Friday, March 12, 2010

TV Knight - 3.11.10 - Wild TAVISTOCK-like Synchromystic Symbolism

Here's some screen caps from a Synchromystic Dream Night of TV Viewing.

So well synched were all the themes, images and words of the TV shows throughout the evening on 3.11.10 that ONE should certainly suspect it was intentional.

The TV Shows to watch on the eve of 3.11.10 were:

The Mentalist: "Code Red"
CSI: "Neverland"
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (guest Eamon Javers)
The Colbert Report

If you want to amuze and amaze yourself with a constant stream of thematic repetition of the recent themes uncovered semiotically and synchromystically and discussed on here on Strange Eye, at The Synch Whole, and The Secret Sun, take some time to view those shows in the order of the above list.

Before we begin...
A little musical interlude to set the mood...

But none-the-less... here's an incomplete posting (sorry - took 2 damn long as it is!) of some PICS (screen caps) for your attentive viewing entertrainment.

(best you check out the actual and complete shows on HULU or Surf the Channel)

I'll come back to this and add some more text and image descriptions later...
You can always click the images to enlarge and to get the associated keywords.

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