Saturday, September 19, 2009

SOS She's in Disguise - SOS She's in THE SKIES ! (UPDATE)

In keeping with my ASTRONOMICAL exploration of the 2009 MTV VMA awards...

Here's the inhumanly sexy She Wolf herself, Shakira!
(full name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll)
She Wolf is both the title and title song of Shakira's new CD Release.
(Which coincidentally will be released in the U.S. on OCTOBER 13, 2009 (10.13)!
(10.12 in most of Europe - to coincide with Aleister Crowley's Birthday)

Shakira performed on January 18, 2009 at the Lincoln Memorial "We Are One" festivities in honor of the inauguration of President Barack Obama where She performed "Higher Ground" with Stevie Wonder and Usher. She also performed during the evening of January 20, 2009 at the Neighborhood Ball for the President's inauguration.

She Wolf in the skies (DISGUISE)

LUPUS, The SHE-WOLF, is in the Southern Skies. Dancing East to West along the HOR-I-ZON line.

The CAGE being the RIGHT ASCENSION/DEC lines that form grid-like (cage-like) celestial guide lines. Much like the lines of Latitude and Longitude on a map, only in the heavens.

If you didn't catch my other Aleister Crowley link at the beginning of this article go back and check it out because the Lupus page on Wikipedia tells us:
"It was not separated from Centaurus until Hipparchus of Bithynia named it Therion (meaning beast) in the 200s BC. "

Unfortunately for us, embedding of the new SHAKIRA - SHE WOLF video is disabled. So you'll have to
visit YOUTUBE directly to watch the official SHE WOLF video
(Though the vid is in the MAKING OF/Behind the Scenes part 3 below !)

You see her dancing through the pink/red (sunset) ruby cave sky (00:22), with twinkling crystals just like STARS...

You see her dancing with her half-there (half skin - half black material) horizon line dress... (and to digress looking f-ing gorgeous doing it!)

A mere 3 seconds into the video and we are told, symbolically by the Moon through the doorway, to go outside and look at the SKY.

So outside we go...

At 17:00 hrs local time looking south from Washington DC we see LUPUS / The WOLF dead center of the Southern sky view on the horizon:

The Bustier to form the constellation,
and the arms to make an EYE... where the Bustier becomes the pupil (and the symbolic Milky Way, Galactic Center)

and then on 10.13.2009 at 17:00 over Washington DC...
Sure enough the SHE WOLF has her EYE on her PREY... VIRGO (The Weeping Virgin) and Ceres between her "thighs"...

And in case you're curious the Full Moon for October 2009 is on the 4th...

(Anyone recognize the city above? Let me know in the comments.)

Making SHE WOLF:

And just for laughs ;) ijustine...

Another take on LUPUS...

Wikipedia page on Lycaon of Arcadia

and finally Shakira's choreographer...
Choreography Reel of Nadine "HI HAT" Ruffin on YouTube

According to People Magazine:
"Beyoncé Knowles confessed that she was taught how to belly dance by Shakira."
The 25-year-old star, who teamed up with Shakira to record the track ‘Beautiful Liar’, had nothing but compliments for her teacher.

Beyoncé Knowles is married to Sean "Jay-Z / J-Hova" Carter:

Shakira ended her 2007 tour in Cologne, Germany.

Shakira owns an island in the Bahamas, "Bonds Cay", with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, Alejandro Sanz, Miami devolper Arturo Rubinstein, and her fiance Antonio de la Rua. Her fiance, Antonio, is the son of the former Argentine President, Fernando de la Rua.

In 2008, Shakira was the world's fourth highest grossing female singer.

UPDATE: Anonymous (9.21.09@12:42pm): Tells us the city in the video background may be San Francisco, CA. That would make the double-spired church the Saints Peter and Paul Church (located at 666 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA) and the scene background (probably green-screened on a studio set) filmed from a location likely on Mason St near Columbus Ave.

... more about the mythology of the She-Wolf, Romulus and Remus and the empire of Rome

View Larger Map

It was SHAKIRA that handed the "Moon Man Award" to Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs before the infamous Kanye West interruption.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Wow! Loved the post. I don't recognize the city, but I see a temple and a tower, LOL! I absolutely enjoy listening to Shakira and she is very easy on the eyes, LOL.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The City in the back round of the video is San Francisco

Dennis Igou said...

Why is the fashon industry so militaristic? Afraid of their own shadow. Willing to cast dreams of fear and horror? I for one love the goddess, in all her masks. But please lighten up my city vampires. The world is quite wonderful beyond the concrete and hate. Dennis. Shineforth brave souls.

Anonymous said...

The video in the back round is in San Francisco. The tower you see is called Coit Tower. How do i know i live in SF

StrangEye said...

Thank you anonymous.

SHAKIRA dances under the Moon (Goddess) between the phallic COIT ("CoitUS"?) Tower and the Roman Church.

Very interesting!


Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I think the list inform should prepare more info then it has.

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