The Shekhinah
the IS IS
Balanced in the Tree of Life (remember his movie "The Fountain" with the tree of life.)
in Tiphareth between the two pillars (Oscar statues)

The Master of the Lodging of his Soul in a Tuxedo.
Standing in the Point within the Circle (which we saw at 0:03)
and the interconnected "Flower of Life", depicted on the Osireion in Egypt.
(2 be 1 ask 1)

He is the crowned Pharaoh, Man-King, the MLK (M(i)LK) with the Kundalini serpent.
The One with the "3rd Eye" open.
The little Pineal gland located between the twin halves of the brain!

Something tells me that HE did not stay up all night in his garage to put that number together!

As OZYMANDIAS he's the symbollic Wizard himself, "the Man behind the Curtain" in the Wizard of OZ!

MUCH more analysis coming...

(and there's STILL more to come!)

Earth, Wind and Fire (singers of Boogie WONDERland used in HAPPY Feet (HAPY Feet!) with HUGH Jackman as Memphis) play for the Obamas at the White House on 2.22.2009.

& Stevie WONDER (blind keyboard maestro = EYEs that do not see) wins a Gershwin - Obamas to present on 2.25.2009.

The Knights Templar & the OSCAR Statue.

MUCH More on The Oscars of 2.22.2009 itself

Feels like there's some BIG "Revelation" is just waiting to happen...

in the meantime...
visit Chris at The Secret Sun and search for Oscar!
for some of his previous insights.

And some of his newer ones at The Solar Satellite

And Future Fossil's excellent CANIS MAJOR - OSCAR Poster Overlay image


tommy said...

Awesome post... In the Oscars poster, it looks like a big black beehive (bell, Bel, El, Saturn) right behind Osiris, along with an 8 pointed star.

word verification: insist (osiris inside his sister isis)

StrangEye said...

Great catch Tommy!

I haven't got into the "poster" part of the article yet!

My outline was along the lines of Osiris - Lord of the Underworld / Afterlife, and the Stargate movie RINGS !, and then later a tie in to "Project Bluebeam".

Bel, Baal -
Scroll down to the Video analysis and check out the Paris coffee drinker PhiLIP (le Bel) !

I'll note your comments when I add the poster analysis!


Jim said...

great stuff strangeye!

something is afoot.

Christopher Knowles said...

Excellent catch with the Cross of Lorraine! Lots of interesting smaller bits as well.

StrangEye said...

And a very big foot it is Jim !


David Stewart said...

Hi Strange eye - didn't mean to ignore your invite over at the Secret Sun to comment on the elevator image - I was away for the weekend and I am just trying to catch up with all the reading now.
I don't have much to add - you added some very intriguing synchs though I must say.
Beyond their role in defining the actual landscape, I want to remind any readers out there in the syncrosphere that the Elevator of the North American Plains may be THE most potent visual symbol of the Psychic landscape of that part of the world. These towers began to pierce the sky for the most part at the beginning of the 20th Century - and by the end of that century they had all but disappeared.
The Stock footage used in that Oscar footage for instance is already an echo of another time because the Robsart elevator has been torn down for at least six years. These sentinels of the Prairies were as important to their towns as the Cathedrals of Europe were to theirs -and as much in the deeper resonant senses as well. Anyone from the Great Plains who might pause to consider the Mythic/magic/semiotics of towers and obelisks etc would never fail to realize the Prairie grain elevator belongs to this same Pantheon.
The modern Grain corporations have mostly destroyed them now, but yet the visual imaginings of them still remain as powerful as ever.
I mentioned in a comment on someone else's blog that I hope to write a bit about the Randian synchs that have been percolating about in my brain for a good long while now - when she was a young girl she discovered an American novel titled CALUMET K which became one of her biggest influences and her stated favourite book. It concerned the building of a great elevator and the man that saw it through. Of course the themes would later appear in her own novel The Fountainhead - and they also both resonate with the Masonic ideas of the builder. Jake Kotze readers will also note the title of Calumet K gives us back the KK memes - with all it's suggestions of Pyramids and K2 etc. The Prairie elevator is the perfect choice to transmit these ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! is one of the best informational websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. rocks!

Anonymous said...

The author of has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: And, nobody gets out of this alive. Thanks for the info.

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