Friday, May 1, 2009

Fiat Chrysler - May Day, May Day (UPDATE IV)

A brief detour and hit and run (to use the automotive vernacular - borrowed from Chris Knowles at The Solar Satellite) spotting of synchs and semiotic connections...

I'm working on other things at the moment but I wanted to give a synch-link mashup for the readers to note and look into further. If you've been keeping up with the articles here and at various other Synchromystic Blogs you should recognize the synchs immediately.

Some pics are links to other articles.

Share your thoughts in the comments...

May Day, May Day

Halifax NOVA Scotia Fire
44° 36′ 54″ N, 63° 34′ 38″ W

Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) evacuations continue as wildfire burns - Up to 1,200 people forced to leave their homes

Beltane on Wikipedia

Druid Fire Festival:
Early Gaelic sources from around the 10th century state that the druids of the community would create a need-fire on top of a hill on this day and drive the village's cattle through the fires to purify them and bring luck (Eadar dà theine Bhealltainn in Scottish Gaelic, 'Between two fires of Beltane'). This term is also found in Irish and is used as a turn of phrase to describe a situation which is difficult to escape from. In Scotland, boughs of juniper were sometimes thrown on the fires to add an additional element of purification and blessing to the smoke. People would also pass between the two fires to purify themselves. This was echoed throughout history after Christianization, with lay people instead of Druid priests creating the need-fire. The festival persisted widely up until the 1950s, and in some places the celebration of Beltane continues today.

Illuminati Birthday
233rd anniversary of the birth of the Order of the Illuminati (May 1, 1776).

Adam Weishaupt (Adam Wise-Head - Spartacus) had grand illusions about clothing the higher mysteries of his Order in fire worship. “The Order, in the higher grades, will be called again: the Cult of Fire, the Fire Order, or the Order of the Parsees,” he wrote to his disciple Cato-Zwack on 6 Pharavardin 1779. “The ultimate aim of the Order is for the Light [or Enlightenment] to blaze bright; we fight against the darkness; this is the Cult of Fire,” Weishaupt reiterated (Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens, pp. 330-1).

Fiat - Chrysler

In alchemy, the term chrysopoeia means transmutation into gold (from the Greek khrusōn, gold, and poiēin, to make), although it is also symbolically used to indicate the philosopher's stone as the completion of the Great Work.

Out of Turin, Italy, (TORino/TAUrus/OX/Bull) home of the 2006 Winter OLYMPICS and the infamous and controversial Shroud of Turin, the european automaker FIAT declares that it will come to the rescue and resurrect its bankrupt fellow automaker CHRYSLER LLC.

On April 27, 2009, Daimler AG signed a binding agreement to give up its 19.9% remaining stake in Chrysler LLC to Cerberus Capital Management. On April 30, 2009, Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announced a partnership with Italian automaker Fiat.

Templars and the Shroud of Turin


Fiat definition

Fiat Currency

In the NEWS:

Can Marchionne’s magic work at Chrysler?

How Barack Obama Resurrected The Dead

What does Chrysler's filing mean for GM, suppliers?


ANALYSIS-Chrysler quick sale will test bankruptcy limits

Stocks end mixed after Chrysler bankruptcy news

Italy Boot,

Get Your Boots On,

l'Aquila Italy



Longitudinal Center of CANAda, Ark, Pyramid, 52, 206

Manitoba LEG in Winnipeg, MB

Boot/LEG of Lake Winnipeg narrows near Bloodvein & Berens River.

Manitoba Road to east of Lake Winnipeg - 170-kilometre, all-season road near Manigotagan to Bloodvein First Nation and through to Berens River First Nation.

Wolverine Blue and Gold, 3 nails...
X Marks the SPOT.

X-Men Origins: WOLVERINE with OZzy/AUssie HUgh (Jacques-Man) Jackman.

Chicago Bulls Triple Overtime win over Boston Celtics (Bulls beat the Celts in Chicago @ United Center / Magic beat the 76ers in Philadelphia @ Wachovia Center)

The Celtic Year: Beltane

Mythology and the Constellations: Serpens

Mythology and the Zodiac

Corona woman elaborates on her claim that the Zodiac killer was her father

Konkrete Junkyard: April Timeline

Religion of No-Thing: H-EL & Red-Room Rock

Chris Knowles of the Secret Sun pointed out in the Post Comments that the other related auto-failure of the week was Pontiac a company which used a logo similar to that of the Egyptian god MIN.

The ever-amazing Wise Woman of Too Long In This Place pointed out in the Post Comments that the Island Nation of New Zealand (note: Zea/Sea/C land) also looks like LEG or BOOT.

New Zealand also appears to be "leg-shackled by the sea" about the ankle region.

An awesome post by Indras Net at Live from the Logosphere - Sirius the only Animal Victim of the 9-11 sTarG8 and the Rainbow Bridge to OZ

Been thinking about this Bird/Swine Flu hype lately... Can't really avoid it, every channel you turn to has someone in a useless blue mask.

Canadian NEWS has now collectively decided to stop calling it the "Swine Flu" and refer to it exclusively as "H1N1".

A very curious thing happens when we translate letters to numbers...


by that we get: 81 (H1) and 141 (N1)

81 + 141 = 222

Another interesting coincidence, in non-leap years,
August 10 (8/10) is the 222nd day of the year with 143 days remaining.


Christopher Knowles said...

Fiat Lux...

I'll add that I was conceived in the very place of America's first May Day festival!

Strange days indeed- don't forget to mourn for Pontiac, whose logo was the symbol of Min.

Orgone Gnostic said...

whoa , heavy duty post strange one


wise woman said...

Amber sky at night.

Looking at your legs & red bulls I am reminded that Heath Ledger's surname can be re(a)d as 'red Leg'

If you turn the world around then you will find that NZ looks uncannily similar to the booted Italian shape.


StrangEye said...

Excellent find WW!

I've included that one in an article update.

It also fits very well with Jake Kotze's (from the BLOB) and R.A.'s (from Black Dog Star) look at the CHERISH (C/Sea/Zea-Heiress 8) LEG of Robin Tunney.

Not the "right leg" but the LEFT.

Not the front side, but the back side - the side "down under"



wise woman said...

Thanks for the tip off - I went to Black Dog Star & read the excellent article there & left a lengthy response which you might find of interest.
Bravo on the 'watery shackle' point.


Christopher "C" Myers said...


I have been to your blog a few times. Good stuff. I have started my own and think you might find it interesting. Thanks

StrangEye said...

2yrs 24days after filing for Bankruptcy protection Chrysler said today it has repayed $7.6 billion in loans (7x6) via Bllomberg NEWS

Today is 5/24/11 or day # 144 of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 221 days remaining until the end of 2011.


StrangEye said...

Today, 5/24/11 President Barack Obama (fmr Sen from Chicago) is meeting the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace (Buckingham Palace is located at 51.501°N, 0.142°W ).

See the video on youtube at

24 days after the Royal Wedding...

see Osama Bin Laden killed on Beltane (May Day - Illuminati Birthday) with Royal Wedding Update from May 2011 on STRANGE EYE.


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