Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sym-bull-ism of the OSCARS - developing

Ben Stiller on the OSCARS stage as a NA'VI from AVATAR with the WE3M - SHIN - POSeIdON's Trident spinner on his forehead (Blue and Gold)

"... it was between this and the NAZI uniform but the show seemed a little Hitler Heavy..."

Hitler Heavy
H = 8

See also the Strange Eye Oscar Article for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

With a flick of his tail Ben Stiller (born: November 30) becomes OPHIUCHUS...

(stay tuned... check back soon... MUCH more developing)

In the meantime... why not take a moment to view the background info in

Sidney, Crosby, Patrick, Kane... and be sure to check out the POST COMMENTS...

Chris Knowles @ The Secret Sun is examining some of the symbols at Stairway to Sirius: The Oscars, the Sunrise and the Spiral Staircase

Wermes @ The Synch Whole is looking at The Key of the Heart Locker


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