Saturday, August 29, 2009

KT Perry - Russell Brand and the 2009 MTV VMAs

In a Side Story:
Related to my previous article...

Let's see what KATY (K.T.) Perry is up to...

At Radio City (RC) Hall, NY on September 13th, RUSSELL Brand will be trusted to host the 2009 MTV VMAs once again.

Katy appears in a video ad with Russell...
Russell Brand = Russell Trust = RTA

Cobra Starship, Ne-Yo, Katy Perry, Russell Brand and Taylor Swift - in the 2009 MTV VMA Side Story

Youtube AD: 2009 MTV VMAs

In the AD, which follows a "West Side Story" main theme, we also see NE-YO in his serpent shirt beating out his best Michael Jackson and singing "We're gonna take 'em with impeccable FLOW" (0:47) and KATY Perry doing her best "Edward (Kennedy) Scissorhands" trimming a Rose BUSH by the glowing skylights (pyramids) on the roof and singing "We're shooting 20 Jagers..." - J├Ągermeister - JM / MJ, Taylor Swift gives the "Sign of Fidelity" and attracts our attention to the stars and ecliptic on her dress, and Russell, the promiscuous BRIT, appears in his Master (Mason) of Ceremonies top hat - Looking to knock up Lady GAGA - whose name comes from the famous QUEEN song Radio Gaga .

Side Note:
For an interesting take on the METROPOLIS (1927 silent movie) theme in music vids check out Pimpb1420's youtube series on The Industry

And earlier this month we saw that "GI JOE: The rise of Cobra" is not the only one with a COBRA commander, we also have Obama's COBRA Health Insurance stimulus plan

and another AD with BRITney Spears, Russell Brand and the Blue Dog (STAR / Sirius), MTV Moon Man and Top Hat,

Youtube AD: 2009 MTV VMAs

Did you notice the Michael Jackson and eye tattoo on Russell's right arm?
The New York Times and Jim Hall's op-ed piece "First Make No Mistakes"?
Or the Skull ring on Russell's left hand?

Or perhaps you were too distracted by Russell's vain attempt at sexual mind control of BRITney?

More on September 13th coming...

Your serpent fire - Kundalini just rose a little reading this article!


Anonymous said...

Besides the point but that was some really horrid singing from K.T. Perry that Cobra guy and especially Taylor Swift. How this chick became so famous with such a mediocre voice is beyond me.

Tess said...

Nice one, there.

Of course, we all know where Britney's masonic roots come from - Disney.

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