Monday, September 7, 2009

Stur - Saturn - Lost His Rings... (UPDATE)

On september 4, 2009 an interesting astronomical event occured...

The rings of the second largest planet in our solar system and the sixth from the Sun, Saturn (STUR as the planet was known in Chaldee), appeared to disappear from our vantage point on planet Earth.

How Saturn appeared from Earth on September 4, 2009:

The Earth has passed through the plane of Saturn's rings on September 4. Up to that date and since February 1996, the southern face of the rings has been in view. After passing through Saturn's ring plane, the northern face will come into view and remain so until March 2025.

Saturn and Earth size comparison:

Thunderstorm on Saturn is a record-buster

Tue Sep 15, 4:20 am ET
PARIS (AFP) – A tempest that erupted on Saturn in January has become the Solar System's longest continuously observed lightning storm, astronomers reported on Tuesday.

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