Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Science Behind Synchromysticism - for those curious about Sync

Here's the perfect example of synchronicity depicted in two videos using techniques of modern science... The discipline of "Physics" to be more exact.

When WE allows ourselves to floW, rather than remain rigid and firm or stuck in belief systems WE/ME synchronize with the UNIVERSE around us. As such, we have access to information that our conscious mind might usually ignore.

The example below should also tell you why it is important to strengthen yourself spiritually - Because as you increase your personal vibration it actually spreads out from you and because everything is indeed connected it raises the spritual vibration of all those around you!

And if you've ever doubted it, the answer is:
Yes!! One person can indeed affect and change the "World"!

... and for a current example of "Synchromysticism" in action see the latest excellent post on the Sync Whole (April 2010) entitled "Journey to the Center of the Heart via Climbing Up Magick MounTIN"

And here's the tweet quote of the day from JiM at the Synch Whole...
"Pack light because there ain't no room for extra baggage on top of the mountain. In my backpack all I got is Love, Forgiveness & Compassion."


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Just beautiful, Strange Eye, beautiful. I haven't seen it shown and said so simply. Great stuff, as always. Love your blog.

StrangEye said...

Thank You CDH!

I'm happy to read that it resonated well with you!


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