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Red Bull X-Fighters Rock the Pyramids in Chi-Rho (UPDATES)

Author's Note: Possibly one of the coolest Freestyle Motocross (FMX) pics ever snapped. (rider is doing a flip with the pyramids of Giza in the background). The wheel of the motocross bike forming the Eye on top of the Pyramid.

Being a motocross enthusiast myself, this one is particularly near and dear to my heart! (I'm too old at 36 to ride competitively but I still enjoy a good tear once in a while)

Red Bull gives you wings !

The winged Solar disk ~O~ of the SUN

(Compare the Solar Disk to the Red Bull logo and the bulls as wings with serpentine tails!)

On Friday April 10, 2009 (a festival known as Good Friday in the Christian world) the Red Bull X-Fighters performed amazing Freestyle Motocross (FMX) tricks in front of a crowd of about 10,000 in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt with the pyramids in the background.

As part of the "Red Bull X-Fighters Exhibition Tour" the riders, Nick de Wit (RSA), Chris Birch (UK), Morgan Karlson (SWE) and Jimmy Verburgh (BEL) performed for the cheering crowd.

In keeping with my Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar we note that Friday April 10, 2009 was the "Feast of Wasir" (WSR / Osiris).

This leads us once again to the Pyramid Texts and Utterance 580:

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts from Raymond O. Faulkner

Utterance 580:

1543a. To say: Thou who hast smitten (my) father he who has killed (one) greater than he
1543b. thou hast smitten (my) father, thou hast killed one greater than thou.
1544a. Father Osiris N. I have smitten for thee him who smote thee as an ox
1544b. I have killed for thee him who killed thee as a wild-bull.
1544c. I have overpowered for thee him who overpowered thee as an ox
1544d. thou art upon his back as he who is upon the back of an ox.
1545a. He who stretched thee out as the stretched out ox he who slaughtered thee as the slaughtered ox
1545b. he who stunned thee as the stunned ox --
1545c. I have cut off his head I have cut off his tail
1545d. I have cut off his two hands I have cut off his two feet.
1546a. His upper fore-legs including (lit. "being to") his lower forelegs belong t[o Atum], father of the gods
1546b. his two thighs belong to Shu and Tefnut
1546c. his two sides belong to Geb and Nut
1547a. his two shoulder blades belong to Isis and Nephthys
1547b. his two shoulders belong to Mḫnti-’irti and Hrti,--
1547c. his spinal column belongs to Neit and Śerḳet his heart belongs to Sekhmet, the great
1548a. that which is in the back part of his body belongs to those four gods, the sons of Horus, his beloved,
1548b. Ḥȝpi, ’Imś.ti, Dwȝ-mw.t.f, Ḳbḥ-śn.w.f.
1549a. His head, his tail, his two hands, his two feet
1549b. belong to Anubis, who is upon his mountain to Osiris who is chief of his department (or, thigh-offering).
1549c. That which the gods leave belongs to the Souls of Nekhen and the Souls of Buto.
1550a. Eat, eat the red ox, for the voyage by sea,
1550b. which Horus did for his father, Osiris N.

1550a. Eat, eat the red ox

... Eat, eat the RED BULL ...

We've noted in our explorations before that the Egyptian god Mont was depicted with the head of a bull in similar fashion to the Min~o~Taur. (geMINi-TAURus)

Mont could also be interpreted as the warrior Horus (the two are often indistinguishable in the pictograms).

Very fitting to have the Red Bull X-Fighters Motocrossers at the Pyramids as a motocross bike is a powered Bi-Cycle afterall - Linked to the duality of GEMINI, the twins, of the Min~o~Taur. (April-May)

This year, 2009, is also the chinese year of the "EARTH OX"

Strange Eye Readers keeping up with the RED RIVER floods will also find this "Red Bull Sacrifice" at the Pyramids on the feast of Wasir/Osiris to be of interest.

This year the Christian Festival time known as LENT began with the sacrifice of the Taurus XL rocket and ends with the Red River Flood and the Red Bull X-fighters at the Pyramids in Egypt.

And a note for my fellow Winnipegger, Jake Kotze from The Blob: the rider in the photo at the top of this article appears to be Nick de Wit from the Republic of South Africa.


If we take the "X" of X-Fighters we get the Greek letter CHI

A "Fight" is also known as a ROW.
If we take the phonetic of ROW we find it equals another important letter - the Greek letter RHO

together we get the CHI-RHO = CAIRO !

or the the symbol known as the Labarum ( ☧ )

In Hoc Signo Vinces

From Wikipedia CHI-RHO:

The Chi Rho is one of the earliest christograms used by Christians. It is formed by superimposing the first two letters in the Greek spelling of the word Christ ( Greek : "Χριστός" ), chi = ch and rho = r, in such a way to produce the monogram ☧. The Chi-Rho symbol was also used by pagan Greek scribes to mark, in the margin, a particularly valuable or relevant passage; the combined letters Chi and Rho standing for chrēston, meaning "good."[1]

Although not technically a cross, the Chi Rho invokes the crucifixion of Jesus as well as symbolizing his status as the Christ. There is early evidence of the Chi Rho symbol on Christian Rings of the third century (200's).

The Christian Feast of Good Friday is to mark the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus.

To top it all off, GIZA was known to the ancients as ROSTAU (Rose Tau / Rose Cross!) We could also note that in Christianity, Jesus (Yahoshua, or many other controversial spellings and names) was believed to have been crucified on the Cross and then Rose from the dead.

Those with the Egyptian Bug can find more interesting post and facts from the land of Khem on Chris Knowles' Solar Satellite blog. Check out his last 17 articles for related info.

Regular readers of Chris's Secret Sun blog and his extensive coverage of 3/17 will note that this past Easter Sunday, in the Chinese calendar was 17, 3, 4707! (4/12/2009 in the Gregorian calendar, 3/30/2009 in the Julian, start of Parmouti in the Rectified Egyptian). It was also 18 Nissan 5769 in the Hebrew and a Hebrew festival called "Passover"/"Pesach", to commemorate the Ten Plagues on Egypt (Khem).

The Hebrews were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, hence the term "passover".

We could also note that the Motocrosser in the picture at the top is seen to "Pass Over" the Pyramids!

18 Nissan is historically known for:

The Day Pharaoh Becomes Aware of Escape (1313 BCE)
Following the Jewish nation's grand exodus from Egypt (see Jewish history for the 15th of Nissan), Pharaoh, who only gave official permission for the Jews to to leave for three days, was informed by secret agents whom he sent together with the Jews that they had no intention of returning.

Pharaoh decided to mobilize his army and pursue the Jews, with the intention of bringing them back to Egypt. This led to the drowning of the Egyptians in the Red Sea.

Fellow 'Peggers, the "GEM in EYE" Thompson Twins, Jim and Jake have both covered the Red C/Sea HERE and HERE

FYI: The Red River is expected to crest this week in southern Manitoba - an interesting parallel to the Biblical story of Exodus and the Red Sea, 21 Nissan.

Wikipedia says the following, about the Passage of the Red Sea:

The Passage of the Red Sea refers to the Biblical account of the passage of the Red Sea by Moses, leading the Hebrews (Israelites) on their journey out of Egypt and across the Red Sea as described in the Book of Exodus, chapters 13:17 to 15:21, in order to enter the Promised Land (Canaan)

Read more on Cana/Cain in the post comments at the Solar Satellite

From the Land of Khem to the Red C, the Al-Khemia shines like a star...


Christopher Knowles said...

Whoa- great catch on the Red Bull logo, Strangey. So interesting seeing all of this bull imagery everywhere- very Mithraic.

StrangEye said...

Thanks Chris.

As we both know all these mysteries are offshoots of one another.

As various peoples were conquered and cultures assimiliated throughout history the "definitions" of those gods and mysteries were, in some circumstances, assimiliated as well.

It would be nice if we had a more accurate archeo-theological timeline to these things, but unfortunately most dating is just educated guesswork.

Definitely a lot of elements of Mithraism is involved. I think it is probably the most direct lineage to our current culture, religion and philosophies.

I'm guessing that the "Bull Worship", or more appropriately "Bull Veneration", comes from the prominence of the TAURUS Constellation. Its relative position to Orion the Hunter made for great story-telling around the midnight camp fires.

We could also note that the Archangel Michael (an Archangel featured in the big western 3 - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) is associated with the star Aldebaran, otherwise known to astronomers as Alpha-Tauri. It is the "Bull's Eye" that the archer, Orion, is aiming his arrow at.

I could go on and on about astrotheology and archaeoastronomy but that topic in itself could fill volumes!

Anyway, that's my take on the whole "Bull thing".


StrangEye said...

If you want to read more on Chris's exploration of Mithras, the Mithraic mysteries and Mithraism you can do so with the following links:



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