Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A11 Dressed to the NINEs

Something interesting about the NINEs in Movies as of late...

Youtube trailer: Peter Jackson Presents: District 9

District 9: Released on 8/14/2009
8+14+11 = 33
3 x 3 = 9

More District 9 by Andre Heath:
DISTRICT 9: Something is happening here! (UPDATED) @ The Alien Project

and by DAZ

District 9 @ Discoveries of DAZ

See more District 9 vids and trailers @ MySpace

Youtube trailer: District 9 (

Youtube trailer: Tim Burton's - 9 (release date on 9-9-09)


Youtube trailer: Tim Burton's - 9 (release date on 9-9-09)

Youtube trailer: Nine (release date on 11-25-09)


Youtube trailer: Nine (release date on 11-25-09)

"Live today as though it may become your last..."

For those readers of the conspiracy ilk:
The Council of Nine



Andre Heath said...

Very interesting, indeed.

Good work, Strangie.

Of course the 33 from District 9 is significant of the age of Christ at death and resurrection. 3 years from when he started his ministry. How significant that the principal alien character is called Christopher, who proclaims that he will return to Earth in 3 years.

Thanks for the link, as well.


StrangEye said...

Good point Andre!

And just to Bible-i-fy it a little more...

District 9 is in Johannesburg.
(Jesus and the ministry of John the Baptist)

Oannes - burg?!

And I should also add that I like your blog renovations. Well Done!


Andre Heath said...

Thanks my friend.

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