Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Al-Khemia of THE SPIRIT

The RED Pill it is then...

The SPIRIT article Coming soon...

If you have not yet seen the movie THE SPIRIT it is definitely worth watching.

For those who didn't see it in the theater it is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

I'm working on the screen caps and then I will put up the article on the underlying AL-Khemia story present in the movie.

for now I leave you with some vids...

JASON and the Golden Fleece


Andre Heath said...

I can't wait, Strangie.

Perhaps you can look at red theme throughout the movie. There is an obvious spiritual connection. Red, in our current culture signifies blood and death. Red underscores. It pulls the eye towards it. You can look at the links with Osiris and Red, as well as Catholoscism, where Catholics wear red to celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit unto the disciples. Jesus is often symbolized with a red cloth draped over his white robe.

StrangEye said...


Red is featured prominently and explored in the article - there are elements of both the philosophical/spiritual view and the Practical Al-khemia view.

On a side note (kind of):
did you happen to catch Loren Coleman's article on resurrecting the AUROCHS ?

Aur = Golden, OCHS= OX
Golden Calf / Golden Bull


Andre Heath said...

Hey Strangie.

I didn't get to read Coleman's article, definitely will.

I posted a story in my news headlines regarding return of the Aurochs, so I am familiar with the story. Hope to discover more from Coleman.


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