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The UN-told Story of Haiti - UPDATE(s)

Originally posted at 1/13/2010 @ 7:20pm

By now the world has heard of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 12, 2010... but there is recent troublesome political NEWS out of Haiti that is eclipsed by the tragedy.

After the USA and the UN worked so hard for nearly two decades to instill democracy in Haiti, the latest NEWS (1.11.2010) out of the carribean island nation that shares its landmass with the Dominican Republic, was that the current president Rene Preval was excluding the competition from the upcoming February 2010 election.

According to the Dominion Paper Californian Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, "qualified the Haiti's upcoming election to be a set back for Haiti's democratic development".

The U.S. Representative, Californian Congresswoman, a long-time supporter of democracy in Haiti Maxine Waters, qualified the Haiti's upcoming election to be a set back for Haiti's democratic development if these elections will not be fair and credible. Congresswoman Waters expressed her concerns about the upcoming elections in a letter addressing to Haitian President, Mr. Rene Preval.

Representative Waters' letter is one of dozens of letters that have been sent to President Preval, U.N's Secretary General and OAS' Secretary General about the upcoming flawed election in Haiti, scheduled for the months February and March.

Coming soon, more analysis about other letters on Haiti's undemocratic upcoming elections as already qualified by national and international political leaders and human groups.

Below is the Letter of Rep. Waters to President Preval.
December 23, 2009
His Excellency René Préval - President of Haiti
c/o Embassy of Haiti

2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
click image below for story

Your Excellency:

I am writing to express my concerns about the decision of Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to exclude more than a dozen political parties from the Parliamentary elections scheduled for February and March 2010. I am concerned that these exclusions would violate the right of Haitian citizens to vote in free and fair elections and that it would be a significant setback to Haiti’s democratic development.

As you know, I have a longstanding commitment to supporting democracy and development in Haiti. I led efforts in the United States Congress to obtain debt cancellation for Haiti. These efforts culminated in the World Bank’s announcement last June that Haiti reached the “completion point” for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and would receive complete cancellation of its multilateral debts. I am also working to increase United States bilateral assistance to Haiti.

It is imperative that Haiti’s next elections be free and fair and that they be perceived as free and fair. Political parties should not be excluded from an election without a legally compelling reason, determined through a transparent, impartial process.

The CEP, to my knowledge, has not provided a public, written explanation for the exclusions of the political parties from the upcoming elections. The CEP’s failure to explain the justification for the political parties’ exclusions for almost a month raises questions about the validity of these exclusions. The fact that the decision was made by a provisional CEP – one chosen by your office from a list of nominations from organizations selected by your office rather than according to the 1987 Constitution – also raises questions about the fairness of the process.

I urge you to take appropriate action to ensure that the upcoming elections in Haiti are free and fair. This includes taking appropriate action to ensure that the CEP: a) provides a complete, public explanation for the exclusions; and b) allows any political party that was excluded for anything less than a clear, compelling legal reason to fully participate in the February elections.

Please communicate with The Honorable Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States; The Honorable Eliot Engel, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere; and myself regarding the measures you take in this matter. I look forward to continuing to work with you to support democratic development in Haiti.

Maxine Waters
Member of Congress

cc: Hon. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States
The Honorable Eliot Engel, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

"These efforts culminated in the World Bank’s announcement last June that Haiti reached the “completion point” for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and would receive complete cancellation of its multilateral debts."

I suppose this may be overly cynical in light of the human tragedy, however, though the national debt may be forgiven, the rebuilding of Haiti by companies from around the world will ensure long term return and profits for those companies that participate in rebuilding the devastated nation.

The earthquake also ensures that the entire world, touched by the human tragedy, will equally contribute aid, medical supplies and food to the devasted nation.

The earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, had aftershocks centered on the Champ de Mars plaza area that caused severe damage to the Presidential Palace.

and I'm sure we'll see the upcoming election be more open to all-comers and political parties - no matter who they may be beholden to.

Let's hope that the leaders of the nations of this world learn a valuable lesson from this terrible event. You cannot squirrel away the income of your nation, without playing ball and while your citizens wallow in misery, poverty and starvation and, whether by act of God or technology, be allowed to remain in power over a stable intact nation.

UN peacekeepers help prepare for election in Haiti
The United Nations says its peacekeeping mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is helping the impoverished Caribbean country prepare for upcoming legislative elections.

The UN said MINUSTAH is providing secondary support in logistics, security and raising public awareness, "while leaving the primary organising role to the national authorities".

The senior UN official in the southern region, Marco Donati, told a recent meeting to encourage young people to participate in the February 28 polls that it is the responsibility of the Haitian authorities to organise good elections.

"MINUSTAH is merely playing a secondary role in the elections," he added.

The UN said the mission is also helping the authorities to maintain a "stable political atmosphere, conducive to electing the country's legislators." ...more at story link above


Will Smith, the Horus-like character of the movie Hancock, recently led an event in Oslo, Norway during the Obama Nobel Peace Prize award, and was offering his art to aid in poverty relief for Haiti.

"The artwork will be sold by UN's World Food Programme (WFP) and the Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation on eBay."

Bill Clinton: Haiti Quake Tragedy for Millions, United Nations
Former President, Now a U.N. Special Envoy, Calls on Americans to Donate Cash
Jan. 13, 2010
The disaster in Haiti, affecting more than 3 million people, may be one of the most devastating tragedies ever to hit the United Nations, former President Bill Clinton told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos in an interview for "World News."
Clinton, who was appointed the United Nations' special envoy to Haiti in May 2008, said the U.N. itself has been hit hard.
"Our U.N. hotel, as you know, [was] five stories [and] completely collapsed. Today, only 10 people [were] recovered alive," Clinton told Stephanopoulos.
At least 16 U.N. employees, including chief of the U.N. mission in Haiti, Hedi Annabi, have died, with at least 56 more injured, a U.N. spokesman told ABC News.
"It's highly likely to be the highest mortality count we've ever had," Clinton said. ... more at story link above

and from the nation next-door to Haiti, the Dominican Republic:
Dominican Drugs Adviser again cites ex U.S. Ambassador in major drugs scandal


*** Be sure to check out the phenomenal work by Andre Heath @
MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Manmade or Natural Phenomena?

'Fox News Sunday' Transcript: Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush Discuss Haiti Challenge

In this age of bold trickery and deceit in the face of tremendous human tragedy (Like the Haiti EQ, Indonesia Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina - to name just a few) it is difficult for the average person to know exactly which charity will actually make proper use of donations - Which charitable organization will put the money to uses other than the administration and perpetuation of its own existence...

Well, for the immediate future (operated by the actor Ben Stiller) is claiming that 100% of all donations will go DIRECTLY to the Haiti relief effort.

A GREY AREA of charitable aid and relief can also occur when one organization (NGO/NFP) raises money and then bulk donates portions of that money, after operating expense deductions to yet another larger or more well known charitable relief organization.

Take time to investigate the percentages of money received versus the percentage of money used for the cause to which you are donating before donating to ANY charitable organization. Remember that bigger or more in-your-face through advertising, TV spots etc. also means more operating / administration expense and often less percentage making it out of the NFP corporation to the people that need it.


Wyclef Jean, a Haitian singer (famous for his song with SHAKIRA - "Hips Don't Lie"), defending his charity YELE HAITI which has raised more than $2 million for relief efforts since the earthquake.

Wyclef Jean Defends His Haitian Foundation on CBC

BBC - Strong aftershock shakes Haiti, week after earthquake

A strong aftershock has rocked Haiti, sending screaming people running into the streets, eight days after another quake devastated the country.

The extent of the damage is not yet known. The magnitude 6.1 tremor struck west of Port-au-Prince at 0603 local time (1103 GMT).

An estimated 200,000 people died in last Tuesday's quake and another 1.5 million were made homeless.

Despite an international aid operation, supplies are slow to reach survivors.

However, international teams are still rescuing people alive from the rubble, including a 69-year-old woman pulled from the ruins of a church in the capital. ...more at story link above...


Andre Heath said...

To be quite truthful, the situation with Haiti is far deeper in scope and gravity, and essentially goes much further than any problems that modern-day leaders like Preval or the Duvaliers created. The problem with Haiti essentially stemmed from the revolution against the French colonizers by Toussaint L'ouverture, the black Napoleon, and the profound message sent not only to France but to the rest of Europe. Eventually, this revolution resulted in the European control of all Haitian governments, the pacification of its citizens and the monumental exploitation of its economy in pursuit of profits.

Here are two excellent articles that reflect this analysis:

The International Exploitation of Haiti!

Haiti: enslaved by its dark history.

StrangEye said...

the story(s) from Haiti is a complex "He Said - She Said" type situation with the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Propaganda seems to fly in all directions in that nation and the stories emerging from it over the last decade (and more).

Even after much research on the matter, I still find myself asking, What is the exact truth of the matters and conflicts in the now devastated nation?

We can only wade through the skewed reporting on both sides and try to extract those nuggets of truth from the various myopic reports.

Some other links to more interesting Haiti information are found on and Henrik Palmgren's Red Ice Creations


StrangEye said...

I guess to attempt to clarify a little what I was trying to convey is that with the pervasivness of mainstream media we can't take everything at face value. We have to dig deeper to truly understand the situations.

The narrow view of the camera lens can provide us with any image that suits any particular side of the argument.

we have to strive to look beyond the lens into the ambiguous realm of morality to truly understand what is happening.

We need to keep in mind that peace and security are terms that are relative to the person using them. One man's peace and security can be another's oppression.

In the end, the best practice is to "follow the money" to shed light on who exactly is benefitting from any particular situation, argument or act.


DarkStar888 said...

Good post Strange Eye.

Andre Heath said..."To be quite truthful, the situation with Haiti is far deeper in scope and gravity, and essentially goes much further than any problems that modern-day leaders like Preval or the Duvaliers created."

I agree with you Andre, but it may not be what you think...

The USA have set up an emergency telephone number to assist in providing information on the EQ. That number is:

1-888-407-4747 = 1 New World Order
888 = CONTROL through the FLOOD
407 = 40+7=47 coincides with 11 on the 4th clockface
4+7=11 = 1+1=2
47 and 47 = 11 again 2 times – 22 coincides with 10 on the 2nd clockface

This number is designed to deepen the trance state with repeated use and repetition on the media outlets.

The American Red Cross (a Rockefeller company that uses the Templar logo) have established a text message number where one can automatically donate

$10 by texting H A I T I – 9 0 9 9 9

The suggestion with this number relates of course, to 9-11, or the number 99, and the WTC attack. However, it also corresponds to the city zip codes of Ketchikan Alaska/Al Aqsa, which is symbolic of the North Star of the Little Dipper. The Little Dipper of Alaska/Al Aqsa, is symbolically filled with the Flood of the Nile in the Sky, the Milky Way, and pours into the Big Dipper, which is the state of California. The zip codes for Ketchikan are:

99901 – 99903 – 99918 – 99919 – 99950 (with 50 being the highest zip code ever assigned in the USA).

The Big Dipper, which suggests the Flood, is also known as the Starry Plough/Plow. The very same symbol, on 2 levels, suggests a Flood, and the ground being ripped by a Plough, which suggests an Earthquake.

The $10 donation using this text #, is again suggesting the inTENsity of the situation that will be used to establish the trance state even further.

Enjoy - DS888

StrangEye said...

Those who are considering sending money should be aware of who is behind the operation of any charitable organization

- so for REVELATION's sake...
The American Red Cross is a Skull & Bones, Rockefeller/Rothschild charity.


Skull & Bones and the American National Red Cross

Rockefeller Foundation -Our History - A Powerful Legacy


DarkStar888 said...

Hi SE.

Just a side note. I appreciate your feedback & comments in general & the ones on The Secret Sun. Being awake & gaining awareness is like painting a traget on yourself...few real get it. They think that everything they have know since being born is REAL. We know it's all lies. Unfortunately many & I mean many of the readers don't get it. Chris runs a wonderful blog & touches on great topic. I enjoy reading the post there.

Some of the readers need a little MIND opening experience though. I see you are sharing the IM (IlluminatiMATRIX) information, to help get people to veiw things differently and to wake UP. You realize it's a tough road to crack...but we keep on trying.

I guess all I'm really trying to say here is that it's nice to come to your blog to discuss things openly without being judged. I enjoy your blog, the work, reserach & thoughtful comments. Take care my friend. Keep up the great work. Endure.


(a friend in another part of the world) :)

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