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KAL-EL and The Symbolism of S9 Superman of Smallville (new trailer update)

Here's one only partially fleshed out! I'll add to it and update it over time - but seeing as I must take care of other things for a week or so - the grinding wheel of the daily grind needs to reshape my edge for a few days...

Here's an image sneak preview...

Seeing as Superman, our heavily alchemical hero (and anthropomorphized Great Work, the Philosophers' Stone), decided to reinject himself into our conscious stream with the BONUS SYNCH in this month's article on the Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist in Skeleton, Jon Montgomery...(ref: Jon Montgomery article) and We previously saw a resonance of Superman and the Arctic palace during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on February 12, 2010.

Lets have a look through the most modern iteration of the DC Comics Superman character with the
Smallville Season 9 promo trailer...
(If you've been a regular reader of Strange Eye or The Synch Whole you might immediately recognize much of the previously discussed symbolism in it)

We can find resonance of the old Lois & Clark series with Dean Cain, James Bond, The Matrix trilogy, HBO's Carnivale... and a near endless relation list to even more through the hero's journey and the occult.

Smallville Season 9 Trailer.

(Click images to enlarge)

The Fire of "Z"...

KAL-EL in the Ice Palace.

Ice is the Solid state (crsytalline form) of Water.

2x4 Wheel of the Navigator (Nautonnier)

Here's 2 of the better books on the subject

To the Citizens of Metropolis:

You have welcomed me in your city and allowed me to make it my home. I will always be grateful for that. That is why I cannot leave without saying goodbye. The newspaper has made me into what you think I am - an example, a symbol, a "hero". But the reality is I'm simply one of you. The only difference is that my days in the shadows and my nights on the streets have allowed me to see what you've lost sight of - the good in each of you.

I've seen regular people do extraordinary things. I've seen you help each other up after you've been knocked down. I've seen you stand together when times are tough. And I've seen the smallest act make the biggest change. If I've done anything right...I hope it's help you realize one person can make a difference in the lives of others - that Metropolis doesn't need a hero. Have faith in yourself, and you will find hope in each other.

Remember, it's not the mask that makes the hero. It's the choices we make and the desire to do what's right. I've seen that desire in all of you. It inspired me to promise I would do everything in my power to protect this city - but I can't promise I'll be around forever. One day there may be a fight I cannot win.

But if that day comes, please...keep fighting without me to make the world a better place. Be the heroes I know you are.

The Red Blue Blur

You might recognize the tree symbolism as having appeared in Daniel Knauf's and HBO's epic series Carnivale

In Smallville Season 9 we see the intertwining of the mythologies and archetypes of the two television programs - that of the Avatars and the Usher.

Check out Jim's video at the Synch Whole The King of Love is a Dead Man

Check out the extended Comic Con Smallville Season 9 Trailer (poor quality) on YouTube

Clark Kent / Superman's crystal shows a flying Superman...
Which also just so happens to look like an EYE...
Can you say HoRus ?!

And CHLOE's crystal displays the word ISIS...
The female guardian of the Watch-Tower.

And Lex Luther appearing so pure in his all white suit with his shaved skin head...
His crystal shows his company's HQ building, which looks an awful lot like a pyramid in this instance...

Note & synch worthy: Remember the series Lois and Clark?
[Lewis and Clark ]
The ONE with Dean CAIN and Ms. Palo Alto herself, Terri Hatcher?

And we can't forget Ms Hatcher role in 007 - Tommorrow Never Dies
The Desperate HouseWife..
Teri Lynn Hatcher... born 12/8/1964
married to JON TENNEY,

Check out his IMDB page:
Legion (2010) .... Howard Anderson
(and more...)

Season 9 Smallville (small will) appears to be about,
The Rise of KAL-EL...
Our alien AL-Khemist. (EL ALK - the Royal/GOD art of ALKHEMY)

Were you perhaps wondering why they were depicting him, in his youth, dressed in BLACK? (KHEM)
and sporting the LEAD/SILVER "S" ?

Through the magic of AL KHEMY we'll surely see him transform into the famous Blue body suit and Red Cape wearing Superman.
That is if General ZOD don't get him first!

And yes... I do mean
the honest and straightforward Kandorian
General ZOD - as portrayed in the series Smallville.

... and synchromystically the original Superman synch manifests itself in reality with this little gem from the Books section of the New York Times...

Superman’s Debut Comic Sells for $1 Million
Published: February 23, 2010
Up, up and away! The comics blogosphere has been buzzing over the auction on Monday of a copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first appearance of Superman, right. The price: $1 million. Interest in the sale generated enough traffic to bring down the Web site of the auction house, Comic Connect, which posted a note explaining, “Due to the exceedingly high volume of traffic, the site has been temporarily replaced with this news article about the record selling comic.” The sale breaks the record of $317,200 from last March when Comic Connect sold another copy of Action No. 1, but in a lower-grade condition. Only 100 copies of Action No. 1 are believed to still exist. “Comic books are now in the same realm as fine art, one-of-a-kind jewels and antiques,” Vincent Zurzolo, chief operating officer and co-owner of Comic Connect, said. “If you look at the impact that a piece of fine art has on the world, compared to the impact that Superman has had, I think you would have to say more people know Superman.” A big question among comics fans is, Who won the auction? Alas, “both customers want to retain their secret identities,” Mr. Zurzolo said of the buyer and seller.

UPDATE: March 6,2010

Here's the latest 42 second trailer from CW for Smallville called "Small Talk"...

All-New episode of Smallville coming to CW (in the USA) and JOY11 (Winnipeg), Space Channel (rest of Canada) on Fri, April 2 (4/2/10)...
Set your PVRs boys and girls!

Here's a shared gallery of still image captures from the trailer - thanks to the good folks at #Smallville on Twitter

.... more updates to coming soon ....


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Good stuff, as always.

Christopher Knowles said...

Damn- another show I have to watch. Never got into it before- too soapy. But this looks like a whole new ball game.

Superman Costume said...

i wath this movie 1000 times and i like every time

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