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Dead Fish, Dead Birds, Mass Animal Deaths, the Jet Stream, Ocean Currents, Arkansas and the World -or- Starting the New Year Off with a BANG (UPDATE)

A world map of recent Mass Animal Deaths with Ocean Current and Jet Stream (1/1/2011) Overlays:

(click to enlarge)

- The Blue pins are the plotted mass animal death locations
- The RED arrows are Ocean Current
- The YELLOW Line is (air) the Jet stream over North America and North Atlantic as of 1/1/2011
- The GREEN spiral arrow is the North flowing air from over Gulf of Mexico, as it was on 12/30/2010 - 1/3/11, to the Low Pressure centers

Low and High Pressure map of North America (as of 1/1/11):

The original Mass Animal Death Map from google:

BEEBE, Arkansas' ZIP CODE is "72012".
Their Blackbird Event occurred at exactly 720 days to 12/21/12.

The current governor of the State of Akansas is Mike BEEBE

For more coverage and details of the Mass Animal Deaths world wide see Andre Heath's The Alien Project blog.
and another of his on the topic here

UPDATE (1/9/11 @ 6:24 UTC)

UPDATE 1/14/11 @ 5:20 GMT
Current Sea Surface Temperature chart from NOAA.
(Central/South America, Equatorial Pacific to Australia)

UPDATE 1/23/11 @ 7:21 GMT

OIL from the Gulf Oil Disaster was covering 113 miles of Louisiana coastline on DEC. 30, 2010.

From a letter from Louisiana State Senator AG Crowe to the President of the USA regarding the ongoing use of toxic dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico:


The Honorable Barack Obama
The President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Re: The environmental impact of dispersing Corexit during and after the oil spill

Dear Mr. President;

The BP incident in the Gulf of Mexico has now been acknowledged as the greatest manmade disaster in history but there is yet another manmade disaster that must not be overlooked and has not been adequately addressed in the recently released report of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

That second major disaster has been caused by the unnecessary use of the toxin Corexit dispersant. In early May of 2010 just after the crisis began, I requested that our Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell use whatever legal means were necessary to stop the use of this toxin. Shortly thereafter, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal requested that the use of this toxic dispersant be discontinued because of the long-term environmental damage. And still later, it was reported in the media that you also ordered BP to stop using Corexit. Surprisingly, I also read in the media that they even refused your request.

Mr. President, my concern is that this toxic and damaging chemical is still being used and it will compound the long-term damage to our state, our citizens, our eco-system, our economy, our seafood industry, our wildlife and our culture.

Click here for the Full text of the letter from Louisiana State Senator AG Crowe to the President of the USA regarding the ongoing use of toxic dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico

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Douwe Jan Schrale said...

compare the die off with these maps,,2763&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=667&vpy=165&dur=425&hovh=134&hovw=212&tx=157&ty=80&ei=-uYqTcupL8KCOoD-jOcC&oei=8eYqTY2zOdC28QOWjsGDBw&esq=6&page=6&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:88&biw=1280&bih=673

StrangEye said...

Thanks DJS,

The direct links are...


and I'll add...
one of the old-time better researchers on "Ley Lines" and Earth's Energy Grid is probably Mr. Bruce Cathie.
(Worth a google of his name for those unfamiliar with the subject).

The only issue I have with ley lines and the like are that they are scientifically unproven. (Like that usually matters to me!?!) However, in this case, it does.

What I'd like to see is some form of scientific agreeance upon where exactly ley lines and energy grids run, or traverse the face of the Earth - which at current take it appears there are as many theories on that as there are theorists.

Earth's air currents and ocean currents are, thanks to the aviation and shipping industries, thoroughly studied.


Douwe Jan Schrale said...

yes I would agree, I would love such a research. this is something that stuck to me. and in my research trough the years It kept returning . its still interesting that the birds seem to die off at the leyline centers. and at some of the chakras.

lets say that the wind and the ocean could have killed the birds ( but why now and not earlier. what is different. Katrina was there for a long time.. .
but it can still be that the match with the leylines in a form of synchro, when the universe gives you something it has to come there on a mechenical way ( like r ligtning strokes your computer so the insurance gives you enough money to buy the computer you always wanted * bad expampel but you know what I mean) so the wind and the ocean can bring the sacrevice to the right point. .

thanks for the link btw Il check itout

( you know there where sudden floods in australia on the norther leypoint.

StrangEye said...


the only "WHY NOW?" explanation to the wind and ocean currents theory would be something toxic either emitted from or introduced into the environment. The toxin was then carried in both air current and water current away from a central introduction point to various locations around the Earth.
As the dead fish and dead birds (and dead trees too for that matter) radiate outward from a central point where millions of gallons of toxic substances were dumped during the Gulf Oil Disaster, it is a theory to consider.

Why I say this is that ley lines, if they are in fact present at the mass-animal-kill-off locations have been there for millenia. If they were in fact responsible for the animal deaths then we should have historic record from the very same locations of the very same kill-offs occurring previously. However, no such data exists! Therefore, it appears that a recently introduced toxin (or localized environmental change)would be the avenues to consider when trying to determine why these events are occurring.

but back to the wind and ocean currents for a moment...
If a slowly assimilated or decaying toxin was introduced into the environment recently in a central location, say... The Gulf Of Mexico then the mass animal deaths occurring in the areas reporting them does indeed follow the wind current and ocean current data that we have on record.

The toxin being picked up into the jet stream from the central point - brought up from the lower elevations by the counter-clockwise low pressure areas that were generating tornadic supercell activity at the time of the Arkansas blackbird deaths.

The "jet stream" varies from about 100 to 400 miles (161 to 644 kilometers) wide and 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 4.8 kilometers) thick. Its strongest winds are generally encountered at about 30,000 feet (9,144 meters) in altitude—in the troposphere. Jet-stream winds usually have a speed of 150 to 300 miles per hour (241 to 482 kilometers per hour), but speeds up to 450 miles per hour (724 kilometers per hour) have been recorded. Its general motion is from west to east.

Since 30,000 feet is well below the top ceiling of supercells, it is logical to assume that the tornadic activity which occurred just a day earlier in the region did in fact pick up a toxin, or even several chemical compounds or pre-cursors which were then mixed in the swirling and rotating air masses. Then deposited into the fast moving jet stream for global dispersal.

Along the path of the Jet Stream and other air curents the heavier than air chemical substance would begin to fall to the ground, or drop to lower elevations such as those travelled by blackbird flocks. We would then see matching animal deaths to the aerial dispersal possibilities based on pressure systems and air currents on Dec 31-Jan 4 - and looking at the overlay maps we see a definitive correlation to such an event.

As for the ocean currents, we must remember that the heavier tha air chemical toxin would be carried for a great distance in the high speed air currents within the Jet Stream. These toxin would also fall to the ocean surface as they dropped from the jet stream over the ocean.

We would then check the ocean surface current data to see where these toxins would be carried by the ocean currents after falling from the Jet Stream transport.

Again, we see that the mass animal death location data correlates to the ocean current dispersal theory.

I do not think this is the only explanation, but, lacking any competing theory, I believe it to be the most probable explanation.


StrangEye said...


and to speculate wildly (and entirely unsupported by evidentiary data!) about the Australia floods...
we might consider that weather modification technology, which has existed in various forms for over 50 years now, was employed in an effort to rid the the atmosphere of the airborn toxin.

Storm activity generating enough water output (and being large enough and able to efficiently spread an aerially dispersed 'antidote' to the toxin) to attempt to dilute the chemical toxin, bringing it from air to surface and then through natural ocean run off, carrying it back into the ocean in a neutralized state.


StrangEye said...


what to look for to correlate that data to real world events will take up to a decade of careful observance of medical record data from the possibly affected areas - Looking for any statistical spike in cluster data relating to localized increases in cancer or nervous system disorders at the areas at which mass animal deaths have occurred.


Douwe Jan Schrale said...

I am working on a new map.
want to join in?

Douwe Jan Schrale said...

can I have the layer with the jetstream and the currents? make this map even better.


StrangEye said...


Sure can!
here's the Ocean Current Map

The Jet Stream positioning as of 1/1/11 is derived from meteorological data for the day although you can derive it from the Low/High pressure map shown in the article above.


Anonymous said...

The riddle here is this; What could be all around the world affecting animals in both the air and the water?... Look up what the chemical Corexit does in warm water (it rises up as a gas)...then look at a world map of the all the recent deaths, and compare those places with a map of the worlds WARM water ocean currents. You guessed it... EVERY where and ONLY where these deaths are happening line up with each of the WARM water currents! WHY ISNT ANYONE SAYING THIS? Heres my page about it...​XAMW_YDKzw6QlaUtd6lhI/edit?hl=en

StrangEye said...

Just realized something with the article above...
On January 7 I gave it the title
""Dead Fish, Dead Birds, Mass Animal Deaths, the Jet Stream, Ocean Currents, Arkansas and the World -or- Starting the New Year Off with a BANG"

Who could've guessed that the very next day, January 8, 2011 we would see the Shootings in Tucson, AZ?



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