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SaTURn and the Weeping Virgin - 10.13

A theoretical and speculative exploration of one of Freemasonry's more peculiar symbols...

(fig. A)

(fig. B)

I believe, and it is just my opinion and interpretation, that this symbol may be referencing or marking this particular moment in time.

We see in both depictions of the symbol above that Saturn (STUR / Kronos / Chronos), the angel-winged figure tucked in close behind the female, has his scythe in the down position... non-threatening.

How Saturn appeared from Earth on September 4, 2009:

This could be said to be the time at which the rings of Saturn disappear as Earth passess through their plane, as it did on September 4, 2009.

Another interesting note is that at this very moment in time...

The Columns were broken - the towers came down (WAEB and KRKO towers of September 4, 2009).

It occured during the time of the Sun in Virgo - Which occurs from August 23 to September 22 in Western tropical astrology and September 13 to October 13 in Sidereal and Hindu (Vedic) astrology.

SaTUR-Day September 19, 2009 is the Jewish New Year's Day in the Hebrew Calendar.

It will be the 1st day of Tishri, 5770 and Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah, in 5770 / 2009 is celebrated from sundown on Friday September 18 and ends at nightfall on Sunday September 20.

About 10 days later, from Sunset September 27, 2009 to nightfall on September 28, 2009, it will be YOM KIPPUR - the Jewish Day of Atonement

Side Note (from CNN):

'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem"

'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem
Story Highlights
Made of boulders weighing 4 to 5 tons, the 3,700-year-old wall is 26 feet high
Archaeologist: "I don't know how to do it today without mechanical equipment"
Wall is believed to have been built by Canaanites
Fri September 4, 2009

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- An archaeological dig in Jerusalem has turned up a 3,700-year-old wall that is the largest and oldest of its kind found in the region, experts say.

The wall is built of enormous boulders, confounding archaeologists as to how ancient peoples built it.

Standing 8 meters (26 feet) high, the wall of huge cut stones is a marvel to archaeologists.

"To build straight walls up 8 meters ... I don't know how to do it today without mechanical equipment," said the excavation's director, Ronny Reich. "I don't think that any engineer today without electrical power [could] do it."

Archaeologist Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority added, "You see all the big boulders -- all the boulders are 4 to 5 tons."

The discovered section is 24 meters (79 feet) long. "However, it is thought the fortification is much longer because it continues west beyond the part that was exposed," the Israel Antiquities Authority said in a news release.

Watch report on the discovery of the ancient wall

SUN-Day September 13, 2009:
Is day of the little known Christian Feast of the Cross
The date used for the feast marks the dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 335 ad. This was a two-day festival: although the actual consecration of the church was on September 13, the cross itself was brought outside the church on September 14 so that the clergy and faithful could pray before the True Cross, and all could come forward to venerate it.
The celebration is sometimes called Feast of the Glorious Cross.

Side Note:
9/13 is coincidentally the date of the MTV VMAs which I wrote about in KT Perry - Russell Brand and the 2009 MTV VMAs

9/15 is coincidentally the the release date of Dan Brown's (Angels & Demons / The DaVinci Code) next novel The Lost Symbol

Before we get back to our Weeping Virgin symbols above...
We need to look at a little astronomy:

September 4, 2009 - We saw the rings of Saturn disappear due to our planar position relative to the rings. It was also a Full Moon.

September 18, 2009 - (Rosh HaShanah) There will be a New Moon.

October 13th, 2009 - there will be a very close conjunction of Venus and Saturn.
Tiny Mercury will also be just below the pair, and all three will be joined by the Moon on the 16th of October. Venus rising in the morning before the Sun, in ancient times was known as the "Morning Star" Lucifer/Eosphorus (When Venus rises after the Sun it was known as Vesper/Hesperus)

According to Sky News Magazine the Saturn-Venus-and then Mercury and Moon conjunction is one of the Top 10 Best Astonomical events of 2009.
October 8-16, 2009 (8/8)
A striking performance of planetary dancing occurs predawn in October. On October 8, Saturn swings within 20 arc minutes of Mercury, then on October 13, it passes 30 arc minutes from Venus. Three days later, as shown here, the waning Moon joins the trio of dawn planets, with Saturn above and Mercury below a pairing of Venus and the Moon


According to the NASA Saturn Cassini Equinox Observation web site:
October 2009 - The early bird gets a wonderful view of Saturn, Mercury and Venus this month. On the 8th look for Saturn, tiny Mercury, and Venus together low on the eastern horizon 45 minutes before sunrise. On the 13th Venus and Saturn make a pretty pair. If you are up early, don't miss the moon near Mars on the 11th and 12th. And on the 16th the moon joins Venus and Saturn, all in the dawn sky. Saturn's ring tilt (showing the north face of the rings) is 1.5 degrees this month.

More Astronomy on ARKSKY:

Venus - By Venus standards, this planet is quite small throughout September; it will be far easier to spot Venus in dark skies, before dawn's first glow, the first week of September; after that the planet very slowly will creep eastward and rise just a bit later each morning, until on September 30, it will be on the horizon at dawn. Approaching superior conjunction with the sun from Earth, the planet is distant now and appears only 12 arc seconds, only one fifth what it can appear when closest to the Earth

Again More Astronomy on ARKSKY:

Venus - Now a brilliant morning object, Venus rises ahead of both Mercury and Saturn (see Mercury, above). Venus is nearly fully illuminated this month and will be the brightest object in the morning skies until it is joined by the waning moon during the second week of October. NOTE: look for a magnificent pairing of Saturn and Venus during the mornings of Oct. 10-16 when Saturn moves eastward and "overtakes" Venus in the incredible show to watch morning after morning. On Oct. 16, the pair will be joined by the very thin crescent moon.
Saturn - Saturn is now in the dawn of morning sky; although rising only as dawn breaks on the first, look for the magnificent ringed planet to rise about 3 hours earlier by the END of October. The rings of the beautiful planet are continuing to "open back up" after being nearly edge on in late 2008 and this tilt makes for a beautiful view telescopically. At this time, the rings are VERY much closes up to our line of sight, and angled ONLY 3 degrees! This results in Saturn being much dimmer than it normally would appear, even to the naked eye, when the rings are wide "open" and reflecting maximum sunlight. NOTE the beautiful pairing with Venus (see VENUS, above) Note that on the morning of Oct. 8, Saturn and MERCURY will be only 1/3 degree apart in the sky!....look about 45 minutes prior to sunrise . THEN on October 13, Saturn will pair up with much brighter VENUS and be only 1/2 degree from that planet. Both of these conjunctions can be photographed in the same low power field of view on many telescopes!

Animation of October 2009 and Venus-Saturn-Mecury-Moon alignment

OK, Now back to our Weeping Virgin symbols above...

We have SaTURn/STUR and the Virgin/Virgo/Venus, we know that's her because the astrological symbol of VIRGO is appearing in the Ring and Banner in fig.B. above.

So now that we're on fig.B. above, we see that Saturn and Venus are surrounded by an empty/hollow Ring.

This aspect of the image coincides with multiple things:

It shows us that they are close together, as we see they will be from the astronomy above.

It shows us that their closeness will occur during the Sun in Virgo, via the astrological symbol, which we see will be the case from the dates and astrology.

The Hollow Ring can also represent the closeness to the SUN, which we have read will be occuring during this time of Sept 4, 2009 - Oct 16, 2009.

The Column can represent the Sun, the year(changing), or Mercury - All of which we have read are relevant during this time. We see this accentuated by the fallen towers that I recently wrote about.
The FALLEN, in the AM (AM Radio Towers) also links to Lucifer. Further accentuating the Venus in the AM (Morning) as the Morning Star (See above link).

The book on the broken column likely being the Bible, as it holds the center place on the center altar in a Masonic lodge, it, along with the hour glass, further accentuates the time of the Jewish New Year.

We also see that SaTURn, has his spinning scythe - his rings, in the down, non-threatening or there and blade-turned-away position, as we read from my article previous to this one has just occurred. His Scythe forms a small crescent as will the Moon phase when it joins the 3 planets in conjuction.

As SaTURn stands behind the Virgin unfolding the ringlets of her hair, we can see that this alludes to their closeness, proximity to one another, and also that it will take time to unfold the hidden meaning of this symbol.

The Virign is called the Weeping Virgin to attract our attention to the fact that shes actually "VENUS" - from the ancient mythology of "VENUS weeping over Adonis". This mythos is also depicted in another famous painting by esoteric/occult painter, Nicolas Poussin - most famous for his "Les Bergers d'Arcadie"

The Banner shows us three astrological symbols and one planetary symbol. The Symbols from the top-most right to the lower left are: Leo, SaTURn, Virgo, and Libra

It is also interesting to note that the planet Saturn is Exalted in the constellation/zodiac sign of Libra.
and an interesting note that the planet Mercury is Exalted in the constellation/zodiac sign of Virgo.

From the symbols on the Banner, we can see that the Conjunction of Saturn and Venus, depicted in fig.B., is to take place between the time of the Sun's progression in the Zodiac from Leo to Libra. Which, from the astronomy details above, we see is coinciding with this time.
Add to this the current "elevationally invisible" planar position of Saturn rings, a 14 year phenomenon, and we see that this symbol can clearly point to a Venus-Saturn conjunction that is to occur between LEO and LIBRA in the year 2009 !

In Freemasonry the following views on the symbols are held:

Masonry still retains among its emblems one of a woman weeping over a broken column, holding in her hand a branch of acacia, myrtle, or tamarisk, while Time, we are told, stands behind her combing out the ringlets of her hair. We need not repeat the vapid and trivial explanation... given, of this representation of Isis, weeping at Byblos, over the column torn from the palace of the King, that contained the body of Osiris, while Horus, the God of Time, pours ambrosia on her hair.
- Illustrious Albert Pike 33° - Morals and Dogma, page 379

The broken column denotes the untimely death of our Grand Master Hiram Abiff; the beautiful Virgin, weeping, denotes the Temple, unfinished; the book open before her, that his virtues there lie on perpetual record; the sprig of acacia in her right hand, the timely discovery of his body; the urn in her left, that his ashes were there safely deposited to perpetuate the remembrance of so distinguished a character; and Time standing behind her unfolding the ringlets of her hair denotes that time, patience and perseverance will accomplish all things...
- Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, by Malcom C. Duncan, [1866]

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages author Manly P. Hall 33° (though he was not a Freemason at the time of the book's publication) says this:
Other authors consider Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius as the three murderers of the sun, inasmuch as Osiris was murdered by Typhon, to whom were assigned the thirty degrees of the constellation of Scorpio. In the Christian Mysteries also Judas signifies the Scorpion, and the thirty pieces of silver for which he betrayed His Lord represent the number of degrees in that sign. Having been struck by Libra (the state), Scorpio (the church), and Sagittarius (the mob), the sun (CHiram) is secretly home through the darkness by the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces and buried over the brow of a hill (the vernal equinox). Capricorn has for its symbol an old man with a scythe in his hand. This is Father Time-- a wayfarer--who is symbolized in Masonry as straightening out the ringlets of a young girl's hair. If the Weeping Virgin be considered a symbol of Virgo, and Father Time with his scythe a symbol of Capricorn, then the interval of ninety degrees between these two signs will be found to correspond to that occupied by the three murderers. Esoterically, the urn containing the ashes of CHiram represents the human heart. Saturn, the old man who lives at the north pole, and brings with him to the children of men a sprig of evergreen (the Christmas tree), is familiar to the little folks under the name of Santa Claus, for he brings each winter the gift of a new year. provides another long exploration of this symbol and tells us this:

No logical reason has been advanced why the woman who mourned and read in the book was a "beautiful virgin." No scriptural account tells of the Master Builder having wife or daughter or any female relative except his mother. The Israelites reverenced womanhood and appreciated virginity, but they were just as reverent over mother and child. Indeed, the bearing of children, the increase of the tribe, the desire for sons, was strong in the Twelve Tribes; why, then, the accent upon the virginity of the woman in the monument? "Time standing behind her, unfolding and counting the ringlets of her hair" is dramatic, but also out of character for the times. "Father Time" with his scythe is probably a descendant of the Greek Chromos, who carried a sickle or reaping hook, but the Israelites had no contact with Greece. It may have been natural for whoever invented the marble monument emblem to conclude that Time was both a world-wide and a time immemorial symbolic figure, but it could not have been so at the era in which Solomon's Temple was built.

Read more on the Weeping Virgin symbol using Google

...and for an in-depth exploration of another interesting symbol check out Wayne Herschel's -

Key of Solomon - Hidden Records

If you find yourself intrigued and interested in "amateur astronomy" or "archaeoastronomy" check out these free software links:

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