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JON MONTGOMERY - GO MONT - Manitoba Golden Boy - Skeleton - Russell MB

(watch the Gold Medal Victory Ceremony for Jon Montgomery today [2.20.2010] on CTV - 22:00 EST / 21:00 CST / 19:00 PST)


Manitoba's Golden Boy...
Prairie Son...

Jon Montgomery

(Click images to enlarge)

Jon Montgomery, from Russell, MB has won GOLD in Skeleton!

With a 4th Heat top speed of 144.8 kph and combined finish time of 3:29.73 (209.73 seconds)

(Mother) Joan, (Father) Eldon, (Girlfriend) Darla, Jill and Jodi
(CTV interviewer) Jennifer Hedger

Goofin' with Jon...

Spirit of the Turtle and the Thunderbird...
Jon Montgomery has the First Nation's depiction of the Turtle and and the Thunderbird on his helmet. (by artist Phil Gray)

A kiss for Turtle.

A free pitcher of golden beer

Victory Inscribed on the HEARTS of All Canadians...

Carried on the back of the spirit turtle...

Spirit of the Thunderbird...

Manitoba, Canada's area code is "204"

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Olympic Gold Medalist in Skeleton, Jon Montgomery was born on May 6, 1979 and grew up in Russell, MB.

Russell, MB is located at the junction of MB HWY 83, MB HWY 45 and the Western turn of the Yellowhead Trail CDN HWY 16.

The Manitoba portion of the Yellowhead Highway route 16 was originally numbered MB Highway #4 until 1977, when it was redesignated in order to make all of the Yellowhead Highway numbered as Highway 16 across all four provinces of western Canada. (Manitoba, Sakatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia)
The Highway Runs from Winnipeg Manitoba through to Prince Rupert British Columbia.
The Yellowhead Highway association's 2010 Annual Conference & AGM is being held April 29 - May 1, 2010 in Prince George BC.
[The Flashforward date of 4.29.2010]

Russell is a small Manitoba town of 1700 people. The town of Russell is located at Highway 16 and Highway 83, approximately 15 km from the Saskatchewan border and 340 km northwest of Winnipeg. The community is home to approximately 1,400 people, with a trading area population of over 14,000.

Russell is the home of Manitoba's Beef and Barley Festival, which is held annually in October to celebrate the region's strong agricultural tradition. Festival events include the King & Queen Pageant, a volleyball tournament, a car rally, and a craft fair. Grain farming and cattle ranching are extensive in the surrounding areas.

8 arches span Russell, MB 's Main Street.

See official Town of Russell, Manitoba web site

Community Notables:
Red Dutton - Athlete - NHL hall of famer

Theoren Fleury — Athlete - NHL (Calgary Flames, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks)

Jon Montgomery - Athlete - Olympic Games Gold Medallist Skeleton racer

Charles Arkoll Boulton - Historical Figure - Lieutenant Colonel during North-West Rebellion

Winnipeg Free Press - Pride of Russell charges to top of skeleton with furious finish
By: Ed Tait
20/02/2010 1:00 AM

Now that Montgomery's won a medal, what's in his future?
"A pint," he said.

WHISTLER, B.C. -- Strike up the band and begin mapping out the parade route back home -- Russell's Jon Montgomery has delivered a 2010 Olympic gold medal for Canada and for Manitoba.

Montgomery, the 30-year-old part-time auctioneer, full-time daredevil and proud product of the Keystone Province, blistered through the final two runs in the Olympic skeleton at the Whistler Sliding Centre to overtake Latvia's Martin Dukurs and stand atop the medal podium and give Canada its fourth gold medal, and eighth medal overall, of the XXI Winter Olympics.

"It feels.... is stupendous a word? Outrageous. Unbelievable... all those things rolled into a big ball. It's bearing down on me pretty heavy because I don't even have words to describe it," said Montgomery.

Montgomery began the day 26 hundredths of a second behind Dukurs, the reigning Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) champion and chipped into the Latvian's advantage in Friday's final two runs.

Montgomery posted a time of 52.20 in his third run -- breaking Dukur's track record set a night earlier -- to cut the lead to .18. And in the fourth and final heat he was timed at 52.36 while Dukurs finished in 52.61. Montgomery's four-heat total of 3:29.73 was .07 better than Dukurs at 3:29.80.

"I have no clue how this might change my life," said Montgomery. "You get beyond what's in front of your nose on a skeleton track and you're going to be ass over tea kettle and in a world of hurt. We'll worry about how this might change my life after the Olympics are over."

Dukurs, the likable 25-year-old from Riga, was trying to deliver the first-ever gold medal for his Baltic country. Rounding out the podium was Russia's Alexander Tretyakov, who finished third with a combined time of 3:30.75.

Canada's Jeff Pain, a silver medallist four years ago in Turin, was ninth with a time of 3:31.86 while teammate Michael Douglas, who began the day seventh, was disqualified.

Montgomery's medal performance perfectly caps a wonderful tale of the small-town hero who first began sliding at Tower Hill in Russell, virtually just outside his back door.


"I'm looking forward to getting back to Russell at the beginning of March and showing my appreciation for everything that everybody's done for me, all the well wishes that I've got and the support I've gotten from my hometown, Russell, Manitoba," he said.

Montgomery didn't officially pick up the sport until eight years ago when he first gave the skeleton a try at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.

Working as an auctioneer in the auto industry, Montgomery could see the lights of the skeleton run from his apartment.

Visiting the park with his parents one night...
(read the rest of the story at Winnipeg Free Press)

Phil Gray
(The First Nations Artist behind the famous Turtle and Thunderbird Helmet of Jon Montgomery)

In September of 2009, members of the Olympic Skeleton Team consulted with British Columbian shaman Sandra Molendyk to receive some spiritual guidance, and to have their sleds blessed. During this consultation, Montgomery discovered that his spirit animal is the Turtle. After discovering this he commissioned his famous Turtle and Thunderbird helmet from Vancouver First Nations artist, Phil Gray.

Phil Gray

March 15, 1983

Vancouver, BC
Phil Gray began carving in 1999 with Salish artist, Gerry Sheena. Since then, Phil has worked with artists Mike Dangeli, David Boxley, Henry Green, Lyle Campbell, Jay Simeon and Ian Reid. He also had the opportunity to study Advanced Design under acclaimed Haida artist, Robert Davidson. Phil works primarily in cedar, alder and boxwood. He creates masks, panels, poles, sculptures and drums. Philip belongs to the Killerwhale Clan and the majority of his works are created in his traditional Tsimshian style. In September of 2003, Philip had three of his pieces donated to the Burke Museum in Seattle. In 2005, Phil was featured in the 'Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 2' exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. In the winter of 2007, Phil completed a large commission of sculptural works for Sonora Resort on Sonora Island, BC. Also in 2007, Phil completed the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program at the Native Education College in Vancouver, under Kwakwaka’wakw/Haida artist, Dan Wallace. Phil was included in two major exhibitions in 2009. The first was the 'Challenging Traditions' exhibition at Ontario's McMichael Gallery, a show that was dedicated to exploring innovative and experimental works from the Northwest Coast. The second was 'Continuum: Vision and Creativity on the Northwest Coast' at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery, which highlighted 23 established Aboriginal artists from BC, Washington State and Alaska. In September of 2009, Phil completed a pair of large red cedar doors here in Lattimer Gallery, which depicted a 'Grandmother Moon' design. In February of 2010, Phil designed the helmet of gold medal-winning Skeleton racer, Jon Montgomery. Montgomery held Phil's helmet throughout the Olympic awards ceremony.


(Watch video of Jon Montgomery's interview with Jennifer Hedger @

(for winning run replay see also the YouTube CTVOlympics Channel)

(read the BIO for Jon Montgomery on AthletesCAN)

Visit the official Jon Montgomery Web Site

The Olympic Medals were minted in the center [heart] city of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the Royal Canadian Mint. Each medal is a piece of a larger puzzle. All the medals fit a place in a larger picture. Each "crop" and medal is number coded for medal winning athletes to reference which part of the picture they have on their medal.

(click to play)

The Mint produced all 615 gold, silver and bronze medals for Olympic Winter Games athletes, as well as the 399 athlete medals for Paralympic Winter Games competition.

BONUS SYNCH (2.22.2010):

I was checking out Deconstructor's Superheroes vid on youtube (ref: the Strange Eye TESLA article) and at the very (and I do mean very) moment that he said the word SUPERMAN... this is what was displayed by Canada's CTV. I have had it on, as of late, to hear the latest Olympic NEWS, catch up, and grab some fitting images but this morning I happened to look over at the screen right as the Deconstructor video said Superman.... I took a screen cap to post here - as this moment was the perfect example of a "personal synch" [ref: Jungian Synchronicity]... (Kudos to the inventor of PVRs)

(be sure to check out the rest of the Olympic articles!)


StrangEye said...


MONT (Horus)
MER (Mer/Mary)


StrangEye said...

Skeleton from Russell...

What can I say!??
(either you know or you don't)

Hint: They're also partying in Yaletown.

and if you're a Regular reader of Strange Eye you'll see how the syncs have manifest from article to article...


StrangEye said...

The Lakota say this of Jon's symbols...

Thunderbird represents the highest peak of the Black Hills in South Dakota where Thunderbird nests. He is both a powerful and terrifying figure in Lakota stories. Also known as, Wakinyan, He is the guardian of TRUTH and has been known to kill liars when lightning bolts bullet from his eyes and flow out his beak. Never mess with Thunderbird.

Tortoise symbol.
She carries the earth inside her body. There are many stories from many nations regarding the power of Tortoise including the story that North America rests on her back. The Lakota give this symbols to new born babies because the earth is the direction connection to birth.


StrangEye said...

Check out the graphic by my fellow Canadian, Bryan from illuminatiMATRIX, of the Yellowhead highway...

Yellowhead Highway Graphic from illuminatiMATRIX


StrangEye said...

If you're LOST, there's more to come... just keep in mind that we are in Sun Cycle "24".


StrangEye said...

Here's another noteworthy MONTGOMERY...

Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC

(17 November 1887 – 24 March 1976), often referred to as "Monty", was an Anglo-Irish British Army officer. He successfully commanded Allied forces at the Battle of El Alamein, a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign during World War II, and troops under his command played a major role in the expulsion of Axis forces from North Africa. He was later a prominent commander in Italy and North-West Europe, where he was in command of all Allied ground forces during Operation Overlord until after the Battle of Normandy, and was the principal commander for Operation Market Garden.

(keep in mind that JON MONTGOMERY won gold in 'BRITISH' Columbia)

The First World War began in August 1914 with FM Montgomery leading the British troops.


StrangEye said...

In case you missed it...

AUGUST in the Russel map.

August 1914

19 = 10 = 1
14 = 5

1+5 = 6 = 2+4

10 + 10 + 9 + 4 = 33 = 6 = 2+4

"August 24"

6 months from February, the 2nd month is AUGUST (the 8th month).

(ref: the Strange Eye TESLA MOTORS PLANE CRASH article)


StrangEye said...

Although Jon Montgomery grew up in Russell, MB he lives in Calgary, AB (from the 204 to the 403)
(ref: TESLA article)


StrangEye said...

Sunday Space NEWS:

Buzz Aldrin is in Vancouver today (6pm @ the Hotel Vancouver Omega Boutique)


Leroy Cain (Le Roi Cain = the King CAIN)
Mission commander for STS-130
Space Shuttle Endeavour -

"Mission managers said final checks show that the shuttle is in good condition for landing, but forecasts for rain showers and low clouds in both Florida and California may force them to change their plans.

"We have a lot of options," Cain said.

Endeavor has two options to land at Kennedy Space Center on Sunday at 10:16 p.m. and 11:51 p.m. The shuttle can also land at Edwards Air Force Base on Monday at 1:20 a.m. and 2:55 a.m. If none of the options are possible, a third landing site is available in New Mexico.

"There are a lot of opportunities at both sites Sunday and Monday," Cain said. "So, as always, White Sands would be the third choice, but it would be put in the mix if necessary."


Interesting numbers in those landing times...

2.21.2010 -
10:16 pm (26 , 8) / 22:16 (11 , 2)
11:51 pm (62 , 8) / 23:51 (11 , 2)

2.22.2010 -
1:20 am (3)
2:55 am (3)


ISS, tranquility and the CUPOLA dome...
(Cupola = Kubla)
"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree"


Older news (2.18) - Late Thursday there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Endeavour commander George Zamka and station commander Jeff Williams to celebrate the Tranquility and its seven-windowed cupola on the International Space Station includes the placement on permanent display in the node of a rock brought back from the moon's Tranquility Base by Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969, and carried by shuttle astronaut Scott Parazynski to the summit of Mt. Everest in 2009.

The Cupola was dedicated to Astronaut Lacy Veach


(USA) Apolo Ohno became the most decorated winter Olympic athlete winning a bronze medal in speed skating.
(ref: Strange Eye MAELLE RiCKER article)


StrangEye said...

We'll look at how that previous post manifests in the next couple of days!

...and in Olympic News...
Today is SUPER SUNDAY in
Men's Hockey
(Hawk Eye)

Russia vs Czech Rep.


Sweden vs Finland


StrangEye said...

For JASON and the SYNchROnauts...

these recent articles on Strange Eye are also far more than they appear on the surface... Look, read, think, dig deep into them and floW!


StrangEye said...


Turtle and Thunderbird... like a REBIS and JANUS.

Men's Hockey (Hawk Eye)
@ 4:40 PST


Olympic Morning = "OM"

222 is one Strange Eye's favorite numbers.

Day/DEI "10"

Fitting for (le roi) CAIN to show up with all the ABE L(incoln) / Zeus / Jupiter we've seen lately.


StrangEye said...

MORE ... notes:

Men's Hockey (Hawk Eye)
@ 4:40 PST

Men's Hockey (Hawk Eye)


StrangEye said...

CTV's Olympic Morning (this will get a post of its own soon)

Seamus O'Regan and Melissa Grelo (CP24 - )

always at "Zog"'s in Whistler Village... (with the Clock tower behind it)

(DR WHO and the Time Tunnel - see recent SE articles)

This is a list of fictional characters who were companions of the Doctor, in various spin-off media based on the long-running British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. The canonicity of these spin-offs is unclear.



In the Mirage comics, Zog was one of two Triceraton soldiers left on Earth when the Utroms left. Some time later, Raphael found him in the sewers, and the turtles used him to attack the Foot. His mind was almost nothing, and he thought Raphael was commander Zoraph. Zog was very reckless and almost killed Donatello. He was then sliced up by three mutated Shredder clones.

Zog is also the name of two characters from the 2003 TV series.

The first Zog was a Triceraton soldier who became stranded on Earth after his fellows departed. Due to damage caused to his breath mask, he was mildly poisoned by Earth's atmosphere, causing him to become hallucinogenic. Because of the hallucinations, when the Turtles found him wandering around the sewers, he took them to be a Triceraton reconnaissance squad and Splinter as a general. Donatello repaired his breath mask, but despite this he continued to view them as Triceratons.

Zog proved to be a valuable ally to the Turtles, making short work of Shredder's strongest warriors, but was fatally wounded by Shredder himself. The battle ends with Zog grabbing Shredder in a bearhug and hurling himself into the heart of the burning ship. Zog dies from this assault; however, the Shredder survives the fire and explosion.

Later in the series, the Turtles pay homage to Zog by naming dinosaurs (namely Triceratops) after him.


(hypertext - cognitive science)

ZOG was an early hypertext system developed at Carnegie Mellon University during the 1970s by Donald McCracken and Robert Akscyn. ZOG was first developed by Allen Newell and George Robertson to serve as the front end for AI and Cognitive Science programs brought together at CMU for a summer workshop. The ZOG project was as an outgrowth of long-term artificial intelligence research led by Allen Newell and funded by the Office of Naval Research.

ZOG consisted of frames that contained a title, a description, a line containing ZOG system commands, and selections (menu items) that led to other frames. ZOG pioneered the "frame" or "card" model of hypertext later popularized by HyperCard. In such systems, the frames or cards cannot scroll to show content that is part of the same document but held offscreen. Instead, text that exceeds the capacity of one screen must be placed in another (which then constitutes a separate frame or card).


Zog... for Smallville/SuperMan fans...

Zog - Zod with a flip of the 'G'.


StrangEye said...

the Space Shuttle Endeavour and its six-member crew glided safely onto the runway at the Kennedy Space Center at 10:20 p.m. EST

(2/21/2010 22:20 EST = 03:20:00 a.m. GMT on 2/22/2010)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
Congratulations on your impressive Gold Medal achievement!

As I watched & reviewed the frenzy unfold around you during the media attention after your Gold medal parade downtown Vancouver, I began to think to my past and wonder why you began to look more and more familiar.

It wasn't until you voiced your Auctioneer persona when it finally hit me.....OAKVILLE!!
We both rented a room in a townhouse in Oakville, where I got to know a different side of Jon Montgomery.
All I'll say about that is that I hope you utilize the sleep function on your current Tv so nobody will see the barer side of Jon Montgomery that I saw...No wonder I didn't sleep well that night.

Your a good guy, and glad to see you turn your Ross Rebagliati habit into a Zen page to showcase your talents on the World stage to make Canadians proud of the Gold Medal you Earned.

James Postma

StrangEye said...

Thinking out loud...

Have you seen the intense echoes of '42'? (24,42,421,214,124,142...)

Look around, they're everywhere!
8 2 4

Jupiter / ABE / Zeus (24 from the planetary symbol for Jupiter) is yelling out and is anyone listening...

"Russell, MB is located at the junction of MB HWY 83, MB HWY 45 and the Western turn of the Yellowhead Trail CDN HWY 16."


16 = 4x4

Skeletons (other than the Russell Trust, aka Skull and Bones) are commonly associated with death.

If the HOLY SAINT JOHN (|O|) is the SUN... MoNT is HoRus... and MER-I the seas (oceans/water)...

24/42 is Jupiter/Zeus/Abe

Courtesy: SkyNews

Madeira is the beautiful Portuguese island [Capital: Funchal] which has recently been plagued with TORRENTIAL Rain.

Madeira lies between 32°22′N 16°16′W in the mid Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the Autonomous regions of Portugal, with MADEIRA Island and PORTO SANTO [Holy Harbour/Port] Island being the only inhabited islands. MADEIRA is part of the European Union [of 27 Member States] as an outermost region of the European Union [EU].
Madeira Island is the top of a massive shield volcano that rises about 6 km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, on an underwater mountain range called "Tore".

echoes of a coming SOLAR event?


StrangEye said...

More.. out loud...

I [of] RA MADE


MA de I [of] RA
Mother of the Eye of RA

Big Momma SHIN,
the Queen of Heaven -
the Creative finger of the Creator..


Baptizing the TORE undersea range.
TAU OR (Tower)


and the Golden Boy...


StrangEye said...

If you're not aware of the "42" Jim at the Synch Whole has put together a little video which should serve as a good introduction...

YouTube: The Apotheosis of Washington


StrangEye said...

Have a look at this google map of Madeira

You'll notice MONTE, SAO JORGE, QUINTA GRANDE, SANTO ANTONIO DA SERRA, HWY 101 , HWY 103 (101+103=204) and more...


StrangEye said...

Former Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig missing in Vancouver
Andrew Koenig, who was last seen on Valentine's Day, is said to be suffering from depression
By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun
February 22, 2010

Family and friends are anxious about the safety of actor Andrew Koenig -- who played Boner in the '80s TV show Growing Pains -- after he disappeared in Vancouver last week.

Koenig, son of actor Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek TV series, is believed to have sent his family a letter post-marked Feb. 15 from Vancouver before his disappearance. Koenig, 41, is said to have been suffering from depression.

He arrived in Vancouver on Feb. 10 and was due to fly out of Vancouver on Feb. 16 but never boarded the flight.

He was reported missing to Vancouver Police on Feb. 18, Const. Tim Fanning said.

"It's an active missing persons investigation right now," Fanning said.

The police have asked for the public's help in locating Koenig.

He is described as a white male, five feet five inches tall, weighing 135 pounds, with long shoulder-length brown hair. Police said he could "be anywhere in the Vancouver area." Anyone who has seen him is asked to call 911.

His father Walter and mother, Judy, said Sunday they were praying he would be found.

"We last spoke to him on Feb. 8 or 9th," his mom said. "I had some surgery and he phoned from Toronto to see how I was doing, but he sounded a little distant," she said.

His father was distraught. "I only want to say he's a really good person, a great humanitarian," he said. "Everyone who knew him was very fond of him. He was not in a good frame of mind when he called us. He was depressed."

Judy said that police have told her the last activity on his cellphone was on Feb. 16 when he was apparently in the Stanley Park area and that there was activity on his bank account at about the same time, but nothing since. One of his close friends is Vancouver Sun entertainment editor and former actor Maggie Langrick.

She was out searching for him in Stanley Park this weekend.

Langrick said Stanley Park was a "special place" for Koenig, whom she first met some 20 years ago.

She spoke with Koenig's parents Sunday and said they are deeply concerned after receiving a letter from him.

Langrick said his friends are worried about him because he is believed to have sold some possessions before flying to Canada, where he paid brief visits to close friends in Toronto and Montreal, and then Vancouver.

Asked to describe him, she said he is "a wonderful person with a very active social conscience."

"He is vegan for ethical reasons, and an active supporter of many causes, environmental, animal rights, human rights -- he is a very sensitive person who has struggled for a long time with depression. He has a lot of friends who love him deeply," she said.

Koenig lived in Vancouver from about 1989 to 1992 after he finished his work on Growing Pains.

Langrick said Koenig's Vancouver years were very happy ones for him, and that he often told friends he regarded Vancouver as his true home and hoped to return here to stay.

Following his role on Growing Pains he continued to work as an actor, but his subsequent work did not reach the same level of success.

He remained in the entertainment business and in recent years did standup comedy, video editing, documentary work and was developing a feature film script that he had written and hoped to direct.


Joshua Andrew Koenig, also known as Josh Andrew Koenig, or Andrew Koenig (born August 17, 1968), is an American character actor, film director, editor and writer.


More mid August - 16 / 17 / 24 resonators intensify.


StrangEye said...

Koenig (ger) = KING (eng)


StrangEye said...

Andrew Koenig played THE JOKER in the fan film "BATMAN: Dead End (2003)"
See: IMDB Batman Dead End details

Wtach on YouTube:
Batman: Dead End (2003)


StrangEye said...

and here we find another royal ANDREW...

Five UK Royals 'Demoted' by BBC in Event of Death


StrangEye said...

Just to clarify ... for the many many many new Strange Eye readers as of late...

if you're new to examining synchronicity, synchromystic, and semiotics - all this stuff - don't get fearful reading it!

The general 'Apocalypse' type themes you may observe lying underneath it all are Internal themes. The Apocalypse WithIn YOU, not WithOut! Even though reflections may occur in reality, 'the world' that we physically experience around us.

What we are seeing is 'The REVELATION' through the opening of the 'internal' Stargate.

Dates given here are dates for Spiritual Evolution and "SOuL-AR" advancement.


StrangEye said...

Congratulations to (CDN) Ashleigh McIvor - First Ever Gold Medal Winner in Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Ski Cross.


StrangEye said...

From the Toronto Sun
[bolding by ~SE~]

VANCOUVER - Shea Weber broke the glass, the net and the backs of the Germans Tuesday night.

Now it’s time to bring on the Russians and renew one of hockey’s greatest rivalries in Wednesday’s sudden-death quarterfinal.

The reality Wednesday is either Canada’s Sidney Crosby or Russia’s Alex Ovechkin — the two biggest stars of the NHL — is going home far short of a gold medal.

The Canadians dominated the Germans 8-2 Tuesday, but the question remains: is their game good enough to beat a team like Russia?

The GM Place crowd chanted “We want Russia” after Rick Nash, with the first goal of his 10-game Olympic career, made it 8-1 — but they better be careful what they wish for.

Weber, the bull-like Canadian defenceman who boasts one of the heaviest shots in the game, helped Canada punch its ticket into Wednesday’s quarters.

He scored what turned out to be the winner at 2:32 of the second period when one of his slap shots ripped through the mesh behind German goaltender Thomas Greiss. The play continued and the goal wasn’t confirmed until a video replay on the next stoppage in play.

In the first period, the game was delayed while a GM Place crew replaced a pane of glass that was cracked by a Weber shot.

Jarome Iginla, with his first of two on the night, scored about one minute after Weber with Canada on the powerplay to make it 3-0 and added his second of the game at 8:50 on one of his typical snapshots to the corner, over Greiss’s glove hand.

Before the second period was out, Germany’s Marcel Goc broke the shutout bid of Roberto Luongo — who’s replacing Martin Brodeur in the Canadian net and will surely be there again against the Russians — on a wraparound at 16:34.

Team Canada dominated Germany in the first period, but only had a 1-0 lead to show for it. Despite outshooting the Germans 14-4, the only player to beat Greiss was his San Jose teammate, Joe Thornton.

The Canadians were greeted by shouts of “Lou” as they were led onto the ice by Luongo to start the game.

After dominating the Germans for the first half of the opening period, Canada finally broke through to open the scoring and it was their best line so far in the tournament, the trio from the San Jose Sharks, that got them on the board.

The sequence was started on a wonderful rush by young defenceman Drew Doughty, who has continued to improve with each game.

Doughty dashed down the right wing into the German zone, fired a shot and then chased down the puck in the far corner. It went back to Duncan Keith at the line and his shot was deflected wide of the German net where Dany Heatley corralled it and fed a perfect pass to Thornton.

The game offered some encouraging signs for Wednesday. Eric Staal seemed to find some chemistry with Iginla and Sidney Crosby.

Staal had three assists, the third on a nice pass to Crosby that he redirected one minute into the third period to make it 5-1.

The fourth line of Brenden Morrow, Mike Richards and Jonathan Toews seemed to find its legs and scored a goal .

And now, the big question will be answered Wednesday: Was this a genuine uptick in the quality of the Canadians’ game, or just a function of the quality of the opponent?


Shin-boy SHea Weber
Silly Con valley's San Jose Sharks.
(SJ = Jesuit)

The Canada vs Russia game will be interesting given that the USA team (vs Canada) was wearing their 1960 Winter Olympics' jerseys.


StrangEye said...

I left a few out that should also have been bolded...

Drew Doughty
Duncan Keith
Dany Heatley

have a look...

Drew Doughty (D,D = 4 4, two fours)
Duncan Keith (D,K = 4 11, 4 2)
Dany Heatley (D,H = 4 8 , 24x2)


StrangEye said...

CANADA vs Russia
(game 24 - today)
Feb. 24, 4:30 PM PST / 6:30 PM CST / 7:30 PM EST / 12:30:00 AM GMT (2.25.2010) ...
@ UBC Thunderbird Arena.


StrangEye said...

Winnipeg's CLARA HUGHES just won the Bronze medal in Women's 5,000 metres speed skating !


StrangEye said...

Wikipedia: Clara Hughes

Date of birth September 27, 1972 (1972-09-27) (age 37)
Place of birth Winnipeg, Manitoba


StrangEye said...

Clara Hughes
with a time of
6:55.73 (-11.75)
briefly held 1st place and the Richmond Oval record today.

Won bronze medal


StrangEye said...


19:19 time on SOHO Sun image
(ref: Spaceweather)

19:19 in 1st period was USA first goal vs Canada Men's Hockey on 2.21

We also have this 'Marjah battle' in Afghanistan.
(Marjah = "MORIAH" and MAR-IAH)
(the reverse, HAI-RAM = Hiram)

1919yr on Wikipedia
has interesting info on Afghanistan:

February 28 – Amanullah Khan becomes King of Afghanistan.

August 19 – Afghanistan gains independence from the United Kingdom.

... and there's even more to see on that wikipedia 1919 page - worth a perusal to see resonance with current events.


StrangEye said...

1ST period,

CDN 51 Getzlaf @ 17:40 remain 1st (goal 1)

CDN 22 Heatley, Morrow @ 7:51 remain 1st (goal 2)

CDN 61 Nash, 16 Toews @ 7:06 remain 1st (goal 3)

RUS Volchenkov,Federov @ 5:22 remain 1st (goal 1)

CDN 10 Morrow @ 1:42 remain 1st (goal 4)

End period

CDN 21 shots on goal
RUS 12 shots on goal

CDN 4, RUS 1


CDN #51 Getzlaf, Keith @ 16:52 remain 2nd (goal 5)

CDN #6 Weber @ 15:55 remain 2nd (goal 6)

RUS Afinogenov @ 15:15 remain 2nd (goal 2)

CDN #24 Perry @ 10:09 remain 2nd (goal 7)

RUS Gonchar @ 08:20 remain 2nd (goal 3)

end period

CDN 7, RUS 3

StrangEye said...

Lets recap...

Clara Hughes

Date of birth September 27, 1972 (1972-09-27) (age 37)
Place of birth Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipegger Clara Hughes born in September 1972


the Canada-USSR Hockey series of 1972


StrangEye said...

In case you didn't catch it...
the final score of the men's hockey quarter-final of
Canada vs Russia was
Canada 7
Russia 3

(and with that scor in mind, if you haven't yet looked at the previous post comment about 1972... you should)

Time echoes from 2003 are also occuring in Rhode Island.
ref: Rhode Island fire (in 2003 at the Station) and Rhode Island firing of the techers.

Kind of makes me think of this...

9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
-Ecc 1:9 KJV


StrangEye said...

If you know your hockey, you might also know that 2 of the goal scorers in the Canada vs. Russia game were from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

...and Both played for the 'Hawks...
the Chicago Blackhawks

Duncan Keith (born July 16, 1983 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. Keith was drafted 54th overall by Chicago in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. He spent two seasons with the Norfolk Admirals of the American Hockey League (AHL) before joining the Blackhawks. Keith is known as a two-way defenceman, capable in both shutdown and offensive roles.

Born July 16, 1983 (1983-07-16) (age 26),
Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Jonathan Toews (pronounced /te…™vz/ ; born April 29, 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and team captain for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL). He was selected by the Blackhawks with the third overall pick in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Born April 29, 1988 (1988-04-29) (age 21),
Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Flashforward date of April 29


StrangEye said...

Goal 2 should be...
CDN 22 "Boyle", Heatley, Marleau @ 7:51 remain 1st (goal 2)


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